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0.2.0 - 2018-10-30

This release brings 2 new detectors, 2 new printers, integration with Truffle, and enhancements to SlithIR and the detector API.

Thanks to the Ethereum Community Fund for funding many Gitcoin bounties!

Thanks also to our external contributors!


  • Truffle integration. Slither can be run on a Truffle directory: truffle compile && slither .
  • new detectors:
    • constable-states: Detect state variables that could be declared constant
    • external-function: Detect public functions that could be declared as external
  • new printers:
    • call-graph: Export the call-graph of the contracts to a dot file
    • inheritance: Print the inheritance relations between contracts
  • Support for solc's compact AST


  • The original inheritance printer is now called inheritance-graph
  • Command line arguments are easier to use
  • SlithIR bugfixes and improvements
  • Internal API changes: #58