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Passport-based User Authentication system for sails.js applications. Designed to work well with the sails-permissions module.
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Passport-based User Authentication system for Sails.js applications.

1. Install

$ npm install sails-auth --save

This will install sails-auth as a Sails Hook. The Hook uses marlinspike to inject the relevant Controllers, Policies, etc into your Sails application.

2. Configure


By default, the local and basic strategies are enabled. See config/passport.js for examples of how to add and configure additional authentication strategies.


  bcrypt: {
     * Specifiy number of salt rounds to perform on password. Values >10 are
     * slow.
    rounds: 8

3. Authenticate!

Create users as you normally would (POST to /user). Authenticate using the endpoint of the provider you've chosen.


Authenticate with the local strategy via a POST to /auth/local with params identifier (email) and password). This will also create a session. See passport.local for more.

HTTP Basic and Digest

See passport.http.

Additional Passport Strategies


Returns User for this authenticated session.


For comprehensive user account control with role-based permissioning, object ownership, and row-level security, see sails-permissions, which uses this project as a dependency.



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