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Make embedded documents in Mongoid behave as an ordered list
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mongoid_embedded_list adds methods to embedded documents in mongoid to allow them to be manipulated like an ordered list.


On a recent project I needed to easily order embedded documents. Since Mongoid embedded documents are stored as an array, I decided to write a gem to make it easy to manipulate the order of embedded documents.


To install, add the gem to your Gemfile:

gem 'mongoid_embedded_list'

To add the functionality to your embedded document, use include Mongoid::EmbeddedList in your embedded document.

class List
  include Mongoid::Document
  embeds_many :items

class Item
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::EmbeddedList
  embedded_in :list

Now you can change the order of your embedded documents:

item.move_up       # moves the item up in the list
item.last          # check if the item is the last item
item.move_to_top   # move the item to the top of the list


The complete list of methods are as follows:

first?               # check if the item is the first item
last?                # check if the item is the last item
move_to_top          # move item to the top of the list
move_to_bottom       # move item to the bottom of the list
move_up              # move the item up one position in the list
move_down            # move the item down one position in the list
move_before(other)   # move the item to the position before other
move_after(other)    # move the item to the position after other
move_to(position)    # move item to position in the list, 1-based index


  • I'm not sure if this is the best implementation of this. Part of me thinks that the collection should be managed by the parent document. Due to the way Mongoid, and I believe MongoDB, are designed, the collection has to be recreated after every modification of the list. I'm not sure what the performance impact is of this.
  • This is my first attempt at a gem, so any comments, suggestions or patches are welcome.

Known issues



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