An approach for practical and simple data versioning in R
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A paper about Versioned Data Delivery and the datastorr package

This repository contains code needed to reproduce the article:

Falster DS, FitzJOhn RG, Pennell MW, Cornwell W (2017) Versioned data: why it is needed and how it can be achieved (easily and cheaply). In review.


Install relevant software

All analyses were done in R. You need to download this repository, and then open an R session with working directory set to the root of the project.

To compile the paper, we use the remake package for R. You can install remake using the devtools package (run install.packages("devtools") to install devtools if needed):

devtools::install_github("richfitz/storr", dependencies=TRUE)
devtools::install_github("richfitz/remake", dependencies=TRUE)

Compiling the paper also requires a reasonably complete LaTeX installation (e.g. MacTeX for OSX or MikTex for windows). The LaTeX compilation will depend on a few packages from CTAN, make sure to allow automatic package installation by your LaTeX distribution.

Recreating the figures and paper

To generate all figures, analyses, and manuscript (PDF, using LaTeX), simply do: