Code reproducing papers by Lizzy Wenk on reproductive allocation of plant species In Kuringai National Park
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Studies on Reproductive Allocation for 14 plant species in Kuringgai National Park, Australia

This repository contains code needed to reproduce the article:

Wenk EH, Abramowicz K, Westoby M, & Falster DS (2018) Investment in reproduction for 14 iteroparous perennials is large and associated with other life-history and functional traits. Journal of Ecology (in press).



All analyses were done in R. To compile the dataset, figures and supplementary material we use the remake package for R, by Rich FitzJohn. You can install remake using the devtools package:

devtools::install_github("richfitz/remake", dependencies=TRUE)

(run install.packages("devtools") to install devtools if needed.)

The remake package also depends on storr, install it like this:

devtools::install_github("richfitz/storr", dependencies=TRUE)

Next you need to download this repository, and then open an R session with working directory set to the root of the project.

We use a number of packages, these can be easily installed by remake:


If you wish to compile the pdfs for supplementary materials, this requires a reasonably complete LaTeX installation (e.g. MacTeX for OSX or MikTex for windows). The LaTeX compilation will depend on a few packages from CTAN, make sure to allow automatic package installation by your LaTeX distribution.

Data set:

Our analyses are based on a collection of raw data files, provided in the directory data. For each file, there is a corresponding meta-data file, listing the variable names, definitions, and units.

Assembly of the entire dataset requires about 1 hr of computation, because of the

An export of the assembled data can be obtained by running:


which will save a combined set of variables and metadata into the folder export.

Those wishing to reuse our data should start with these summary files, before delving into the raw-data.

Results from the paper:

To build the figures reported in the main text open a fresh R session and run:


Figures will appear in the directory ms/RA/figures/.

To build the supplementary materials run:


Plain R:

The file analysis.R is autogenerated from the file remake.yml and can also be used to build all the above products, with out use of remake.


Files will be output to the same files as described above.