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Traitify Python 2.x

# Import traitify
from traitify import Traitify

# Initialize and Authenticate
secret_key = "your_secret_key"
traitify = Traitify(secret_key)

# Get the decks
decks = traitify.get_decks()

# Set deck id
traitify.deck_id = decks[0].id

# Create an assessment
assessment = traitify.create_assessment()

# Get an assessment
assessment = traitify.get_assessment(

# Get an assessment's slides
slides = traitify.get_slides(

# Upate a slide
slide = slides[0]
slide.response = True
slide.time_taken = 200
slide = traitify.update_slide(, slide)

# Bulk update slides
for slide in slides:
  slide.response = True
  slide.time_taken = 200
slides = traitify.update_slides(, slides)

# Get an assessment's results (personality types)
personality_types = traitify.get_personality_types(

# Get an assessment's results (personality type traits)
personality_type = personality_types["personality_types"][0].personality_type

personality_traits = traitify.get_personality_type_traits(,

# Get an assessment's results (personality traits)
personality_traits = traitify.get_personality_traits(

# Get an assessment's results (personality traits raw, no dichotomy returned)
personality_traits_raw = traitify.get_personality_traits_raw(

# Get an assessment's career matches, only applicable to the `career-deck` deck
careers = traitify.career_matches(

# Get multiple types of results from an assessment
results = traitify.results(, ["types", "traits", "blend"])

Running Tests

Tests can be run by passing in your secret key to the test script:

python your_secret_key_here