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OpenID Connect RP and IP.
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OpenID Connect

This is an implementation of the OpenID Connect implementation using Java EE core technologies such as Servlets and JASPIC. This was extracted from the server-auth-modules project in order to streamline the code base for client and server side components.

It has the following components:

  • openid-connect-core : this contains all the common elements for both client and server. The naming of core was intentional as this provides all the OpenID Connect core terms, objects, messages as per the OpenID Connect specification.

  • openid-connect-jaspic-module : this is an implementation of an OpenID Connect client as a JASPIC ServerAuthModule. This provides a standards based authentication implementation which does not include any external dependencies.

  • openid-connect-provider : this provides the REST API implementation and Java interfaces that are necessary to set up an OpenID Provider. It is a JAR file that is intended to be included in a WAR project that would be responsible for exposing the API using the web.xml and Application

  • openid-connect-provider-sample: this is a sample OpenID Provider as a WAR file used to perform testing.

Specifications Implemented

OpenID Specifications that have been implemented are:

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