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Trajano Logo

Build Status

Provides logo images for the Trajano organization. This project is used to test the net.trajano.mojo:batik-maven-plugin functionality.

Business card design

The old design was pretty simplistic, so it was refreshed with more direction on how it is to be used.

  • Keep simple, limit the number of colors on the card.
  • Cards are asked during meetings, so others don't have to remember who they are talking to.
  • The card is useful for the receiver to use as a quick space for writing notes.

So here's the highlights

  1. The most noticeable change is my nickname is the most prominent thing on the card. For meetings this will help in communication since people can quickly glance at the card to see my name. I also give it a personal feel by making the text all lower case.
  2. As much as QR codes can convey a lot of information at once, it's pointless when the leading mobile devices do not integrate it as part of their core functionality. As such I have removed it to simplify things further. Put it this way, if people are interested to get my info then we can do it in other ways such as a card scanner or AirDrop
  3. I removed my title since titles change depending on the context of work.