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# A sample traject configuration, save as say `traject_config.rb`, then
# run `traject -c traject_config.rb marc_file.marc` to index to
# solr specified in config file, according to rules specified in
# config file
# To have access to various built-in logic
# for pulling things out of MARC21, like `marc_languages`
require 'traject/macros/marc21_semantics'
extend Traject::Macros::Marc21Semantics
# To have access to the traject marc format/carrier classifier
require 'traject/macros/marc_format_classifier'
extend Traject::Macros::MarcFormats
# In this case for simplicity we provide all our settings, including
# solr connection details, in this one file. But you could choose
# to separate them into antoher config file; divide things between
# files however you like, you can call traject with as many
# config files as you like, `traject -c one.rb -c two.rb -c etc.rb`
settings do
provide "solr.url", ""
# Extract first 001, then supply code block to add "bib_" prefix to it
to_field "id", extract_marc("001", :first => true) do |marc_record, accumulator, context|
accumulator.collect! {|s| "bib_#{s}"}
# An exact literal string, always this string:
to_field "source", literal("traject_test_last")
to_field "marc_display", serialized_marc(:format => "binary", :binary_escape => false, :allow_oversized => true)
to_field "text", extract_all_marc_values
to_field "text_extra_boost_t", extract_marc("505art")
to_field "publisher_t", extract_marc("260abef:261abef:262ab:264ab")
to_field "language_facet", marc_languages
to_field "format", marc_formats
to_field "isbn_t", extract_marc("020a:773z:776z:534z:556z")
to_field "lccn", extract_marc("010a")
to_field "material_type_display", extract_marc("300a", :separator => nil, :trim_punctuation => true)
to_field "title_t", extract_marc("245ak")
to_field "title1_t", extract_marc("245abk")
to_field "title2_t", extract_marc("245nps:130:240abcdefgklmnopqrs:210ab:222ab:242abcehnp:243abcdefgklmnopqrs:246abcdefgnp:247abcdefgnp")
to_field "title3_t", extract_marc("700gklmnoprst:710fgklmnopqrst:711fgklnpst:730abdefgklmnopqrst:740anp:505t:780abcrst:785abcrst:773abrst")
# Note we can mention the same field twice, these
# ones will be added on to what's already there. Some custom
# logic for extracting 505$t, but only from 505 field that
# also has $r -- we consider that more likely to be a titleish string
to_field "title3_t" do |record, accumulator|
record.each_by_tag('505') do |field|
if field['r']
accumulator.concat field.subfields.collect {|sf| sf.value if sf.code == 't'}.compact
to_field "title_display", extract_marc("245abk", :trim_punctuation => true, :first => true)
to_field "title_sort", marc_sortable_title
to_field "title_series_t", extract_marc("440a:490a:800abcdt:400abcd:810abcdt:410abcd:811acdeft:411acdef:830adfgklmnoprst:760ast:762ast")
to_field "series_facet", marc_series_facet
to_field "author_unstem", extract_marc("100abcdgqu:110abcdgnu:111acdegjnqu")
to_field "author2_unstem", extract_marc("700abcdegqu:710abcdegnu:711acdegjnqu:720a:505r:245c:191abcdegqu")
to_field "author_display", extract_marc("100abcdq:110:111")
to_field "author_sort", marc_sortable_author
to_field "author_facet", extract_marc("100abcdq:110abcdgnu:111acdenqu:700abcdq:710abcdgnu:711acdenqu", :trim_punctuation => true)
to_field "subject_t", extract_marc("600:610:611:630:650:651avxyz:653aa:654abcvyz:655abcvxyz:690abcdxyz:691abxyz:692abxyz:693abxyz:656akvxyz:657avxyz:652axyz:658abcd")
to_field "subject_topic_facet", extract_marc("600abcdtq:610abt:610x:611abt:611x:630aa:630x:648a:648x:650aa:650x:651a:651x:691a:691x:653aa:654ab:656aa:690a:690x",
:trim_punctuation => true, ) do |record, accumulator|
#upcase first letter if needed, in MeSH sometimes inconsistently downcased
accumulator.collect! do |value|
value.gsub(/\A[a-z]/) do |m|
to_field "subject_geo_facet", marc_geo_facet
to_field "subject_era_facet", marc_era_facet
# not doing this at present.
#to_field "subject_facet", extract_marc("600:610:611:630:650:651:655:690")
to_field "published_display", extract_marc("260a", :trim_punctuation => true)
to_field "pub_date", marc_publication_date
# An example of more complex ruby logic 'in line' in the config file--
# too much more complicated than this, and you'd probably want to extract
# it to an external routine to keep things tidy.
# Use traject's LCC to broad category routine, but then supply
# custom block to also use our local holdings 9xx info, and
# also classify sudoc-possessing records as 'Government Publication' discipline
to_field "discipline_facet", marc_lcc_to_broad_category(:default => nil) do |record, accumulator|
# add in our local call numbers
Traject::MarcExtractor.cached("991:937").each_matching_line(record) do |field, spec, extractor|
# we output call type 'processor' in subfield 'f' of our holdings
# fields, that sort of maybe tells us if it's an LCC field.
# When the data is right, which it often isn't.
call_type = field['f']
if call_type == "sudoc"
# we choose to call it:
accumulator << "Government Publication"
elsif call_type.nil? ||
call_type == "lc" ||
# run it through the map
s = field['a']
s = s.slice(0, 1) if s
accumulator <<"lcc_top_level")[s]
# If it's got an 086, we'll put it in "Government Publication", to be
# consistent with when we do that from a local SuDoc call #.
if Traject::MarcExtractor.cached("086a").extract(record).length > 0
accumulator << "Government Publication"
# uniq it in case we added the same thing twice with GovPub
if accumulator.empty?
accumulator << "Unknown"
to_field "instrumentation_facet", marc_instrumentation_humanized
to_field "instrumentation_code_unstem", marc_instrument_codes_normalized
to_field "issn", extract_marc("022a:022l:022y:773x:774x:776x", :separator => nil)
to_field "issn_related", extract_marc("490x:440x:800x:400x:410x:411x:810x:811x:830x:700x:710x:711x:730x:780x:785x:777x:543x:760x:762x:765x:767x:770x:772x:775x:786x:787x", :separator => nil)
to_field "oclcnum_t", oclcnum
to_field "other_number_unstem", extract_marc("024a:028a")