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Operating Systems

Debian :white_check_mark: Guide: Debian (Terminal)
Drobo :white_check_mark: Guide: Drobo
FreeBSD :white_check_mark: Guide: FreeBSD (Terminal)
macOS :white_check_mark: Guide: macOS (Terminal)
Open Media Vault :white_check_mark: Guide: Open Media Vault
Synology :white_check_mark: Guide: Synology
unRAID :white_check_mark:  
Windows :white_check_mark: Guide: Windows

Lookup your device in the Devices table below for device-specific installation steps.


Name Architecture Attributes UCS    
  AArch64 android-21 :two: :four: :white_check_mark:  
  i386   :two: :four: :white_check_mark:  
  x86_64   :two: :four: :white_check_mark:  
  i386   :two: :four: :white_check_mark:  
  x86_64   :two: :four: :white_check_mark:  
  AArch64   :two: :four: :white_check_mark:  
  ARMv5 sf :four: :white_check_mark:  
  ARMv5 hf :four: :white_check_mark:  
  ARMv6 hf :four: :white_check_mark:  
  ARMv7 sf, marvell-pj4 :four: :white_check_mark:  
  ARMv7 hf :four: :white_check_mark:  
  ARMv7 hf, marvell-pj4 :four: :white_check_mark:  
  PowerPC   :two: :four: :white_check_mark:  
  i386   :two: :four: :white_check_mark:  
  x86_64   :two: :four: :white_check_mark:  
  i386 vc12 :two: :four: :white_check_mark:  
  i386 vc14 :two: :four: :white_check_mark:  
  x86_64   :two: :four: :heavy_minus_sign: Uses 32-bit libraries


Please ensure you read any notes that have been provided for your device as extra installation steps may be required. If the plugin isn't working correctly on your device post an issue here with the device model name and the latest plugin log file.

Name CPU    
AS-202T x86 (atom-ce5330) :white_check_mark:  
AS-204T x86 (atom-ce5330) :white_check_mark:  
AS-202TE x86 (atom-ce5330) :white_check_mark:  
AS-204TE x86 (atom-ce5330) :white_check_mark:  
AS-302T x86 (atom-ce5335) :white_check_mark:  
AS-304T x86 (atom-ce5335) :white_check_mark:  
AS-602T x86 (atom-d2700) :white_check_mark:  
AS-604T x86 (atom-d2700) :white_check_mark:  
AS-606T x86 (atom-d2700) :white_check_mark:  
AS-608T x86 (atom-d2700) :white_check_mark:  
AS-1002T ARMv7 (armada385) :grey_question:  
AS-1004T ARMv7 (armada385) :grey_question:  
AS-3102T x86 (celeron-n3050) :white_check_mark:  
AS-3104T x86 (celeron-n3050) :white_check_mark:  
AS-3202T x86 (celeron-n3150) :white_check_mark:  
AS-3204T x86 (celeron-n3150) :white_check_mark:  
AS-5002T x86 (celeron-j1800) :white_check_mark:  
AS-5004T x86 (celeron-j1800) :white_check_mark:  
AS-5008T x86 (celeron-j1800) :white_check_mark:  
AS-5010T x86 (celeron-j1800) :white_check_mark:  
AS-5102T x86 (celeron-j1900) :white_check_mark:  
AS-5104T x86 (celeron-j1900) :white_check_mark:  
AS-5108T x86 (celeron-j1900) :white_check_mark:  
AS-5110T x86 (celeron-j1900) :white_check_mark:  
AS-6102T x86 (celeron-n3050) :white_check_mark:  
AS-6104T x86 (celeron-n3050) :white_check_mark:  
AS-6202T x86 (celeron-n3150) :white_check_mark:  
AS-6204T x86 (celeron-n3150) :white_check_mark:  
AS-6208T x86 (celeron-n3150) :white_check_mark:  
AS-62010T x86 (celeron-n3150) :white_check_mark:  
AS-7004T x86 (i3-4330) :white_check_mark:  
AS-7008T x86 (i3-4330) :white_check_mark:  
AS-7010T x86 (i3-4330) :white_check_mark:  
AS-7009R x86 (i3-4330) :white_check_mark:  
AS-7012R x86 (i3-4330) :white_check_mark:  
Drobo     Guide: Drobo
5N ARMv7 (armadaxp) :white_check_mark:  
Hardkernel ODROID     Guide: Hardkernel ODROID
ODROID-C1+ ARMv7 (amlogic-s805) :white_check_mark:  
ODROID-C2 AArch64 (amlogic-s905) :grey_question:  
ODROID-XU4 ARMv7 (exynos-5422) :grey_question:  
A1000 ARMv7 (allwinner-a10) :white_check_mark: Guide: Mele A1000
ReadyNAS 102 ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 104 ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 202 ARMv7 (alpine212) :grey_question:  
ReadyNAS 204 ARMv7 (alpine212) :grey_question:  
ReadyNAS 212 ARMv7 (alpine214) :grey_question:  
ReadyNAS 214 ARMv7 (alpine214) :grey_question:  
ReadyNAS 312 x86 (atom-d2701) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 314 x86 (atom-d2701) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 316 x86 (atom-d2701) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 516 x86 (i3-3220) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 526X x86 (d-1508) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 626X x86 (d-1521) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 2120 ARMv7 (armadaxp) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 3220 x86 (i3-3220v2) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 3312 x86 (e3-1225v5) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 4220s x86 (e3-1225v2) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 4220x x86 (e3-1225v2) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 4312S x86 (e3-1245v5) :white_check_mark:  
ReadyNAS 4312X x86 (e3-1245v5) :white_check_mark:  
SHIELD (16 GB) AArch64 (tegra-x1) :white_check_mark:  
SHIELD PRO (500 GB) AArch64 (tegra-x1) :white_check_mark:  
PINE A64     Guide: PINE A64
Pine A64 (512 MB) AArch64 (allwinner-a64) :white_check_mark:  
Pine A64+ (1 GB) AArch64 (allwinner-a64) :white_check_mark:  
Pine A64+ (2 GB) AArch64 (allwinner-a64) :white_check_mark:  
HS-251+   :white_check_mark:  
SS-439 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
SS-453 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
SS-839 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
SS-853 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-131   :white_check_mark:  
TS-231   :white_check_mark:  
TS-231+   :white_check_mark:  
TS-251   :white_check_mark:  
TS-251+   :white_check_mark:  
TS-251A   :white_check_mark:  
TS-253 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-253A   :white_check_mark:  
TS-259 Pro+   :white_check_mark:  
TS-269 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-269L   :white_check_mark:  
TS-412U   :white_check_mark:  
TS-419U II   :white_check_mark:  
TS-421U   :white_check_mark:  
TS-431   :white_check_mark:  
TS-431+   :white_check_mark:  
TS-431U   :white_check_mark:  
TS-451   :white_check_mark:  
TS-451+   :white_check_mark:  
TS-451A   :white_check_mark:  
TS-451U   :white_check_mark:  
TS-453 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-453A   :white_check_mark:  
TS-453U   :white_check_mark:  
TS-453mini   :white_check_mark:  
TS-459 Pro +   :white_check_mark:  
TS-459 Pro II   :white_check_mark:  
TS-469 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-469L   :white_check_mark:  
TS-469U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-531P   :white_check_mark:  
TS-563   :white_check_mark:  
TS-569 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-569L   :white_check_mark:  
TS-651   :white_check_mark:  
TS-653 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-653A   :white_check_mark:  
TS-669 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-669L   :white_check_mark:  
TS-831X   :white_check_mark:  
TS-851   :white_check_mark:  
TS-853 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-853A   :white_check_mark:  
TS-853U   :white_check_mark:  
TS-859 Pro +   :white_check_mark:  
TS-869 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-869L   :white_check_mark:  
TS-869U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-879 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-879U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-1079 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-1253U   :white_check_mark:  
TS-1269U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-1279U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-1635   :white_check_mark:  
TS-1679U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-EC879U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-EC880 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-EC880U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-EC1080 Pro   :white_check_mark:  
TS-EC1279U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-EC1280U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-EC1679U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-EC1680U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TS-EC2480U-RP   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-1271U-RP-PT   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-1271U-RP-i3   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-1271U-RP-i5   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-1271U-RP-i7   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-1282-i3-8G   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-1282-i5-16G   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-1282-i7-32G   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-1282T-i5-16G   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-1282T-i7-32G   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-463   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-471-PT   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-471-i3   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-663   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-671-PT   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-671-i3   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-671-i5   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-682-PT-8G   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-682-i3-8G   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-682T-i3-8G   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-863   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-871-PT   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-871-i3   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-871-i5   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-871-i7   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-871U-RP-PT   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-871U-RP-i3   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-871U-RP-i5   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-882-i3-8G   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-882-i5-16G   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-882T-i5-16G   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-EC880   :white_check_mark:  
TVS-EC1080   :white_check_mark:  
Raspberry Pi     Guide: Raspberry Pi
1 ARMv6 (bcm2835) :white_check_mark:  
2 ARMv7 (bcm2836) :white_check_mark:  
3 AArch64 (bcm2837) :white_check_mark:  
Seagate &nbsp    
NAS ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
NAS Pro x86 (ce-2338) :white_check_mark:  
Personal Cloud ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
Synology     Guide: Synology
DS109 ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
DS109+ PowerPC (853x) :white_check_mark:  
DS110j ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
DS110+ PowerPC (853x) :white_check_mark:  
DS111 ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS112 ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS112j ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
DS112+ ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS114 ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
DS115 ARMv7 (armada375) :white_check_mark:  
DS115j ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
DS116 ARMv7 (armada38x) :grey_question:  
DS209 ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
DS209+ PowerPC (853x) :white_check_mark:  
DS209+ II PowerPC (853x) :white_check_mark:  
DS210j ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
DS210+ PowerPC (853x) :white_check_mark:  
DS211 ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS211j ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
DS211+ ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS212 ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS212j ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
DS212+ ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS213 ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS213air ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS213j ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
DS213+ PowerPC (qoriq) :white_check_mark:  
DS214 ARMv7 (armadaxp) :white_check_mark:  
DS214se ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
DS214play i686 (evansport) :white_check_mark:  
DS214+ ARMv7 (armadaxp) :white_check_mark:  
DS215j ARMv7 (armada375) :white_check_mark:  
DS215+ ARMv7 (alpine212) :grey_question:  
DS216 ARMv7 (armada38x) :grey_question:  
DS216j ARMv7 (armada38x) :grey_question:  
DS216se ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
DS216play ARMv7 (monaco) :white_check_mark:  
DS216+ x86_64 (braswell) :white_check_mark:  
DS216+ II x86_64 (braswell) :white_check_mark:  
DS408 PowerPC (854x) :grey_question:  
DS409 ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
DS409slim ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
DS409+ PowerPC (853x) :white_check_mark:  
DS410 PowerPC (853x) :white_check_mark: Notes: DS410
DS410j ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
DS411 ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS411j ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
DS411slim ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS411+ x86_64 :white_check_mark:  
DS411+ II x86_64 :white_check_mark:  
DS412+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
DS413 PowerPC (qoriq) :white_check_mark:  
DS413j ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
DS414 ARMv7 (armadaxp) :white_check_mark:  
DS414slim ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
DS415play i686 (evansport) :white_check_mark:  
DS415+ x86_64 (avoton) :white_check_mark:  
DS416 ARMv7 (alpine212) :grey_question:  
DS416j ARMv7 (armada38x) :grey_question:  
DS416play x86_64 (braswell) :white_check_mark:  
DS416slim ARMv7 (armada38x) :grey_question:  
DS508 PowerPC (854x) :grey_question:  
DS509+ PowerPC (853x) :white_check_mark:  
DS710+ x86_64 :white_check_mark:  
DS712+ x86_64 :white_check_mark:  
DS713+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
DS715 ARMv7 (alpine314) :grey_question:  
DS716+ x86_64 (braswell) :white_check_mark:  
DS716+ II x86_64 (braswell) :white_check_mark:  
DS916+ x86_64 (braswell) :white_check_mark:  
DS1010+ x86_64 :white_check_mark:  
DS1511+ x86_64 :white_check_mark:  
DS1512+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
DS1513+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
DS1515 ARMv7 (alpine314) :grey_question:  
DS1515+ x86_64 (avoton) :white_check_mark:  
DS1812+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
DS1813+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
DS1815+ x86_64 (avoton) :white_check_mark:  
DS2015xs ARMv7 (alpine514) :grey_question:  
DS2015+ :grey_question: :grey_question:  
DS2314+ :grey_question: :grey_question:  
DS2411+ x86_64 :white_check_mark:  
DS2413+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
DS2415+ x86_64 (avoton) :white_check_mark:  
DS3611xs x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
DS3612xs x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
DS3615xs x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
RS212 ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
RS214 ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
RS408(-RP) PowerPC (854x) :grey_question:  
RS409 ARMv5 (88f6281) :white_check_mark:  
RS409(RP)+ PowerPC (853x) :white_check_mark:  
RS411 ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
RS810+ x86_64 :white_check_mark:  
RS810rp+ x86_64 :white_check_mark:  
RS812 ARMv5 (88f6282) :grey_question:  
RS812+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
RS812rp+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
RS814 ARMv7 (armadaxp) :white_check_mark:  
RS814(RP)+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
RS815(RP)+ x86_64 (avoton) :white_check_mark:  
RS2211+ x86_64 :white_check_mark:  
RS2211rp+ x86_64 :white_check_mark:  
RS2212+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
RS2212rp+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
RS2411xs :grey_question: :grey_question:  
RS2414(RP)+ x86_64 (cedarview) :white_check_mark:  
RS2416(RP)+ x86_64 (avoton) :white_check_mark:  
RS3411(RP)xs x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
RS3412xs x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
RS3412rpxs x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
RS3413xs+ x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
RS3614xs x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
RS3614xs+ x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
RS3614rpxs x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
RS10613xs+ x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
RS10815xs+ x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
RS18016xs+ x86_64 (bromolow) :white_check_mark:  
TODO: Thecus      
Western Digital      
My Cloud DL2100 x86 (atom-c2350) :white_check_mark:  
My Cloud DL4100 x86 (atom-c2350) :white_check_mark:  
My Cloud EX2 ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
My Cloud EX2100 ARMv7 (armada385) :grey_question:  
My Cloud EX4100 ARMv7 (armada388) :grey_question:  
My Cloud Mirror Gen1 ARMv7 (armada370) :white_check_mark:  
My Cloud Mirror Gen2 ARMv7 (armada385) :grey_question:  
My Cloud Pro PR2100 x86 (pentium-n3710) :white_check_mark:  
My Cloud Pro PR4100 x86 (pentium-n3710) :white_check_mark:  
My Passport Wireless Pro ARMv7 (RTD1195) :white_check_mark: Plugin folder location is /usr/local/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins/;
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