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Join the chat at

What is coding foundation?

Coding foundation is an open source initiative aiming to increase the numbers of women and members of the LGBTQAI community in undergraduate courses related to computer science and associated tech areas.

As such we are focused on these main 3 tasks:

  1. Build a supportive, welcoming, and empowering community of individuals sharing common interests regardless of their cultural, educational, ethnic background, sexual orientation or any other dimension of diversity.
  2. Collect a comprehensive list of useful online resources that will help our community members to acquire new skills. This will help them to boost their career as well as to make informed decisions about this early on.
  3. Showcase the stories of amazing members of the tech / scientific community working hard to make these areas more inclusive and diverse. We want to hear about real people: what is what they love about their job, the struggles the face and how you deal with these regardless of their gender, age, background, national origin, race or sexual orientation

Why does this project exist?

We know that the lack of fair representation in STEM areas is a rather complex (and global) issue, which can only be tackled by joining efforts with as many people in the community as possible.

We believe in the impact of strong and good role models and supportive communities so we want to make sure these are available for those that need it the most.

How does this work?

First, of all it is important to mention that this is a completely open source project developed for the community by... well, the community.

As such anyone willing to add, share, provide guidance, and contribute to this project is more than welcome to do it at any stage.

The main point of access to Coding Foundation will be via the website. From there anyone will be able to access the online community as well as to have access to the various resources compiled for them.

This sounds amazing! Can I Join?

🎉🎉 Thanks for asking!!! Everyone is more than welcome to join and contribute to this project.

Please make sure to read our Contributor guidelines. There you will find important information on how to contribute to this project.

We have a gitter channel where we will be posting updates so make sure to join it and keep the discussion going (click on the gitter button at the top of this Readme 😊).

A bit more about the project

This project is part of the Mozilla Open Leaders programme within Round 4 Cohort C (#RebelFoxes 🦊) which has provided invaluable mentorship, encouragement, and training to get this project off the ground.

If you want to know more about the projects and the programme go here.

You can also follow @MozOpenLaders on Twitter for updates.

Also if you want to check the cohort's demos go to