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NEW The whole UI has been made more consistent. There are also significant accessibiliy improvements to ensure all is AAA-WCAG compliant.

A professional theme with hand-picked & bold colours for your VS Code editor and terminal. The theme is heavily inspired by the Pantone colour of the year 2018 and the Outrun aesthetics. However, colours are on the pastel side to help provide contrast and highlight what is essential. Color choices have taken into consideration what is accessible to people with colorblindness and in low-light circumstances.
A FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) project developed by Tania Allard.
Follow Tania's #FOSS work on GitHub @trallard — Say Hi on Twitter @ixek 👋

If you wish to disable italics, there is now a no-italic theme available. You will have access to both; select Pitaya Smoothie No Italics as your colour theme.

Installation cog

  1. Install Visual Studio Code
  2. Open the extensions sidebar on Visual Studio Code
  3. Search for Pitaya Smoothie
  4. Click Install to install it.
  5. Click Reload to reload your editor.
  6. Code/File > Preferences > Color Theme > Pitaya Smoothie

Pitaya Smoothie Syntax Colours syntax

Outrun aesthetics profoundly inspires this theme. The colour choices for the theme were made also taking into consideration accessibility for those users with colourblindness. The theme consists of a reasonably dark background and popping contrast colours. I also made decisions to allow for meaningful contrast for reading comprehension and optimal colour-popping .

Background #181036 #181036
Foreground #fefeff #fefeff
Comment #7E7AAA #5C588A
Keyword #f26196 #f26196
String #7998F2 #7998F2
Number #f3907e #f3907e
Built-in const #CAF884 #CAF884
Constant #A267F5 #A267F5
Other #66E9EC #66E9EC
Diff deleted #ff6e9c #FF6E9C
Diff inserted #18c1c4 #18c1c4
Diff changed #ffe46b #ffe46b

UI elements colours code

Activity bar background #181036 #181036
Activity bar foreground #7A76C2 #7A76C2
Activity bar foreground #181036 #181036
Sidebar background #130C29 #130C29
Sidebar section header background #181036 #181036
Sidebar section header foreground #7d79d1 #7d79d1
Sidebar section header foreground #18c0c4 #18c0c4
Deletion highlights #ff6e9c98 #ff6e9c98
Addition highlights #18c1c4a6 #18c1c4a6
Modified highlights #AD70FC46 #AD70FC46

Snapshots code

Python Syntax
python code

Using bracket-style colorizer 👆🏼

R Syntax
python code

React Syntax
react code

cpp Syntax
react code

html Syntax react code

Accessibility accessibility

Accessibility was kept close in mind when designing this theme. The colours were chosen such that they would be acceessible to folks with colourblindness.


python prot Syntax react code

python prot Syntax react code

Contributing hands

🚧 This project is always a work in progress, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to collaborate in it. 🚧

Everyone should follow our code of conduct and to check out our contributing guidelines for more information on how to get started.

Preferences shown in the previews design

The font in the previews is Fira Code. Editor settings to activate font ligatures:

"editor.fontFamily": "Fira Code",
"editor.fontLigatures": true,

The preview image for the Python syntax is using Bracket Pair Colorizer, a cool extension that highlights matching brackets. Using this extension can help reduce unwanted errors.

I defined the following colours in my settings.json:

"bracket-pair-colorizer-2.colors": [
 "#f18fac", // soft pink
 "#facd49", // golden
 "#c56cf0", // bright lilac
 "#f85e9f" // hot pink

Pitaya Smoothie in other places medal

You can find Pitaya Smoothie in the following places:

mpl light demo mpl dark demo

If you want to port Pitaya Smoothie to other places let us know and we'll add a link to your port and add you to our contributors list 💜

License documents

Licensed as BSD-3 ⓒ Tania Allard.

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