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  • Refactored code to use async/await syntax.
  • Reworked cache mechanism to quicken loading on mobile devices.
  • Improved appearance of audio recording dialog box.
  • Added Lithuanian localization.
  • Fixed gap in bookmarks page when a story is deleted.
  • Fixed event import when there're deleted merge requests.
  • Fixed sign off confirmation dialog box.
  • Fixed text editing in settings page.
  • Fixed other minor glitches.


  • Fixed camera selection
  • Fixed skin-tone emojis on Android 6
  • Fixed image drag-and-drop
  • Reduced appearances of spinner
  • Ensured cancellation of file uploads


  • Implemented user registration whitelisting.
  • Made emojis bigger when they're the only contents.
  • Splitted pages into separate modules.
  • Migrated to React 16.
  • Refactored codebase to ES6 syntax.
  • Refactored data providers.
  • Consolidated SASS color definitions.
  • Improved build process.
  • Fixed task list merging.
  • Fixed non-updating of milestone titles.
  • Fixed unnecessary reloading by image editor.
  • Fixed notification badge clearing.
  • Fixed uploading bug.


  • Added Czech, French, and German localization.
  • Added handling of GitLab 11 features.
  • Added text indicate who wrote a post when it's exported to issue tracker.
  • Enabled gzip compression of HTTP response.
  • Made pop-up menu bigger on mobile.
  • Implemented OAuth deactivation.
  • Fixed CodePush app updating mechanism.
  • Fixed auto-renewal of Certbot SSL certificate.
  • Fixed handling of branch and tag events.
  • Fixed sign-out when app is connected to multiple servers.
  • Fixed counting of lines when files are added.
  • Fixed missing info from OAuth providers.
  • Fixed issues related to deletion of servers.
  • Fixed data caching mechanism.
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