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Welcome to an_example_pypi_project's documentation!

Introduction: This Package is a Tutorial

This is just a demonstration vehicle used to take you through the process 
-- start to finish -- of creating a Python project that can be:

	1. Uploaded to
	2. Distributed from 


	3. Documented on
the Python Package Index (aka pypi or the cheeseshop) at 
This project uses setuptools, sphinx, and the Sphinx-PyPI-upload

This demonstration is not meant to be complete nor authoritative. It's just a 
recording of the steps I took to get some projects onto pypi and 
hopefully it might save someone some time from googling around.  To be sure, 
this is simply just *one* way to make a project, document it, and get it 
on pypi. 

NOTE: This was originally given as a talk to the Minnesota Python Users Group and was developed for a 
spoken presentation format.