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@@ -306,6 +306,28 @@ code. This is a useful template for authors who wish to implement their own
question types or who need to support non-built-in languages. It is discussed
in detail in the section "Supporting or implementing new languages".
### Setting the quiz review options
It is important that students get shown the result table when they click *Check*.
For this to happen the "Specific feedback" checkbox in the Review options for
the quiz (under *Settings*) must be checked in the "During the attempt" column.
It will automatically be checked
if the quiz was created with the question behaviour set to *Adaptive* but will
otherwise be unchecked by default. Changing the question behaviour after the
quiz has been created does not currently change the review options.
Other recommended setting in the "During the attempt column" are:
1. Right answer. This should be unchecked, at least in the "During the attempt"
column and possibly elsewhere, if you don't want your sample answers leaked
to the whole class.
1. Whether correct. This should probably be unchecked if the quiz includes
any non-coderunner questions. It doesn't appear to affect CodeRunner
feedback but if left checked will result in other questions types
displaying an excessive amount of help when *Check* is clicked.
1. Marks and General feedback. These should probably be checked.
### Sandbox Configuration

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