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Add documentation of gap-filler UI and update documentation.

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Richard Lobb committed Oct 22, 2019
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Version: 3.7.0 August 2019
Version: 3.7.1 October 2019

Authors: Richard Lobb, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
Tim Hunt, The Open University, UK
@@ -1927,8 +1927,54 @@ itself the empty string.
An example of the use of this UI type can be seen in the
*python3_program_testing* prototype in the *samples* folder.
### The Gap Filler UI (new, experimental)
### The Html UI
This plugin replaces the usual textarea answer box with a div
consisting of pre-formatted text supplied by the question author in either the
"globalextra" field or the testcode field of the first test case, according
to the template parameter gapfiller_ui_source (default: globalextra). HTML
entry or textarea elements are then inserted at
specified points. It is intended primarily for use with coding questions
where the answerbox presents the students with code that has smallish bits
The locations within the globalextra text at which the input elements are
to be inserted are denoted by "tags" of the form
{[ size ]}
for an HTML input element
{[ rows, columns ]}
for a textarea element
where size, rows and column are integer literals. These respectively
inject an HTML input element or a textarea element of the
specified size.
The serialisation of the answer box contents, i.e. the text that
copied back into the textarea for submissions
as the answer, is simply a list of all the field values (strings), in order.
As a special case of the serialisation, if the value list is empty, the
serialisation itself is the empty string.
The delimiters for the input element insertion tags are by default '{[' and
']}', but can be changed by an optional template parameter gap_filler_delimiters,
which must be a 2-element array of strings. For example:
{"gap_filler_delimiters": ["{{", "}}"]}
Note that the double-brace delimiters in that example are the same as those
used by Twig, so using them instead of the default would prevent you from
ever adding Twig expansion (e.g. for randomisation) to the question. This is
not recommended.
### The Html UI (unsupported and experimental)
The HTML UI plug-in replaces the answer box with custom HTML provided by the
question author. The HTML will usually include data entry fields such as

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