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sets up a reverse ssh tunnel, useful for running on a cloud service to securely tunnel access to resources otherwise hidden behind the cloud firewall


add a dependency or a dev-dependency to your project.clj

[clj-ssh-tunnel "0.1.1"]

if you added a dev-dependency, run with :

lein tunnel -d -r 1234:foo:4567 -k /home/foo/.ssh/id_rsa -pp keypassword --verbose

if you added a regular dependency, run with :

lein run -m clj-ssh-tunnel.core -d -r 1234:foo:4567 -k /home/foo/.ssh/id_rsa -pp keypassword --verbose

both these invocations will login as 'user' to '', authenticating with the ssh private key in '/home/foo/.ssh/id_rsa' which is protected with the password 'keypassword'. once logged in an ssh reverse tunnel will be setup from port 1234 (on to foo:4567. a bind address for the reverse tunnel can also be specified using the form :



Copyright (C) 2011 Trampoline Systems Ltd, daniel kwiecinski and mccraigmccraig

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.