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smeagol -- A Read-Only Gollum Server


Smeagol is a server that can run a read-only version of a Gollum wiki. This can be useful when you want to maintain a standalone copy of a Github wiki but you want to update it through the Github interface.

Smeagol follows the rules of Semantic Versioning and uses TomDoc for inline documentation.


You can install Smeagol with RubyGems:

$ [sudo] gem install smeagol

And then, if you want code highlighting, follow the Installation Guide for Pygments.

Ta da. You're ready to go.


To run smeagol, simply change directories to your Gollum repository and run the smeagol executable from the command line:

$ cd /path/to/repo
$ smeagol

This will run a web server at http://localhost:4567. You can change the port by setting the --port or -p option on the command line.


There are two ways to update the repository through Smeagol:

  1. Auto Update
  2. Manual Update

To setup Smeagol to automatically update your repository in fixed intervals, simply pass the --auto-update option in the command line and Smeagol will automatically perform a git pull origin master on your repository once per day.

To perform a manual update, simply go to the URL, http://localhost:4567/update, and Smeagol will perform a git pull. Change the URL to your appropriate hostname and port.


Have a great idea for Smeagol? Awesome. Fork the repository and add a feature or fix a bug. There are a couple things I ask:

  1. You must have tests for all code you check in.
  2. Create an appropriately named topic branch that contains your change.

Also, to run the Cucumber tests in Smeagol, you must first install rdiscount:

$ gem install rdiscount