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##TNS Mothership Language file
config_file_missing = Config file is missing
app_hash_missing = AppHash is missing from tns_app config
db_error = A temporal database error ocurred, Please try again later
wallet_password_required = Wallet password is required
eth_wallet_creation_error = Failed to create Ethereum wallet, Please try again later
email = Email
password = Password
signup = Signup
sign_up = Sign up
login = Login
forgot_password = Forgot Password ?
remember_login = Remember Login
select_language = Select Language
confirm_password = Confirm Password
full_name = Full Name
name = Name
social_login = Social Login
verification_code = Verification Code
verification_code_message = We will send you a code to your email account, Please click on Send Code
send_code = Send Code
inavlid_email_address = Invalid email address
requires_valid_email_address = {0} requires a valid email address
email_field = Email Field
recaptcha_connection_failed = Recaptcha Connection Failed
recaptcha_failed = Recaptcha Failed, Please confirm you are human
input_field_required = Input field {0} is required
hello = Hello
email_verification_subject = {0} Email Verification
email_verification_message = Below is the verification code for your email address: {0}, It will be needed during the {1} process.
unknown_service_name = Unknown Service Id
email_action_button_problem = If you’re having trouble with the button above, copy and paste the URL below into your web browser.
email_verification_code_sent = Email verification code sent to {0}, please check your inbox or spam folder
resend_wait_time_error = You can resend the code after {0}
resend_code_after = You can resend code after
send_verification_code_instruction = To receive the verification code, click on {0} button above and it will be emailed to you
i_agree_to = I agree to the
in_list_args_validation_error = Validation error occured (args required)
service_terms_and_condtions = Service Terms & Conditions
invalid_verification_code = Invalid verification code
invalid_or_expired_verification_code = Verification code is either invalid or has expired, Please request a new code
fields_does_not_match = {0} and {1} fields do not match
field_requires_string_value = {0} field requires a string value
field_cannot_be_empty = {0} field cannot be empty
password_standard_guide = Password must contain at least one uppercase, a lower case, a numeric & a special characater
field_requires_integer_value = {0} requires an integer value
HISTORY_VIOLATION=Password matches one of %1$s previous passwords.
ILLEGAL_WORD=Password contains the dictionary word '%1$s'.
ILLEGAL_WORD_REVERSED=Password contains the reversed dictionary word '%1$s'.
ILLEGAL_MATCH=Password matches the illegal pattern '%1$s'.
ALLOWED_MATCH=Password must match pattern '%1$s'.
ILLEGAL_CHAR=Password contains the illegal character '%1$s'.
ALLOWED_CHAR=Password contains the illegal character '%1$s'.
ILLEGAL_SEQUENCE=Password contains the illegal sequence '%1$s'.
ILLEGAL_USERNAME=Password contains the user id '%1$s'.
ILLEGAL_USERNAME_REVERSED=Password contains the user id '%1$s' in reverse.
ILLEGAL_WHITESPACE=Password cannot contain whitespace characters.
INSUFFICIENT_UPPERCASE=Password must contain at least %1$s uppercase characters.
INSUFFICIENT_LOWERCASE=Password must contain at least %1$s lowercase characters.
INSUFFICIENT_ALPHABETICAL=Password must contain at least %1$s alphabetical characters.
INSUFFICIENT_DIGIT=Password must contain at least %1$s digit characters.
INSUFFICIENT_SPECIAL=Password must contain at least %1$s special characters.
INSUFFICIENT_CHARACTERISTICS=Password matches %1$s of %3$s character rules, but %2$s are required.
SOURCE_VIOLATION=Password cannot be the same as your %1$s password.
TOO_LONG=Password must be no more than %2$s characters in length.
TOO_SHORT=Password must be at least %1$s characters in length.
agree_to_terms_to_continue = You need to agree to the service terms & conditions to continue
invalid_email_address = Invalid Email Address
full_name_is_required = Full name is required
user_with_same_email_exists = A user with the same email exists
password_processing_failed = Password processing failed, Please try again later
account_with_same_email_exists = An account with the same email address exists
signup_success_message = Signup Successful, You will be redirected.
invalid_user_account = Invalid user account
invalid_username_and_password = Invalid username and password
login_successful = Login Successful
account = Account
login_required = Login Required
activity_mail_message = A {0} activity was detected on your account.
details_below = Details Below
details = Details
country = Country
city = City
ip_address = IP Address
hostname = Hostname
activity_mail_subject = {0} Activity Alert
mail_greeting = Hello {0}
location = Location
device = Device
device_name = Device Name
operating_system = Operating System
operating_system_version = Operating System Version
browser_name = Browser Name
browser_version = Browser Version
user_agent_string = User Agent String
latitude = Latitude
longitude = Longitude
unknown_social_login_provider = Unknown social login provider {0}
social_auth_failed = {0} Social Authentication Failed
malformed_request = Malformed or Invalid Request
missing_request_param = Missing Request Parameter {0}
invalid_auth_code = Invalid oauth code returned
reset_password = Reset Password
new_password = New Password
confirm_new_password = Confirm New Password
field_does_not_exist = {0} ({1}) does not exist
password_update_success = Password updated successfully
password_update_failed = Password Update failed, Please try again later
login_2fa_required = Login Requires Two Factor Authentication
login_2fa = Login - Two Factor Authentication
two_factor_auth = Two Factor Auth.
google_authenticator_code = Google Authenticator Code
enter_2fa_code = Enter 2FA Code
validate = Validate
logout = Logout
logout_success = Logout Successful
google_recaptcha = Google Recaptcha
send_me_news_and_updates = Send me news & updates
reset = Reset
temporal_system_error = A temporal system error occured
system_busy = System is currently busy,try again later
enable_2fa = Enable 2FA
2fa = 2FA
two_factor_authenticator = Two Factor Authenticator
2fa_description = Two factor authentication or 2FA is an extra security layer to protect users from an unauthorized access to their account using uniquely generated numeric code from Apps such as Google Authenticator which can be downloaded and installed on your smart phone.
2fa_description_2 = To start download the Google authenticator app for Android or iOS from the link below, scan the code and keep the app secured from everyone.
google_authenticator_android = Google Authenticator Android
google_authenticator_ios = Google Authenticator iOS
verify_2fa_code = Verify 2FA Code
qrcode = QRCode
scan_with_google_auth = Scan with Google Authenticator
google_authenticator = Google Authenticator
secret_code = Secret Code
verify_and_save = Verify & Save
save = Save
continue = Continue
complete_and_verify_2fa = Please complete and verify 2FA
error = Error
are_you_sure = Are You Sure ?
disable_2fa = Disable 2FA
disable_2fa_warning = 2FA adds an extra layer of security to avoid an unathorized access to your account, are you sure about disabling it ?
yes_disable = Yes, Disable
cancel = Cancel
2fa_data_not_found = 2FA data not found, please contact support
error_contact_support = A temporal error occurred, Please Contact Support
2fa_code_is_required = 2FA Code is required
invalid_2fa_code = Invalid 2FA code
2fa_disabled_success = 2FA disabled successfully
ok = OK
error_occured_reload_page = A temporal error occurred, Please reload the page and try again
2fa_require_numeric_data = 2FA requires a numeric data
page_session_expired_error = Page session has expired, Please reload the page and try again
2fa_verified_and_saved = 2FA verified and saved successfully
invalid_login_details = Invalid login details
2fa_verification_success = 2FA verification was successful
2fa_update_success = 2FA saved successfully
problem_with_2fa = Problem with 2FA? Click Here
invalid_service_id = Invalid Service ID
2fa_recovery = 2FA Recovery
recover = Recover
profile_setting = Profile Settings
password_setting = Password Setting
menu = Menu
navigation = Navigation
access_history = Access History
no_data_was_found = No data was found
no_data_available = No data available
key = Key
home = Home
messages = Messages
message = Message
language = Language
client = Client
date = Date
profile = Profile
search = Search
two_factor_authentication = Two Factor Authentication
2fa_setting = 2FA Setting
support = Support
invalid_input_data = Invalid Input data
select_country = Select Country
account_settings = Account Settings
total_value = Total Value
back = Back
wallet = Wallet
configure_wallet = Configure Wallet
withdraw = Withdraw
deposit = Deposit
type = Type
transaction_hash = Transaction hash
status = Status
send = Send
to_this_address_only = to this address only
deposit_warning = <b>Be careful:</b> sending any other digital asset will result in permanent loss. You will be notified as soon as your transaction is confirmed several times.
quantity = Quantity
fee = Fee
total_withdrawal = Total Withdrawal
address = Address
disclaimer = DISCLAIMER
verify_withdrawal_address = Please verify your withdrawal address. We cannot refund an incorrect withdrawal.
withdrawal_warning = DO NOT WITHDRAW DIRECTLY TO A CROWDFUND OR ICO.<br>We will not credit your account with tokens from that sale.
add_new_asset = Add new asset
total = Total
faq = FAQ
privacy_policy = Privacy Policy
terms_of_service = Terms of Service
rights_reserved = 2018 All Rights Reserved. Transcodium Ltd.
disclaimer_text = Trading in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is subject to market, technical and legal risks. Prices in India differ from international prices due to local demand and supply. Zebpay doesn't guarantee any returns. Users use Zebpay at their own risk.
select_timezone = Select Timezone
login_alert = Login Alert
send_newsletter = Send Newsletter
name_input_invalid_data = Name input requires a valid data
invalid_field_data = Invalid {0} data
profile_update_success = Profile Updated Successfully