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Merge pull request #2233 from transcom/cg_166477704_remove_gdoc_from_…


Remove links to DDS GDrive from .envrc file
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chrisgilmerproj committed Jun 5, 2019
2 parents 5916467 + 79733be commit 8b896ba6cba0f54168b3ef4aa5a49a63549f51b9
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  1. +10 −10 .envrc
20 .envrc
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ export LOGIN_GOV_TSP_CLIENT_ID="urn:gov:gsa:openidconnect.profiles:sp:sso:dod:ts
export LOGIN_GOV_ADMIN_CLIENT_ID="urn:gov:gsa:openidconnect.profiles:sp:sso:dod:adminmovemillocal"

require LOGIN_GOV_SECRET_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal login_gov_secret_key' or"
require LOGIN_GOV_SECRET_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal login_gov_secret_key'"

# JSON Web Token (JWT) config
CLIENT_AUTH_SECRET_KEY=$(cat config/tls/devlocal-client_auth_secret.key)
@@ -124,8 +124,8 @@ export DOD_CA_PACKAGE="${MYMOVE_DIR}/config/tls/Certificates_PKCS7_v5.4_DoD.der.
# MyMove client certificate
# All of our DoD-signed certs are currently signed by DOD SW CA-54
MOVE_MIL_DOD_CA_CERT=$(cat ${MYMOVE_DIR}/config/tls/dod-sw-ca-54.pem)
require MOVE_MIL_DOD_TLS_CERT "See 'chamber read app-devlocal move_mil_dod_tls_cert' or"
require MOVE_MIL_DOD_TLS_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal move_mil_dod_tls_key' or"
require MOVE_MIL_DOD_TLS_CERT "See 'chamber read app-devlocal move_mil_dod_tls_cert'"
require MOVE_MIL_DOD_TLS_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal move_mil_dod_tls_key'"

# Prevent user sessions from timing out
@@ -160,21 +160,21 @@ export AWS_SES_REGION="us-west-2"
require HERE_MAPS_APP_ID "See 'chamber read app-devlocal here_maps_app_id' or"
require HERE_MAPS_APP_CODE "See 'chamber read app-devlocal here_maps_app_code' or"
require HERE_MAPS_APP_ID "See 'chamber read app-devlocal here_maps_app_id'"
require HERE_MAPS_APP_CODE "See 'chamber read app-devlocal here_maps_app_code'"

# Transcom ppp-infra repo path
require PPP_INFRA_PATH "Set to your local checkout of (e.g., ~/your-personal-repo-directory/ppp-infra)."

# GEX integration config
export GEX_BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME="mymovet"
require GEX_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD "See 'chamber read app-devlocal gex_basic_auth_password' or"
require GEX_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD "See 'chamber read app-devlocal gex_basic_auth_password'"
export GEX_URL=""
# To actually send the GEX request, replace url in envrc.local with the line below
# export GEX_URL=

require DPS_AUTH_SECRET_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal dps_auth_secret_key' or"
require DPS_AUTH_COOKIE_SECRET_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal dps_auth_cookie_secret_key' or"
require DPS_AUTH_SECRET_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal dps_auth_secret_key'"
require DPS_AUTH_COOKIE_SECRET_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal dps_auth_cookie_secret_key'"
export HTTP_SDDC_PROTOCOL="http"
export HTTP_SDDC_PORT="8080"
@@ -185,13 +185,13 @@ export DPS_COOKIE_NAME="DPSIVV"
export IWS_RBS_HOST=""

# Unsecured CSRF Auth Key, for local dev only
require CSRF_AUTH_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal csrf_auth_key' or"
require CSRF_AUTH_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal csrf_auth_key'"

# Always show Swagger UI in development
export SERVE_SWAGGER_UI=true

# EIA API Key (for fuel price data)
require EIA_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal eia_key' or"
require EIA_KEY "See 'chamber read app-devlocal eia_key'"
export EIA_URL=""

# Enable No TLS Listener

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