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Architectural Decision Log

This log lists the architectural decisions for DP3 Infrastructure.

  • ADR-0000 - Use Truss' Golang web server skeleton to build API for DP3
  • ADR-0001 - Use Pop as the ORM for 3M
  • ADR-0002 - Use dep to manage go dependencies
  • ADR-0003 - Put mymove into the standard GOPATH, eliminate server and client directories
  • ADR-0004 - Use Both Absolute and Relative Paths for Imports
  • ADR-0005 - Use Create React App
  • ADR-0006 - Use Redux to manage state and Redux Thunk middleware to write action creators that return functions
  • ADR-0007 - Use swagger-client to make calls to API from client
  • ADR-0008 - Use go-swagger To Route, Parse, And Validate API Endpoints
  • ADR-0009 - Generate forms from swagger definitions of payload
  • ADR-0010 - Isolate Test Access to Database
  • ADR-0011 - Test Suites
  • ADR-0012 - The TSP Data Models
  • ADR-0013 - REST API Updates
  • ADR-0014 - Go Dependency Management
  • ADR-0015 - Session storage/handling
  • ADR-0016 - Browser Support for Prototype
  • ADR-0017 - Client side route restriction based on authentication
  • ADR-0018 - Optional Field Interop
  • ADR-0019 - Range Slider React Component
  • ADR-0020 - Using Swagger to manage server route authentication
  • ADR-0021 - Temporary use and plan for expunging Social Security Numbers in the prototype
  • ADR-0022 - Chose Excelize package to parse XLSX files
  • ADR-0023 - Representing Dollar Values in Go and the Database
  • ADR-0024 - Model Authorization and Handler Design
  • ADR-0025 - Client Side Feature Flags using Custom JavaScript
  • ADR-0026 - Use Snyk Vulnerability Scanning
  • ADR-0027 - PDF Generation
  • ADR-0028 - Config Management
  • ADR-0029 - Honeycomb Integration
  • ADR-0030 - IAM Authentication for Database
  • ADR-0031 - CSS Tooling
  • ADR-0032 - CSRF Protection for the Application
  • ADR-0033 - Service Object Layer
  • ADR-0034 - Working With Mocks: Generation and Assertion

For new ADRs, please use

More information on MADR is available at General information about architectural decision records is available at

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