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Book Keeping desktop application for Linux or Windows (or Mac).

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Transcraft My Accountant

Book Keeping application written in Java 8 and GUI uses SWT technology from Eclipse, making it as native look and feel as possible.

Java 8 was chosen because it is widely deployed and is the minimum version which can be used to compile up this application. It has been tested against Java 14 without any problem, although some of the code have had to be downgraded back to Java 8 syntax to ensure bytecode and JVM compatibility. These instances are clearly marked in the comments, in case you want to change them to the latest syntax.

Report rendering uses JasperReports. The version used is 6.12.2.

Underlying database techonolgy uses db4o. The version used is 8.0.276.

Build environment is Gradle. The version used is 6.14.0.

This application is used actively for my own book keeping operations.

Configurations have been added to prepare and generate a .deb package for Debian Linux using debreate, and a Windows setup file for Windows. Windows packaging uses Launch4j to generate the native executable wrapper and NSIS to package up the self extracting archive file.

To build the application, run:

./gradlew prepareDeb

To run the application after a successful build:


For more information and user manual can be found in the src/main/resources/docs folder.

Screenshot on Linux

Screenshot on Windows


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