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(ns evalapply.evaluator)
;; Resources used:
;; Abelson, H., Sussmann, J., & Sussmann, G (1996)
;; "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"
;; (official site:, MIT Press.
;; Code:
;; And the dynamic evaluator from:
;; Have to declare all defined stuff below on top (except eval and
;; apply.
(declare self-evaluating? variable? lookup-variable-value quoted?
assignment? definition? if? lambda? make-procedure begin?
cond? application? text-of-quotation eval-assignment
eval-definition eval-if eval-sequence lambda-parameters
lambda-body val-sequence cond->if list-of-values
operator operands begin-actions no-operands? first-operand
rest-operands primitive-procedure?
apply-primitive-procedure compound-procedure?
procedure-body extend-environment procedure-parameters
procedure-environment last-exp? first-exp rest-exps
set-variable-value! assignment-variable assignment-value
define-variable! definition-variable definition-value
if-predicate if-consequent if-alternative cond-predicate
make-lambda make-begin expand-clauses
primitive-procedure-names primitive-procedure-objects
the-empty-environment prompt-for-input
the-global-environment announce-output user-print
second boolean? pair error)
;; Store apply from Clojure, we need it to apply primitive
;; procedures. And then declare it as well, otherwise Clojure
;; mistakes apply defined in eval for the Clojure one.
(defn apply-from-underlying-lisp [f args] (apply f args))
(declare apply)
(defn eval [exp env]
(cond (self-evaluating? exp) exp
(variable? exp) (lookup-variable-value exp env)
(quoted? exp) (text-of-quotation exp)
(assignment? exp) (eval-assignment exp env)
(definition? exp) (eval-definition exp env)
(if? exp) (eval-if exp env)
(lambda? exp) (make-procedure (lambda-parameters exp)
(lambda-body exp)
(begin? exp) (eval-sequence (begin-actions exp) env)
(cond? exp) (eval (cond->if exp) env)
(application? exp) (apply (eval (operator exp) env)
(list-of-values (operands exp) env)
:else (error "Unknown expression type -- EVAL" exp)))
(defn apply [procedure arguments global-env]
(cond (primitive-procedure? procedure)
(apply-primitive-procedure procedure arguments)
(compound-procedure? procedure)
(procedure-body procedure)
(merge global-env (extend-environment
(procedure-parameters procedure)
(procedure-environment procedure))))
:else (error "Unknown procedure type -- APPLY" procedure)))
(defn list-of-values [exps env]
(cond (no-operands? exps) nil
:else (cons (eval (first-operand exps) env)
(list-of-values (rest-operands exps) env))))
(defn eval-sequence [exps env]
(if (last-exp? exps)
(eval (first-exp exps) env)
(eval (first-exp exps) env)
(recur (rest-exps exps) env))))
(defn eval-assignment [exp env]
(set-variable-value! (assignment-variable exp)
(eval (assignment-value exp) exp)
(defn eval-definition [exp env]
(list 'updated-env (define-variable! (definition-variable exp)
(eval (definition-value exp)
(dissoc env (definition-variable exp)))
(defn eval-if [exp env]
(if (eval (if-predicate exp) env)
(eval (if-consequent exp) env)
(eval (if-alternative exp) env)))
(defn tagged-list? [exp tag]
(and (list? exp) (= (first exp) tag)))
(defn error [msg var]
(throw (Throwable. (str msg " " var))))
;; Routines to detect expressions
(defn if? [exp] (tagged-list? exp 'if))
(defn lambda? [exp] (tagged-list? exp 'fn))
(defn application? [exp] (list? exp))
(defn variable? [exp] (symbol? exp))
(defn self-evaluating? [exp]
(cond (number? exp) true
(string? exp) true
(boolean? exp) true
:else false))
(defn boolean? [exp] (or (= 'true exp) (= 'false exp)))
(defn quoted? [exp] (tagged-list? exp 'quote))
(defn definition? [exp] (tagged-list? exp 'defn))
(defn assignment? [exp] (tagged-list? exp 'set!))
(defn begin? [exp] (tagged-list? exp 'begin))
(defn true? [x] (not (= x false)))
(defn false? [x] (= x false))
(defn cond? [exp] (tagged-list? exp 'cond))
(defn cond-else-clause? [clause]
(= (cond-predicate clause) 'else))
(defn compound-procedure? [p]
(tagged-list? p 'procedure))
;; Routines to get information out of expressions
(defn second [exp] (first (rest exp))) ; cadr (already exists)
(defn rest-of-second [exp] (rest (first (rest exp)))) ; cdadr
(defn third [exp] (first (rest (rest exp)))) ; caddr
(defn flat-third [exp] (first (first (rest exp)))) ; caadr
(defn fourth [exp] (first (rest (rest (rest exp))))) ; cadddr
(defn rest-after-second [exp] (rest (rest exp))) ; cddr
(defn rest-after-third [exp] (rest (rest (rest exp)))) ; cdddr
(defn operator [exp] (first exp))
(defn operands [exp] (rest exp))
(defn text-of-quotation [exp] (second exp))
(defn assignment-variable [exp] (second exp))
(defn assignment-value [exp] (third exp))
(defn definition-variable [exp]
(if (symbol? (second exp))
(second exp)
(flat-third exp)))
(defn definition-value [exp]
(if (symbol? (second exp))
(third exp)
(make-lambda (rest-of-second exp)
(rest-after-second exp))))
(defn lambda-parameters [exp] (second exp))
(defn lambda-body [exp] (rest-after-second exp))
(defn if-predicate [exp] (second exp))
(defn if-consequent [exp] (third exp))
(defn if-alternative [exp]
(if (not (empty? (rest-after-third exp)))
(fourth exp)
(defn begin-actions [exp] (rest exp))
(defn last-exp? [seq] (empty? (rest seq)))
(defn first-exp [seq] (first seq))
(defn rest-exps [seq] (rest seq))
(defn sequence->exp [seq]
(cond (empty? seq) seq
(last-exp? seq) (first-exp seq)
:else (make-begin seq)))
(defn cond-clauses [exp] (rest exp))
(defn cond-predicate [clause] (first clause))
(defn cond-actions [clause] (rest clause))
(defn procedure-parameters [p] (second p))
(defn procedure-body [p] (third p))
(defn procedure-environment [p] (fourth p))
;; Routines to manipulate expressions
(defn no-operands? [args] (empty? args))
(defn first-operand [args] (first args))
(defn rest-operands [args] (rest args))
(defn make-lambda [parameters body]
(list 'fn parameters body))
(defn make-if [predicate consequent alternative]
(list 'if predicate consequent alternative))
(defn make-begin [seq] (cons 'begin seq))
(defn cond->if [exp]
(expand-clauses (cond-clauses exp)))
(defn expand-clauses [clauses]
(if (empty? clauses)
'false ; no else clause
(let [first (first clauses)
rest (rest clauses)]
(if (cond-else-clause? first)
(if (empty? rest)
(sequence->exp (cond-actions first))
(error "ELSE clause isn't last -- COND->IF" clauses))
(make-if (cond-predicate first)
(sequence->exp (cond-actions first))
(expand-clauses rest))))))
(defn make-procedure [parameters body env]
(list 'procedure parameters body env))
;; Environment structure
(defn extend-environment [procedure-parameters
(merge procedure-environment (pair procedure-parameters args)))
(defn pair
[xs ys]
{:pre [(= (count xs) (count ys))]}
(into {} (map vector xs ys)))
(defn define-variable! [var val env]
(assoc env var val))
(defn lookup-variable-value [var env]
(let [item (env var)]
(cond (lambda? item) (eval item env)
(nil? item)
(error "Is not a valid symbol -- LOOKUP-VARIABLE-VALUE" var)
:else item)))
;; Setup environment
(defn primitive-procedure? [proc]
(tagged-list? proc 'primitive))
(defn primitive-implementation [proc] (second proc))
(def primitive-procedures
{'cons cons
'first first
'rest rest
'list list
'= =
'- -
'+ +
;; more primitives
(defn primitive-procedure-names []
(keys primitive-procedures))
(defn primitive-procedure-objects []
(map (fn [proc] (list 'primitive (second proc)))
(defn apply-primitive-procedure [proc args]
(primitive-implementation proc) args))
(def setup-environment
(extend-environment (primitive-procedure-names)
(read-string "{}")))
;; Code to interact with the evaluator:
(def input-prompt ";;; Eval input:")
(def output-prompt ";;; Eval value:")
(defn repl-loop [env]
(println input-prompt)
(let [line (read-line)
output (try
(eval (read-string line) env)
(catch Exception e
(str (.printStackTrace e) (.getMessage e)))
(catch StackOverflowError e
(str (.printStackTrace e) (.getMessage e))))]
(prompt-for-input line)
(println output-prompt)
(announce-output output)
(if (tagged-list? output 'updated-env)
(recur (second output))
(recur env))))
(defn prompt-for-input [string]
(newline) (newline) (println string) (newline))
(defn announce-output [string]
(newline) (println string) (newline))
(defn user-print [object]
(if (compound-procedure? object)
(println (list 'compound-procedure
(procedure-parameters object)
(procedure-body object)
(println object)))
(def initial-environment setup-environment)
(repl-loop initial-environment)
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