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Flags for currency codes.
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This package outputs two CSS files (minified and unminified) with classes for currency codes using base64 background images inlined.

How to use

1. Install

npm install --save currency-flags

2. Add CSS to page

3. Use

<div class="currency-flag currency-flag-usd"></div>

The currency-flag selector has a default display of inline-block, size of 24x16 and a background-size of cover. currency-flag-sm, currency-flag-lg and currency-flag-xl modifiers are available.


  1. Clone repo
  2. Add correctly sized (48x32) png files to src/flags
  3. Bump version number in package.json according to semver and add an item that a release will be based on to npm install to ensure the correct version in the lockfile.
  4. Submit your pull request from a feature branch and get code reviewed.
  5. If the pull request is approved and the CircleCI build passes, you will be able to squash and merge.
  6. Code will automatically be released to GitHub and published to npm according to the version specified in the changelog and package.json.
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