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Transifex iOS SDK - Command Line Tool

Transifex Command Line Tool uses Transifex iOS SDK to assist developers in pushing and pulling localizations of an iOS application (written in Swift or Objective-C) to and from Transifex CDS.

For pushing the base localization of the application, the tool uses the xcodebuild command to export the base localization to a temporary folder, then parses the generated .xliff file that contains all the localizable strings of the app and transforms them in the format that CDS accepts (TXSourceString). After getting all the translated strings in the proper format, it pushes them to CDS. For more information, look into the Pushing section of this README.

For pulling the translated localizations, the developer must specify the locale codes and an output folder, and the command line tool will download them, serialize them in a file (txstrings.json) and store them in the specified folder. For more information, look into the Pulling section of this README.

Developer can also use the invalidate command to force CDS cache invalidation so that the next pull command will fetch fresh translations from the CDS.

The token and secret strings can be provided by the developer either as arguments in the command line tool or as enviroment variables (TRANSIFEX_TOKEN, TRANSIFEX_SECRET).


You can either use the tool by typing: swift run txios-cli in the root directory of the project, or you can install the executable to /usr/local/bin directory so that you can call it from any folder.

In order to copy the executable, you can first build the project with swift build -c release and then copy it with cp .build/release/txios-cli /usr/local/bin/txios-cli.


The following calls can be either made from within the TXCli project directory by: swift run txios-cli <cli command> or after following the installation instructions above, from any folder of your computer by: txios-cli <cli command>.

Bear in mind that due to naming collision, the --verbose flag won't be detected if the txios-cli is executed via the swift run command, as the flag will be applied on the swift executable instead. So to avoid collisions like this, it's recommended to execute txios-cli directly after building it.

For simplicity the following examples will use the latter command.


txios-cli, txios-cli -h, txios-cli --help

Displays helpful information for the CLI tool and lists all the subcommands.

txios-cli [subcommand] --help


txios-cli help [subcommand]

Displays helpful information for a subcommand and lists all of its options.


txios-cli push --token <transifex_token> --secret <transifex_secret> --project MyApp.xcodeproj

Exports the base localization of the provided Xcode project, parses the generated XLIFF file, transforms the translation units to the format Transifex accepts and pushes them to the Transifex server.

If the developer has already set the enviroment variables mentioned above, then this command can be simplified to:

txios-cli push --project MyApp.xcodeproj

Excluding files

With the --excluded-files option in the push command, an optional list of filenames can be excluded from processing.

Developers can offer a space separated list of filenames that must be filtered out by the CLI before the strings are pushed to CDS.


txios-cli push ... --excluded-files ExcludedFile1.strings ExcludedFile2.strings

Note: If a string is included both in the excluded filenames and is also found in non-excluded filenames, it will be included in the push data.

Hashing keys on push

By default, the txios-cli tool will hash the key of each source string that is about to be pushed to CDS.

If the developer prefers to maintain the original keys as they already exist in the application, they can provide the --disable-hash-keys option.

The keys are always printed to the console when the --verbose option is active.


txios-cli push --project MyApp.xcodeproj --verbose

Pushing translations to CDS: [
"hashkey1": "string1"
"hashkey2": "string2"

txios-cli push --project MyApp.xcodeproj --verbose --disable-hash-keys

Pushing translations to CDS: [
"string key 1": "string1"
"string key 2": "string2"
Pushing pluralizations limitations

Currently (version 0.1.0) pluralization is supported but only for cases where one variable is used per pluralization rule. More advanced cases such as nested pluralization rules (for example: "%d out of %d values entered") will be supported in future releases.

Also, at the moment of writing (version 0.1.0), the .stringsdict specification only supports plural types (NSStringPluralRuleType) which is the only possible value of the NSStringFormatSpecTypeKey key (Ref).

If more rule types are added in the .stringsdict specification, the XLIFF parser must be updated in order to be able to extract them properly and to construct the ICU format out of them.

Width Variants in .stringsdict files are also not currently supported (Ref).


txios-cli pull --token <transifex_token> --translated-locales <translated_locale_list> --output <output_directory>

Downloads the localizations from Transifex CDS for the specified translated locales, stores them in a txstrings.json file to the output directory specified.

If the developer has already set the enviroment variables mentioned above, then this command can be simplified to:

txios-cli pull --translated-locales <translated_locale_list> --output <output_directory>

Invalidating CDS cache

txios-cli invalidate --token <transifex_token>

Forces CDS cache invalidation so that the next pull command will fetch fresh translations from CDS.

If the developer has already set the enviroment variable mentioned above, then this command can be simplified to:

txios-cli invalidate

Minimum Requirements

Swift Xcode Platforms
Swift 5.3 Xcode 12.3 MacOS 10.13


Licensed under Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE file.


A CLI tool that accompanies the Transifex Swift SDK



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