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This implements API for updating single or a group of translations by pushing the translation data as JSON. It also allows reading translation data in a JSON format.


@mpessas is there any issue with this branch? Anything that needs to be fixed?

@rtnpro rtnpro closed this May 7, 2012
@rtnpro rtnpro reopened this May 7, 2012


I hope this is ready :)


@mpessas , please have a look at the latest changes. Are they ok?

Apostolos Be... and others added some commits Apr 9, 2012
Apostolos Bessas Group DoesNotExist exceptions.
All DoesNotExist exceptions inerit from ObjectDoesNotExist. So, we group
multiple statements in one try ... except block.
rtnpro Some cleanup and added some doc for Translation Objects API. 3feb5c5
rtnpro Added more docs and cleaned up Translation Objects API code. e0c5fc5
rtnpro Some fixes in translation objects API. 26a07ce
rtnpro Handle exceptions raised in translation objects API. 9df34fc
Apostolos Bessas Make the resources API a package. 187c79b
Apostolos Bessas Move API exceptions to separate module.
This allows them to be re-used by all resources API modules.
Apostolos Bessas Move Translation-level API to separate module.
The API for individual translation strings is now in a separate module.
Apostolos Bessas Rename base class for translation strings handlers. 428876c
Ratnadeep Debnath Updated translation objects handler API based on latest docs. 8f27d2f
Ratnadeep Debnath Fixes in translation objects handler:
1. Allow non maintainer project members to do read/update requests.
2. Update operations are atomic.
Ratnadeep Debnath Some test fixes for translation objects API. e34b8a5
rtnpro Improved code quality and readability for translation objects API
and fixed tests for it.
rtnpro Only update translations with attributes different than in db. 4b9e9d7
rtnpro Refactored SingleTranslationHandler to use utility methods
from BaseTranslationHandler.
rtnpro Some fixes in Translation objects API:
1. Update translation author info only when translation string is updated.
2. Added more docs where necessary.
3. Some minor fixes and refactoring.
Apostolos Bessas Group queries in TranslationObject API. 6c5c5fe
Apostolos Bessas Minor: method rename. ff2ac48
Ratnadeep Debnath Some changes in translation objects API:
1. For updating multiple translations, request JSON dictionary must have 'translation' and 'source_entity_hash' fields.
2. Removed OrderedDict with dictionaries.
3. Updated tests.
Apostolos Bessas Remove unneeded checks for exceptions. 7e68343
@mpessas mpessas merged commit ce036cf into devel May 29, 2012
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