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This library intervenes the normal search process and changes the score of the matching documents.

By default, lucene will return all documents that match at least one term of those specified in the search query. However, when it comes to TM engines, it only makes sense to get results that have enough terms similar to the original phrase; otherwise, both the levenshtein distance and the quality of the match would be low.

For this reason, the library will assign a zero score to all matching documents that have less than at half matching terms to the original phrase. We do this by customizing the score formula by zeroing out the score in this case.

How to use

  • Compile the java file with:

    javac -Xlint:deprecation -classpath /path/lucene-4.2.1/core/src/java/ org/transifex/lucene/search/

    jar cvf txsearcher.jar -C src .

  • Copy the jar file to the libs directory of the Solr installation.

  • Add the jar in the library path for Solr, e.g.:

    <lib dir="../../lib/" regex="tx.*.jar" />

    See also

  • Instruct Solr to use the CoordSimilarity class to calculate the similarities:

    <similarity class=""/>

    See also