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🔷 [Ionic 3] Cordova Background Geolocation — Demo

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Fully-featured Ionic-based sample-application for Cordova Background Geolocation

Home Settings

🔷 Installation

Step 1: Start by cloning this repo

$ git clone

Step 2: Building and Running the Ionic 3 App

$ npm install

$ npm install -g cordova ionic # you should have ionic and cordova installed

$ ionic cordova prepare android
$ ionic cordova run android --device

$ ionic cordova prepare ios
$ ionic cordova run ios --emulator
// opens a web console which receives all your locations
$ npm run open  

The quickest way to see the plugin in-action is to boot the iOS simulator and simulate location with Freeway Drive.

The demo is composed of three separate and indpendant sub-applications implemented as Ionic page-modules.

🔷 Tracking Server

The demo app is configured to post locations to Transistor Software's demo server, which hosts a web-application for visualizing and filtering your tracking on a map.

  • After booting the app the first time, you'll be asked to enter a unique "Organization" (eg: your company name) and "Device ID" (eg: Github username) so the plugin can post locations to

⚠️ Make your organization and Device ID unique and known only to you — if every one uses "test", you'll never find your device!)

🔷 Debug Mode

The plugin has a debug mode for field-testing. The plugin will emit sounds during its life-cycle events:

Event iOS Android
Exit stationary-region Dee-do Dee-do...Dee-do Dee-do n/a
Location recorded SMS-sent sound "blip"
Aggressive geolocation engaged SIRI listening sound "doodly-doo"
Acquiring location "tick, tick, tick" dial-tone sound
Stationary state "bloom" long "beeeeeeep"
Geofence crossing trumpets/fanfare beep-beep-beep

NOTE: In order for debug sounds to operate when the app is in background, you must enable the Audio and Airplay Background Mode.

🔷 Adding Geofences

The Advanced app implements a longtap event on the map. Simply tap & hold the map to initiate adding a geofence.

Tap-hold to add geofence

Enter an identifier, radius, notifyOnExit, notifyOnEntry.