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Internet Diet

Internet Diet

Chrome extension to remove unhealthy foods from the web.

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I order a lot of online food.

But there are so many unhealthy restaurants, foods, and options that I'd rather avoid.

So I built an easy way to block all of the unwanted crap.

Amazon Demo

Internet Diet


Chrome also compatible with other Chromium browsers

Firefox coming soon!

Safari coming soon!

What can you block?

  • restaurants
  • menu items
  • grocery items
  • specific URLs
  • entire websites

When blocking individual restaurants and menu items, they will be blurred out on the page so you can be sure it's working without being tempted by them.

Example use cases

  • block all mcdonalds restaurants on postmates
  • block a particular chinese place on doordash
  • block any soda menu items on grubhub
  • block all candy results on amazon fresh
  • block all of
  • etc.

Which services does it support?

The extension is designed to work on any website where you want to restrict access to certain URL patterns and HTML elements containing keywords.

With that being said, it has been thoroughly tested on the following services:

  • postmates
  • grubhub
  • seamless
  • doordash
  • caviar
  • uber eats
  • instacart
  • walmart
  • amazon fresh
  • amazon products


Before         After


Before         After


Before         After


Before         After


Before         After

Uber Eats

Before         After

Before         After


Before         After

Amazon Fresh

Before         After

Amazon Products

Before         After


To develop the extension locally, first clone the repo and make sure you're running a recent version of Node.js.

npm install
npm start

Then load the unpacked extension into chrome from the build folder.


MIT © Travis Fischer

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