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#!/usr/bin/env python
from distutils.core import setup, Extension, Distribution, Command
import distutils.sysconfig
import sys
import os
import os.path
from translate import __version__
from translate import __doc__
import py2exe
build_exe = py2exe.build_exe.py2exe
Distribution = py2exe.Distribution
except ImportError:
py2exe = None
build_exe = Command
# TODO: check out installing into a different path with --prefix/--home
join = os.path.join
PRETTY_NAME = 'Translate Toolkit'
translateversion = __version__.sver
packagesdir = distutils.sysconfig.get_python_lib()
sitepackages = packagesdir.replace(sys.prefix + os.sep, '')
infofiles = [(join(sitepackages, 'translate'),
[filename for filename in 'COPYING', 'README.rst'])]
initfiles = [(join(sitepackages, 'translate'), [join('translate', '')])]
subpackages = [
join("misc", "typecheck"),
join("storage", "placeables"),
join("storage", "versioncontrol"),
join("storage", "xml_extract"),
join("search", "indexing"),
# TODO: elementtree doesn't work in sdist, fix this
packages = ["translate"]
translatescripts = [apply(join, ('translate', ) + script) for script in
('convert', 'pot2po'),
('convert', 'moz2po'), ('convert', 'po2moz'),
('convert', 'oo2po'), ('convert', 'po2oo'),
('convert', 'oo2xliff'), ('convert', 'xliff2oo'),
('convert', 'prop2po'), ('convert', 'po2prop'),
('convert', 'csv2po'), ('convert', 'po2csv'),
('convert', 'txt2po'), ('convert', 'po2txt'),
('convert', 'ts2po'), ('convert', 'po2ts'),
('convert', 'html2po'), ('convert', 'po2html'),
('convert', 'ical2po'), ('convert', 'po2ical'),
('convert', 'ini2po'), ('convert', 'po2ini'),
('convert', 'json2po'), ('convert', 'po2json'),
('convert', 'tiki2po'), ('convert', 'po2tiki'),
('convert', 'php2po'), ('convert', 'po2php'),
('convert', 'rc2po'), ('convert', 'po2rc'),
('convert', 'xliff2po'), ('convert', 'po2xliff'),
('convert', 'sub2po'), ('convert', 'po2sub'),
('convert', 'symb2po'), ('convert', 'po2symb'),
('convert', 'po2tmx'),
('convert', 'po2wordfast'),
('convert', 'csv2tbx'),
('convert', 'odf2xliff'), ('convert', 'xliff2odf'),
('convert', 'web2py2po'), ('convert', 'po2web2py'),
('filters', 'pofilter'),
('tools', 'pocompile'),
('tools', 'poconflicts'),
('tools', 'pocount'),
('tools', 'podebug'),
('tools', 'pogrep'),
('tools', 'pomerge'),
('tools', 'porestructure'),
('tools', 'posegment'),
('tools', 'poswap'),
('tools', 'poclean'),
('tools', 'poterminology'),
('tools', 'pretranslate'),
('services', 'tmserver'),
('tools', 'build_tmdb')]
translatebashscripts = [apply(join, ('tools', ) + (script, )) for script in [
'pomigrate2', 'pocompendium',
'posplit', 'popuretext', 'poreencode', 'pocommentclean',
def addsubpackages(subpackages):
for subpackage in subpackages:
initfiles.append((join(sitepackages, 'translate', subpackage),
[join('translate', subpackage, '')]))
packages.append("translate.%s" % subpackage)
class build_exe_map(build_exe):
"""distutils py2exe-based class that builds the exe file(s) but allows
mapping data files"""
def reinitialize_command(self, command, reinit_subcommands=0):
if command == "install_data":
install_data = build_exe.reinitialize_command(self, command,
install_data.data_files = self.remap_data_files(install_data.data_files)
return install_data
return build_exe.reinitialize_command(self, command, reinit_subcommands)
def remap_data_files(self, data_files):
"""maps the given data files to different locations using external
map_data_file function"""
new_data_files = []
for f in data_files:
if type(f) in (str, unicode):
f = map_data_file(f)
datadir, files = f
datadir = map_data_file(datadir)
if datadir is None:
f = None
f = datadir, files
if f is not None:
return new_data_files
class InnoScript:
"""class that builds an InnoSetup script"""
def __init__(self, name, lib_dir, dist_dir, exe_files=[], other_files=[],
install_scripts=[], version="1.0"):
self.lib_dir = lib_dir
self.dist_dir = dist_dir
if not self.dist_dir.endswith(os.sep):
self.dist_dir += os.sep = name
self.version = version
self.exe_files = [self.chop(p) for p in exe_files]
self.other_files = [self.chop(p) for p in other_files]
self.install_scripts = install_scripts
def getcompilecommand(self):
import _winreg
compile_key = _winreg.OpenKey(_winreg.HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT,
compilecommand = _winreg.QueryValue(compile_key, "")
compilecommand = 'compil32.exe "%1"'
return compilecommand
def chop(self, pathname):
"""returns the path relative to self.dist_dir"""
assert pathname.startswith(self.dist_dir)
return pathname[len(self.dist_dir):]
def create(self, pathname=None):
"""creates the InnoSetup script"""
if pathname is None:
self.pathname = os.path.join(self.dist_dir, + os.extsep + "iss").replace(' ', '_')
self.pathname = pathname
# See for more InnoSetup config options.
ofi = self.file = open(self.pathname, "w")
print >> ofi, "; WARNING: This script has been created by py2exe. Changes to this script"
print >> ofi, "; will be overwritten the next time py2exe is run!"
print >> ofi, r"[Setup]"
print >> ofi, r"AppName=%s" %
print >> ofi, r"AppVerName=%s %s" % (, self.version)
print >> ofi, r"DefaultDirName={pf}\%s" %
print >> ofi, r"DefaultGroupName=%s" %
print >> ofi, r"OutputBaseFilename=%s-%s-setup" % (, self.version)
print >> ofi, r"ChangesEnvironment=yes"
print >> ofi
print >> ofi, r"[Files]"
for path in self.exe_files + self.other_files:
print >> ofi, r'Source: "%s"; DestDir: "{app}\%s"; Flags: ignoreversion' % \
(path, os.path.dirname(path))
print >> ofi
print >> ofi, r"[Icons]"
print >> ofi, r'Name: "{group}\Documentation"; Filename: "{app}\docs\index.html";'
print >> ofi, r'Name: "{group}\Translate Toolkit Command Prompt"; Filename: "cmd.exe"'
print >> ofi, r'Name: "{group}\Uninstall %s"; Filename: "{uninstallexe}"' %
print >> ofi
print >> ofi, r"[Registry]"
# TODO: Move the code to update the Path environment variable to a
# Python script which will be invoked by the [Run] section (below)
print >> ofi, r'Root: HKCU; Subkey: "Environment"; ValueType: expandsz; ValueName: "Path"; ValueData: "{reg:HKCU\Environment,Path|};{app};"'
print >> ofi
if self.install_scripts:
print >> ofi, r"[Run]"
for path in self.install_scripts:
print >> ofi, r'Filename: "{app}\%s"; WorkingDir: "{app}"; Parameters: "-install"' % path
print >> ofi
print >> ofi, r"[UninstallRun]"
for path in self.install_scripts:
print >> ofi, r'Filename: "{app}\%s"; WorkingDir: "{app}"; Parameters: "-remove"' % path
print >> ofi
def compile(self):
"""compiles the script using InnoSetup"""
shellcompilecommand = self.getcompilecommand()
compilecommand = shellcompilecommand.replace('"%1"', self.pathname)
result = os.system(compilecommand)
if result:
print "Error compiling iss file"
print "Opening iss file, use InnoSetup GUI to compile manually"
class build_installer(build_exe_map):
"""distutils class that first builds the exe file(s), then creates a
Windows installer using InnoSetup"""
description = "create an executable installer for MS Windows using InnoSetup and py2exe"
user_options = getattr(build_exe, 'user_options', []) + \
[('install-script=', None,
"basename of installation script to be run after installation or before deinstallation")]
def initialize_options(self):
self.install_script = None
def run(self):
# First, let py2exe do it's work.
lib_dir = self.lib_dir
dist_dir = self.dist_dir
# create the Installer, using the files py2exe has created.
exe_files = self.windows_exe_files + self.console_exe_files
install_scripts = self.install_script
if isinstance(install_scripts, (str, unicode)):
install_scripts = [install_scripts]
script = InnoScript(PRETTY_NAME, lib_dir, dist_dir, exe_files,
print "*** creating the inno setup script***"
print "*** compiling the inno setup script***"
# Note: By default the final setup.exe will be in an Output
# subdirectory.
def import_setup_module(modulename, modulepath):
import imp
modfile, pathname, description = imp.find_module(modulename, [modulepath])
return imp.load_module(modulename, modfile, pathname, description)
def map_data_file(data_file):
"""remaps a data_file (could be a directory) to a different location
This version gets rid of Lib\\site-packages, etc"""
data_parts = data_file.split(os.sep)
if data_parts[:2] == ["Lib", "site-packages"]:
data_parts = data_parts[2:]
if data_parts:
data_file = os.path.join(*data_parts)
data_file = ""
if data_parts[:1] == ["translate"]:
data_parts = data_parts[1:]
if data_parts:
data_file = os.path.join(*data_parts)
data_file = ""
return data_file
def getdatafiles():
datafiles = initfiles + infofiles
def listfiles(srcdir):
return join(sitepackages, srcdir), [join(srcdir, f) for f in os.listdir(srcdir) if os.path.isfile(join(srcdir, f))]
docfiles = []
for subdir in ['docs', 'share']:
docwalk = os.walk(subdir)
for docs in docwalk:
datafiles += docfiles
return datafiles
def buildmanifest_in(file, scripts):
"""This writes the required files to a file"""
print >>file, "# the below autogenerated by from translate %s" % translateversion
print >>file, "# things needed by translate to rebuild"
print >>file, "# informational files"
for infofile in ("README.rst", "COPYING", "*.txt"):
print >>file, "global-include %s" % infofile
print >>file, "# C programs"
print >>file, "global-include *.c"
print >> file, "# scripts which don't get included by default in sdist"
for scriptname in scripts:
print >>file, "include %s" % scriptname
print >> file, "# include our documentation"
print >> file, "graft docs"
print >> file, "graft share"
print >>file, "# the above autogenerated by from translate %s" % translateversion
class TranslateDistribution(Distribution):
"""a modified distribution class for translate"""
def __init__(self, attrs):
baseattrs = {}
py2exeoptions = {}
py2exeoptions["packages"] = ["translate", "encodings"]
py2exeoptions["compressed"] = True
py2exeoptions["excludes"] = [
"PyLucene", "Tkconstants", "Tkinter", "tcl",
"enchant", # Need to do more to support spell checking on Windows
# strange things unnecessarily included with some versions of pyenchant:
"win32ui", "_win32sysloader", "win32pipe", "py2exe", "win32com",
"pywin", "isapi", "_tkinter", "win32api",
version = attrs.get("version", translateversion)
py2exeoptions["dist_dir"] = "translate-toolkit-%s" % version
py2exeoptions["includes"] = ["lxml", "lxml._elementpath", "psyco"]
options = {"py2exe": py2exeoptions}
baseattrs['options'] = options
if py2exe:
baseattrs['console'] = translatescripts
baseattrs['zipfile'] = ""
baseattrs['cmdclass'] = {
"py2exe": build_exe_map, "innosetup": build_installer
options["innosetup"] = py2exeoptions.copy()
options["innosetup"]["install_script"] = []
Distribution.__init__(self, baseattrs)
def standardsetup(name, version, custompackages=[], customdatafiles=[]):
# TODO: make these end with .py ending on Windows...
manifest_in = open("", "w")
buildmanifest_in(manifest_in, translatescripts + translatebashscripts)
except IOError, e:
print >> sys.stderr, "warning: could not recreate, continuing anyway. Error was %s" % e
datafiles = getdatafiles()
ext_modules = []
dosetup(name, version, packages + custompackages,
datafiles + customdatafiles,
translatescripts + translatebashscripts, ext_modules)
classifiers = [
"Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable",
"Environment :: Console",
"Intended Audience :: Developers",
"License :: OSI Approved :: GNU General Public License (GPL)",
"Programming Language :: Python",
"Topic :: Software Development :: Localization",
"Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules",
"Operating System :: OS Independent",
"Operating System :: Microsoft :: Windows",
"Operating System :: Unix"
def dosetup(name, version, packages, datafiles, scripts, ext_modules=[]):
long_description = __doc__
description = __doc__.split("\n", 1)[0]
license="GNU General Public License (GPL)",
if __name__ == "__main__":
standardsetup("translate-toolkit", translateversion)
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