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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""simple parser / string tokenizer
rather than returning a list of token types etc, we simple return a list
of tokens. Each tokenizing function takes a string as input and returns
a list of tokens.
# Copyright 2002, 2003 St James Software
# This file is part of translate.
# translate is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# translate is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, see <>.
def stringeval(text):
"""takes away repeated quotes (escapes) and returns the string
represented by the text"""
stringchar = text[0]
if text[-1] != stringchar or stringchar not in ("'", '"'):
# scratch your head
raise ValueError("error parsing escaped string: %r" % text)
return text[1:-1].replace((stringchar + stringchar), stringchar)
def stringquote(text):
"""escapes quotes as neccessary and returns a string representing
the text"""
if "'" in text:
if '"' in text:
return '"' + text.replace('"', '""') + '"'
return '"' + text + '"'
return "'" + text + "'"
class ParserError(ValueError):
"""Intelligent parser error"""
def __init__(self, parser, message, tokennum):
"""takes a message and the number of the token that caused the error"""
tokenpos = parser.findtokenpos(tokennum)
line, charpos = parser.getlinepos(tokenpos)
ValueError.__init__(self, "%s at line %d, char %d (token %r)" % \
(message, line, charpos, parser.tokens[tokennum]))
self.parser = parser
self.tokennum = tokennum
class SimpleParser:
"""this is a simple parser"""
def __init__(self, defaulttokenlist=None, whitespacechars=" \t\r\n",
if defaulttokenlist is None:
self.defaulttokenlist = ['<=', '>=', '==', '!=',
'+=', '-=', '*=', '/=', '<>']
self.defaulttokenlist = defaulttokenlist
self.whitespacechars = whitespacechars
self.includewhitespacetokens = includewhitespacetokens
self.standardtokenizers = [
self.stringtokenize, self.removewhitespace, self.separatetokens
self.quotechars = ('"', "'")
self.endquotechars = {'"': '"', "'": "'"}
self.stringescaping = 1
def stringtokenize(self, text):
"""makes strings in text into tokens..."""
tokens = []
laststart = 0
instring = 0
endstringchar, escapechar = '', '\\'
gotclose, gotescape = 0, 0
for pos in range(len(text)):
char = text[pos]
if instring:
if (self.stringescaping and
(gotescape or char == escapechar) and not gotclose):
gotescape = not gotescape
elif char == endstringchar:
gotclose = not gotclose
elif gotclose:
instring, laststart, endstringchar = 0, pos, ''
if not instring:
if char in self.quotechars:
if pos > laststart:
instring, laststart, endstringchar, gotclose = 1, pos, self.endquotechars[char], 0
if laststart < len(text):
return tokens
def keeptogether(self, text):
"""checks whether a token should be kept together"""
return self.isstringtoken(text)
def isstringtoken(self, text):
"""checks whether a token is a string token"""
return text[:1] in self.quotechars
def separatetokens(self, text, tokenlist=None):
"""this separates out tokens in tokenlist from whitespace etc"""
if self.keeptogether(text):
return [text]
if tokenlist is None:
tokenlist = self.defaulttokenlist
# loop through and put tokens into a list
tokens = []
pos = 0
laststart = 0
lentext = len(text)
while pos < lentext:
foundtoken = 0
for token in tokenlist:
lentoken = len(token)
if text[pos:pos+lentoken] == token:
if laststart < pos:
pos += lentoken
foundtoken, laststart = 1, pos
if not foundtoken:
pos += 1
if laststart < lentext:
return tokens
def removewhitespace(self, text):
"""this removes whitespace but lets it separate things out into
separate tokens"""
if self.keeptogether(text):
return [text]
# loop through and put tokens into a list
tokens = []
pos = 0
inwhitespace = 0
laststart = 0
for pos in range(len(text)):
char = text[pos]
if inwhitespace:
if char not in self.whitespacechars:
if laststart < pos and self.includewhitespacetokens:
inwhitespace, laststart = 0, pos
if char in self.whitespacechars:
if laststart < pos:
inwhitespace, laststart = 1, pos
if (laststart < len(text) and
(not inwhitespace or self.includewhitespacetokens)):
return tokens
def applytokenizer(self, inputlist, tokenizer):
"""apply a tokenizer to a set of text, flattening the result"""
tokenizedlists = [tokenizer(text) for text in inputlist]
joined = []
map(joined.extend, tokenizedlists)
return joined
def applytokenizers(self, inputlist, tokenizers):
"""apply a set of tokenizers to a set of text, flattening each time"""
for tokenizer in tokenizers:
inputlist = self.applytokenizer(inputlist, tokenizer)
return inputlist
def tokenize(self, source, tokenizers=None):
"""tokenize the text string with the standard tokenizers"""
self.source = source
if tokenizers is None:
tokenizers = self.standardtokenizers
self.tokens = self.applytokenizers([self.source], tokenizers)
return self.tokens
def findtokenpos(self, tokennum):
"""finds the position of the given token in the text"""
currenttokenpos = 0
for currenttokennum in range(tokennum + 1):
currenttokenpos = self.source.find(self.tokens[currenttokennum],
return currenttokenpos
def getlinepos(self, tokenpos):
"""finds the line and character position of the given character"""
sourcecut = self.source[:tokenpos]
line = sourcecut.count("\n") + 1
charpos = tokenpos - sourcecut.rfind("\n")
return line, charpos
def raiseerror(self, message, tokennum):
"""raises a ParserError"""
raise ParserError(self, message, tokennum)
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