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#!/usr/bin/env python
from import csvl10n
from import test_base
class TestCSVUnit(test_base.TestTranslationUnit):
UnitClass = csvl10n.csvunit
class TestCSV(test_base.TestTranslationStore):
StoreClass = csvl10n.csvfile
def test_singlequoting(self):
"""Tests round trip on single quoting at start of string"""
store = self.StoreClass()
unit1 = store.addsourceunit("Test 'String'")
unit2 = store.addsourceunit("'Blessed' String")
unit3 = store.addsourceunit("'Quoted String'")
assert unit3.source == "'Quoted String'"
newstore = self.reparse(store)
self.check_equality(store, newstore)
assert store.units[2] == newstore.units[2]
assert str(store) == str(newstore)
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