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1 parent 535e37b commit 6c82782b338ef2b99792083da9c050a1bcb70259 @friedelwolff friedelwolff committed May 7, 2012
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@@ -160,8 +160,12 @@ def convertmixedunit(self, labeldtd, accesskeydtd):
return self.mixer.mix_units(label_unit, accesskey_unit, target_unit)
def convertdtdunit(self, store, unit, mixbucket="dtd"):
- """converts a dtd unit from store to a po unit, handling mixed
- entities along the way..."""
+ """Converts a unit from store to a po unit, keeping track of mixed
+ entities along the way.
+ ``mixbucket`` can be specified to indicate if the given unit is part of
+ the template or the translated file.
+ """
# keep track of whether accesskey and label were combined
entity = unit.getid()
if entity in self.mixedentities:

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