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+Firefox Building
+The following are instructions for setting up a build environment
+to use the Translate Toolkit and Pootle hosted at
+to build Firefox and Firefox Mobile.
+There are bound to be issues as we progress but generally the scripts
+and tools are widely tested managing over 15 languages.
+Setting up your environment
+We use vagrant to manage VirtualBox VMs easily
+1. Install VirtualBox
+2. Install Vagrant
+3. Create a directory for your Firefox work. We use ~/dev/mozilla
+ # mkdir -p ~/dev/mozilla
+ # cd ~/dev/mozilla
+4. # vagrant box add base
+5. # vagrant init
+6. # vagrant up
+7. # vagrant ssh
+8. # ./
+9. # ./
+You now have a VM that we will use exclusively for Firefox localisation.
+Configuring your development setup
+We need to setup some things so that you can work with
+version control and have acces to the servers.
+1. Setup SSH for access to Mozilla mercurial
+ You SSH setup is copied from your computer into vagrant so if
+ this already works on your computer then it is already setup.
+2. Copy ~/.hgrc and ~/.gitconfig into $HOME on vagrant
+3. Send dwayne your public key to the Pootle server
+4. Ask dwayne for commit access to the sourceforge ZAF project to store your PO files
+Now you should be able to commit changes in PO and Mozilla files. You should
+also be able to get and push translations to the Pootle server.
+Building Firefox
+The previous steps are one off. The following are steps that you will repeat for every build.
+In the following examples we are working with Akan or ak.
+1. Get ready
+ # vagrant ssh
+ # cd firefox
+2. Get the new PO translations.
+ # cd po
+ # ./ ak
+3. Review and commit translations
+ # svndiff ak
+ Review the diff and check for any glaring errors. If you
+ are happy then commit. We commit before we work on the files so that we
+ have something to go back to. Please use a good message as this is used by
+ others to track the changes. E.g. could be. "Update to 100% in user1 for Akan",
+ "Update translations following Acholi sprint"
+ # svn ci ak
+ Files are now committed and we can get ready to process.
+4. Begin updateing. You might want to tell your team that you are doing this
+ as any changes they make on Pootle will be lost at a later step.
+ # cd ~/firefox
+ # ./ ak
+ A lot of processing will happen. Check for any errors in the process.
+5. Now check the updated PO files
+ # cd po-updated
+ # svndiff ak
+ Review for any glaring errors. You probably only care about such updates after
+ a large migration e.g. Aurora 12 to Aurora 13. If you are still in the cycle then
+ you don't really care about po-updated output. Happy? Then commit as you did in po/
+ Find any errors? Fix them on Pootle or in the files in po/ak and run
+ again.
+6. Now we push our work to Mozilla
+ # cd ~/firefox/l10n
+ # cd ak
+ Check that Axel's compare locales pass
+ # ./ ak
+ Check for any erorrs and correct. Removed files should be fixed here. Errors in
+ translations should be fixed on Pootle or in po/
+ # hg status
+ Check for any new or removed files. ? means a file not in version control. ! means a files
+ that was in version control and now isn't which usually means we don't need it anymore.
+ # svn addremove path/to/files.dtd
+ Add the files carefully check what you are adding
+ # hg diff
+ Review the changes and check that you haven't broken anything. Happy?
+ # hg commit
+ # hg push
+7. Wait for Mozilla to build your stuff
+ Go to
+ Once you have tested. Signoff your build.
+8. Push changes back to Pootle
+ If you made changes in po-updated/ak then:
+ # cd ~/firefox/po
+ # svn up
+ Or commit any changes you made in po/ak
+ # svn ci
+ Please please tell us what the commit is about
+ Now you need to push the files to Pootle
+ # ./ ak
+ You will be asked if you want to proceed. This is just a check that first syncs files on
+ Pootle to check that nobody has made any changes. Remember your files will overwrite
+ anything done in your language on pootle.
+ Happy? Press y<enter>
+ You are now synced and can tell your team to continue translating.
+Handling types of errors
+* The best place to fix anything is on Pootle. So try to do it their if possible
+* If you need to do it on the PO files. Make sure you before you work
+ and after your changes.
+* compare-locale fixes are best done with the files in po/ak for speed. Fix them all before
+ doing another build
+* If you see bugs against your language. Fix them in Pootle then close the bug. your fix
+ will come through in your next update.
+* If you see your translators making a common error please share it on the firefox-l10n
+ list and try to educate them.
+As long as you commit before major work you will be able to rollback any major issue.
+So be brave and careful.

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