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This is the Wiki documentation for TAPAS. Since TAPAS is a collection of different tools and packages, note that this is just a landing page to direct you to the individual documentation of the toolboxes. General remarks on TAPAS can be found in its

Here is the documentation for TAPAS' different components:

  • HGF: The Hierarchical Gaussian Filter; Bayesian inference on computational processes from observed behaviour
  • HUGE: Variational Bayesian inversion for Hierarchical Unsupervised Generative Embedding
  • MICP: Bayesian Mixed-effects Inference for Classification Studies
  • MPDCM: Massively Parallel DCM; Efficient integration of DCMs using massive parallelization
  • PhysIO: Physiological Noise Correction for fMRI
  • rDCM: Regression Dynamic Causal Modeling, efficient inference on effective brain connectivity for fMRI
  • SEM: SERIA Model for Eye Movements (saccades and anti-saccades) and Reaction Times
  • VBLM: Variational Bayesian Linear Regression
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