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A Go Integration for Transloadit's file uploading and encoding service


Transloadit is a service that helps you handle file uploads, resize, crop and watermark your images, make GIFs, transcode your videos, extract thumbnails, generate audio waveforms, and so much more. In short, Transloadit is the Swiss Army Knife for your files.

This is a Go SDK to make it easy to talk to the Transloadit REST API.


go get

The Go SDK is confirmed to work with Go 1.11 or higher.


package main

import (


func main() {
	// Create client
	options := transloadit.DefaultConfig
	options.AuthKey = "YOUR_TRANSLOADIT_KEY"
	options.AuthSecret = "YOUR_TRANSLOADIT_SECRET"
	client := transloadit.NewClient(options)

	// Initialize new assembly
	assembly := transloadit.NewAssembly()

	// Add a file to upload
	assembly.AddFile("image", "/PATH/TO/FILE.jpg")

	// Add Instructions, e.g. resize image to 75x75px
	assembly.AddStep("resize", map[string]interface{}{
		"robot":           "/image/resize",
		"width":           75,
		"height":          75,
		"resize_strategy": "pad",
		"background":      "#000000",

	// Start the upload
	info, err := client.StartAssembly(context.Background(), assembly)
	if err != nil {

	// All files have now been uploaded and the assembly has started but no
	// results are available yet since the conversion has not finished.
	// WaitForAssembly provides functionality for polling until the assembly
	// has ended.
	info, err = client.WaitForAssembly(context.Background(), info)
	if err != nil {

	fmt.Printf("You can view the result at: %s\n", info.Results["resize"][0].SSLURL)


For fully working examples on how to use templates, non-blocking processing and more, take a look at examples/.


See Godoc for full API documentation.


MIT Licensed