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Our combined changelog and roadmap. It contains todos as well as dones.

Items can be optionally be tagged tagged by GitHub owner issue if discussion happened / is needed.

Please add your entries in this format:

  • - [ ] (<plugin name>|website|core|meta|build|test): <Present tense verb> <subject> \(<list of associated owners/gh-issues>\).

Following SemVer spec item 4, we're <1.0.0 and allowing ourselves to make breaking changes in minor and patch levels.

In the current stage we aim to release a new version on the last Friday of every new month.


Ideas that will be planned and find their way into a release at one point. PRs are welcome! Please do open an issue to discuss first if it's a big feature, priorities may have changed after something was added here.

  • build: utilize, maybe (@arturi)
  • companion: pass metadata to S3 getKey option, see
  • companion: Transfer files between providers (from instagram to Google drive for example).
  • companion: what happens if access token expires amid an upload/download process.
  • core: accessibility research:,
  • core: Add total max size to restrictions #514
  • core: consider adding presets, see (@arturi)
  • core: css-in-js, while keeping non-random classnames (ideally prefixed) and useful preprocessor features. also see simple (@arturi, @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: Fire event when a restriction fails #1251
  • core: good way to change plugin options at runtime—maybe this.state.options?
  • core: have a resetProgress method for resetting a single file, and call it before starting an upload. see comment in #393
  • core: Make sure Uppy works well in VR
  • core: normalize file names when uploading from iOS? $678
  • core: optimize problematic filenames #72
  • dashboard: “Custom Provider” plugin for Dashboard — shows already uploaded files or files from a custom service; accepts an array of files to show in options, no companion required #362
  • dashboard: add image cropping, study, #151
  • dashboard: add option to disable uploading from local disk #657
  • dashboard: Allow custom form fields in dashboard meta editing via jsx rendering (#617, #809, #454, @arturi)
  • dashboard: allow minimizing the Dashboard during upload (Uppy then becomes just a tiny progress indicator) (@arturi)
  • dashboard: Don't hide notifications if they're hovered (
  • dashboard: allow selecting folders (add separate hidden input button for folders) #447 #1027
  • dashboard: Consider uploading image thumbnails too #1212
  • dashboard: display data like image resolution on file cards #783
  • dashboard: fix incorrectly rotated image thumbnails #472
  • dashboard: hiding pause/resume from the UI by default (with option) would be good too probably (we could auto pause and show a resume button when detecting a network change to a metered network using
  • dashboard: possibility to edit/delete more than one file at once #118, #97
  • dashboard: possibility to work on already uploaded / in progress files #112, #113
  • dashboard: Show upload speed too if showProgressDetails: true. Maybe have separate options for which things are displayed, or at least have css-classes that can be hidden with display: none #766
  • dependencies: es6-promise --> lie ?
  • dragdrop: Add directories-dropped event #849
  • dragdrop: allow customizing arrow icon (@arturi)
  • dragdrop: change border color when files doesn’t pass restrictions on drag
  • dragdrop: drag and drop + statusbar or progressbar ? (@arturi)
  • goldenretriever: confirmation before restore, add “ghost” files #443 #257 (@arturi)
  • google: show thumbnails when connecting with Google Drive #1162 (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • plugins: audio/memo recording similar to Webcam #143
  • plugins: Plugins - Remote provider plugin! #943
  • plugins: screenshot+screencast support similar to Webcam #148
  • plugins: Transformations, cropping, filters for images, see #53
  • plugins: WordPress plugin (“And Gravity forms”)
  • provider: Add Facebook, OneDrive, Box
  • provider: add sorting, filtering, previews #254
  • provider: allow consuming developers to pass in their own ProviderViews to Provider Plugins
  • provider: change ProviderViews signature to receive Provider instance in second param. (
  • provider: MediaLibrary provider which shows you files that have already been uploaded #450, #1121, #1112
  • react: Component wrappers to manage the Uppy instance, many people initialize it in render() which does not work correctly so this could make it easier for them
  • core: implement a uppy.getPlugin(x).setOptions() method so that you can e.g. dynamically show hideUploadButton. we can then use this in the react component so that it rerenders appropriately. Can we also use this for changing Locales? #1193
  • rn: Uppy React Native works with Expo, now let's make it work without
  • rn: Uppy React Native works with Url Plugin, now let's make it work with Instagram
  • security: consider iframe / more security for Transloadit/Uppy integration widget and Uppy itself. Page can’t get files from Google Drive if its an iframe; possibility for folder restriction for provider plugins
  • statusbar: add option to always show
  • test: Add a prepublish test that checks if npm pack is not massive
  • test: add deepFreeze to test that state in not mutated anywhere by accident #320
  • test: add for automated accessibility testing?
  • test: add typescript with JSDoc (@arturi)
  • test: Human should test with real screen reader to identify accessibility problems
  • transloadit: consider adding option to append result link from transloadit to the link thing in the Dashboard file block #1177
  • transloadit: maybe add option to disable Companion endpoint overrides
  • transloadit: option for StatusBar’s upload button to act as a "Start assembly" button? Useful if an assembly uses only import robots, such as /s3/import to start a batch transcoding job.
  • uploaders: consider not showing progress updates from the server after an upload’s been paused (@arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • webcam: Pick format based on restrictions.allowedFileTypes, eg. use PNG for snapshot instead of JPG if allowedFileTypes: ['.png'] is set
  • webcam: Specify the resolution of the webcam images. We should add a way to specify any custom constraints to the Webcam plugin #876
  • webcam: Stop recording when file size is exceeded, should be possible given how the MediaRecorder API works
  • webcam: UI or separate plugins for choosing between webcam audio-video/video-only/audio-only modes #198
  • webcam: Webcam modes #198
  • website: automatically generated page with all locale strings used in plugins
  • website: It would be nice in the long run to have a dynamic package builder here right on the website where you can select the plugins you need/want and it builds and downloads a minified version of them? Sort of like jQuery UI:
  • xhr: allow sending custom headers per file (as proposed in #785)
  • [-] dashboard: if you specified a delete endpoint, the “remove/cancel upload” button remains after the upload and it not only removes, but also sends a request to that endpoint #1216, #832 <-- not doing this anymore because


  • docs: Completely drop soft IE10 (and IE11?) support
  • dashboard: showing links to files should be turned off by default (it's great for devs, they can opt-in, but for end-user UI it's weird and can even lead to problems though)
  • xhr: change default name depending on wether bundle is set files[] (true) vs file (default) (#782)



  • ! core: _calculateTotalProgress results in incorrectly high (1038%) progress with files that don’t have size (like from Instagram) (@goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/transloadit: finish Transloadit-Client header on
  • a11y: Fix remaining issues (
  • chore: fix up all code using the prettier branch. work is done, just needs an execute and review/okay by the team
  • chore: hunt down all @TODOs and either fix, or remove, or move to github issues/changelog backlog
  • chore: remove dead code/commented blocks
  • companion: reports an error at first sign in. we did a hotfix in but need a proper fix for that (@ife). Also: what about changing the location of that tooltip? So legit errors also don't block buttons?
  • companion: restore deferredLength — parallel upload/download, 423 and 500 issues (@ife)
  • core: avoid overwriting duplicate files by a) throwing a warning instead and b) adding the relative-path of files to a new tus fingerprint function (we might use as a fingerprint instead) (#754, #1606)
  • core: consider removing Preact from Plugin (maybe have a (ui)Plugin extends BasePlugin?) as pointed out on Reddit
  • dashboard: add option to use body or window or CSS selector as drop zone / paste zone as well, DropPasteTarget #1593 (@arturi)
  • dashboard: optional alert onbeforeunload while upload is in progress, safeguarding from accidentaly navigating away from a page with an ongoing upload
  • docs: Add a note to our browser support page that, while we have a saucelabs test for IE10, we're not actively supporting or fixing issues anymore (
  • goldenretriever: make it work with aws multipart (@goto-bus-stop)
  • localepacks: Add Arabic, see if right-to-left causes issues, and fix them :)
  • meta: Clean up CHANGELOG's Backlog. Requires an Uppy call
  • meta: Turn Tim's feedback ( into actionable todos. Requires an Uppy call with Tim present
  • QA: add one integration test (or add to existing test) that uses more exotic (tus) options such as useFastRemoteRetry or removeFingerprintOnSuccess (@arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • website: Adopt bcp-47 to handle and parse locales (@kvz,,,
  • @uppy/core: make not required in addFile() (@goto-bus-stop / #1629)
  • *: use as the plugin ID for all plugins, fixes #1674 (@goto-bus-stop /
  • @uppy/companion: add colors to logs (@ifedapoolarewaju / #1648)
  • @uppy/robodog: use chooseFiles string like @uppy/file-input (@goto-bus-stop / #1669)
  • @uppy/aws-s3: prevent unnecessary delete multiparts request for completed files (@twarlop / #1650)
  • @uppy/core: Log versions of Uppy plugins for debugging (@arturi / #1640)
  • @uppy/thumbnail-generator: rotate according to EXIF metadata (@Botz, #1532)
  • @uppy/companion: prevent logging uppyAuthToken (@ifedapoolarewaju / #1663)
  • @uppy/locales: add Turkish (@ayhankesicioglu / #1667)
  • @uppy/locales: add Arabic, Saudi Arabia (@HussainAlkhalifah / #1673)
  • @uppy/companion: return nextPagePath for drive/dropbox (@stephentuso / #1652)
  • docs: add custom plugin example (@arturi / #1623)
  • dashboard/providers: many accessibility improvements (@lakesare / #1507)


Released: 2019-06-07

This release fixes an issue when using Transloadit and the @uppy/form plugin. To do so, a new metaFields option was added to the @uppy/tus plugin.

Package Version Package Version
@uppy/companion 1.2.0 @uppy/transloadit 1.1.1
@uppy/locales 1.4.0 @uppy/tus 1.2.0
@uppy/robodog 1.1.1 uppy 1.2.0
  • @uppy/companion: ability to load secret keys from files (#1632 / @dargmuesli)
  • @uppy/locales: add Japanese (#1643 / @johnmanjiro13, @s-jcs)
  • @uppy/tus: add metaFields option (#1644 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2019-06-05

Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 1.1.0 @uppy/provider-views 1.1.0
@uppy/aws-s3 1.1.0 @uppy/react-native 0.1.2
@uppy/companion-client 1.1.0 @uppy/react 1.1.0
@uppy/companion 1.1.0 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 1.1.0
@uppy/core 1.1.0 @uppy/robodog 1.1.0
@uppy/dashboard 1.1.0 @uppy/status-bar 1.1.0
@uppy/drag-drop 1.1.0 @uppy/store-default 1.1.0
@uppy/dropbox 1.1.0 @uppy/store-redux 1.1.0
@uppy/file-input 1.1.0 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 1.1.0
@uppy/form 1.1.0 @uppy/transloadit 1.1.0
@uppy/golden-retriever 1.1.0 @uppy/tus 1.1.0
@uppy/google-drive 1.1.0 @uppy/url 1.1.0
@uppy/informer 1.1.0 @uppy/utils 1.1.0
@uppy/instagram 1.1.0 @uppy/webcam 1.1.0
@uppy/locales 1.3.0 @uppy/xhr-upload 1.1.0
@uppy/progress-bar 1.1.0 uppy 1.1.0
  • @uppy/robodog: actually support specifying Dashboard options (#1504 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/aws-s3: Do not extract keys from empty fields (#1569 / @alexnj)
  • docs: Thumbnail Generator – Update arguments in "thumbnail:generated" callback docs (#1567 / @janko)
  • docs: polyfills are already included in the CDN bundle (#1576 / @arturi)
  • docs: xhr-upload: Update the upload-success event docs (#1573 / @janko)
  • build: Upgrade build dependencies: Babel to v7, Eslint to v5, Jest to v24, Typescript to v3, Postcss to v7 (#1549 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • build: Update iOS version in integration tests (#1548 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • build: New uploadcdn script (#1586 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/locales: Added Hungarian translations (#1580 / @nagyv)
  • build: Fix tags for docker build (#1579 / @kiloreux)
  • build: Fix npm and github security warnings (#1601 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • build: New sync version (#1600 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion: set upload filename from metadata during uploads (#1587 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/dashboard: fix for file previews being partially invisible sometimes in safari (#1584 / @lakesare) @uppy/dashboard: made added-files previews look more proportional (#1588 / @lakesare, @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard, @uppy/drag-drop, @uppy/file-input: Fix/on before file added not called (#1597 / @lakesare, @arturi)
  • @uppy/react: dashboard react component prop typings updated (#1598 / @sagar7993)
  • @uppy/informer: Remove color-related code and docs (#1596 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/companion: Add remote-url to emit-success, fix #1607 (#1608 / @Zyclotrop-j)
  • @uppy/golden-retriever: Use this.opts instead of opts (#1618 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/locales: Create sr_Latn_RS.js for Serbian (Latin, Serbia) (#1614 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/locales: Support locale variants, see #1614 (f9f4b5d74b9b3fb2e24aaf935fed4d79ecae42ab / @kvz)
  • @uppy/dashboard: made paste work while we're focused on buttons (#1619 / @lakesare)
  • @uppy/companion: return mimetypes for dropbox files (#1599 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/locales: Add Portuguese (brazil) language pack (pt_BR) (#1621 / @willycamargo)
  • website: fix demo not working in IE 11 (es5), add Dropbox too (07397ed88bed140cdca1f3cf19e2eaab2726bbb2 / @arturi)
  • docs: examples: mention that you need to install & bootstrap (513ba53c378766e2d1e9c2885fd0311184b67c1d / @goto-bus-stop)
  • docs: Fix error in documentation of AWS S3 Multipart::prepareUploadPart(file, partData) (c4e739b90a06499918f737c6cdcdfd9b413c69b2 / @kvz, @mattes3)
  • docs: Explain how to not send any meta fields with xhr-upload (#1617 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/core: use uploadStarted: null instead of false (#1628 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/utils - made getDroppedFiles.js work for IE11, fixes #1622 (#1630 / @lakesare)
  • @uppy/provider-views: make trailing slash optional when validating auth origin (#1589 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/drag-drop: Feature/replace dnd in drag drop package (#1565 / @lakesare)


Released: 2019-05-17

Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 1.0.2 @uppy/progress-bar 1.0.2
@uppy/aws-s3 1.0.2 @uppy/provider-views 1.0.2
@uppy/companion 1.0.2 @uppy/react 1.0.2
@uppy/core 1.0.2 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 1.0.2
@uppy/dashboard 1.0.2 @uppy/robodog 1.0.2
@uppy/drag-drop 1.0.2 @uppy/status-bar 1.0.2
@uppy/dropbox 1.0.2 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 1.0.2
@uppy/file-input 1.0.2 @uppy/transloadit 1.0.2
@uppy/form 1.0.2 @uppy/tus 1.0.2
@uppy/golden-retriever 1.0.2 @uppy/url 1.0.2
@uppy/google-drive 1.0.2 @uppy/utils 1.0.2
@uppy/informer 1.0.2 @uppy/webcam 1.0.2
@uppy/instagram 1.0.2 @uppy/xhr-upload 1.0.2
@uppy/locales 1.2.0 uppy 1.0.2
  • @uppy/companion, @uppy/provider-views: ⚠️Send version header: This fix restores backwards-compatibility with Uppy Client ^1.0.0, by introducing uppyVersions param (in the future also an uppy-versions header). If this param is present, the authentication token is sent in a new way, as a string, otherwise it’s sent the old way, as JSON object (incompatible with IE). Please use @uppy/companion@1.0.2 for backwards-compatibility, @uppy/companion@1.0.1 is deprecated (#1564 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/core: mimeTypes.js - added pdf file type (#1558 / @lakesare)
  • @uppy/locales: Add zh_TW translation (#1562 / @green-mike)
  • companion: remove deprecated "authorized" endpoint (33add61b613c5fc38c7cbace2f140c97dedc8b73 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • companion: remove fallback UPPYSERVER_* env options (bf2220ab9f95a0794b8e46fe6ff50af9e4b955d9 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • docs: add docs on locales — how to use from NPM and CDN, auto-generated list of languages that are supported already, invitation to add more (#1553 / @arturi, @kvz)
  • docs: document Companions Auth and Token mechanism (#1540 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • docs: update AWS S3 Multipart documentation wrt CORS settings (#1539 / @manuelkiessling)
  • website: cleanup (#1536 / @nqst)
  • website: output console logs in order (#1547 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2019-05-08

Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 1.0.1 @uppy/progress-bar 1.0.1
@uppy/aws-s3 1.0.1 @uppy/provider-views 1.0.1
@uppy/companion-client 1.0.1 @uppy/react-native 0.1.1
@uppy/companion 1.0.1 @uppy/react 1.0.1
@uppy/core 1.0.1 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 1.0.1
@uppy/dashboard 1.0.1 @uppy/robodog 1.0.1
@uppy/drag-drop 1.0.1 @uppy/status-bar 1.0.1
@uppy/dropbox 1.0.1 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 1.0.1
@uppy/file-input 1.0.1 @uppy/transloadit 1.0.1
@uppy/form 1.0.1 @uppy/tus 1.0.1
@uppy/golden-retriever 1.0.1 @uppy/url 1.0.1
@uppy/google-drive 1.0.1 @uppy/utils 0.30.6
@uppy/informer 1.0.1 @uppy/webcam 1.0.1
@uppy/instagram 1.0.1 @uppy/xhr-upload 1.0.1
@uppy/locales 1.1.0 uppy 1.0.1

⚠️ @uppy/companion@1.0.1 from this release has been deprecated, because it accidentally broke backwards-compatibility with Uppy Client ^1.0.0. It is now fixed in @uppy/companion@1.0.2, please update. See for details. Sorry about the trouble!

This includes some important fixes for webpack, create-react-app, and Internet Explorer support, as well as a bunch of new languages!

  • pin preact to v8.2.9, fixes build problems with webpack and create-react-app (#1513 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion, @uppy/companion-client: pass token through postMessage as JSON, fixes #1424 (@serverdevil, @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/react: add thumbnailWidth prop type for Dashboard components, fixes #1524 (@goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/status-bar: hide seconds if ETA more than 1 hour (#1501 / @Tiarhai)
  • @uppy/locales: Add es_ES translation (#1502 / @jorgeepc)
  • @uppy/locales: Add zh_CN translation (#1503 / @Quorafind)
  • @uppy/locales: Add fa_IR translation (#1514 / @hrsh)
  • @uppy/locales: Add it_IT translation (#1516 / @tinny77)


Released: 2019-04-25

Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 1.0.0 @uppy/locales 1.0.0
@uppy/aws-s3 1.0.0 @uppy/progress-bar 1.0.0
@uppy/companion-client 1.0.0 @uppy/provider-views 1.0.0
@uppy/companion 1.0.0 @uppy/react 1.0.0
@uppy/core 1.0.0 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 1.0.0
@uppy/dashboard 1.0.0 @uppy/robodog 1.0.0
@uppy/drag-drop 1.0.0 @uppy/status-bar 1.0.0
@uppy/dropbox 1.0.0 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 1.0.0
@uppy/file-input 1.0.0 @uppy/transloadit 1.0.0
@uppy/form 1.0.0 @uppy/tus 1.0.0
@uppy/golden-retriever 1.0.0 @uppy/url 1.0.0
@uppy/google-drive 1.0.0 @uppy/webcam 1.0.0
@uppy/informer 1.0.0 @uppy/xhr-upload 1.0.0
@uppy/instagram 1.0.0 uppy 1.0.0
  • @uppy/companion-client: Don’t show informer for an auth error for now (#1478 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/companion: Disable Tus parallel upload/download to solve pause/resume issues, until we figure out a better solution — (#1497 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/companion: detect bytes upload mismatch for multipart uploads (#1470 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/locales: Add Dutch locale (nl_NL) (#1462 / @clerx)
  • @uppy/locales: Add French language pack (#1481 / @kiloreux)
  • @uppy/locales: Add German language pack (#1475 / @tim-kos)
  • @uppy/locales: Add Russian language pack (ru_RU), make more strings translatable (#1467 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/react-native: Add custom file reader example for tus: this example uses expo-file-system, which does in reading file chunks for the case of ios. However, for the case of android, it seems to read the entire file. Publishing this example merely as a PoC so that other users can create their own fileReaders based on this example (#1489 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/robodog: Add support for submitOnSuccess option (#1491 / @tim-kos)
  • @uppy/transloadit: Add assembly status property to assembly errors (#1488 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/transloadit: Add connection error reporting (#1484 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/tus: update tus-js-client to 1.8.0-0(057fb6200d9a7c6af452c5a79870fa74e362ec2c / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/xhr-upload: Add filename to FormData with bundle: true (#1487 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion: investigate 423 and 500 issues with React Native + Url plugin when pause/resuming an upload (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • docs: Add basic @uppy/react-native docs (#1494 / @arturi)
  • docs: Add docs for Thumbnail Generator plugin (#1468 / @arturi)
  • website: New website re-design by Alex (#1483 / @nqst, @arturi)


Released: 2019-04-19

Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 0.30.5 @uppy/progress-bar 0.30.5
@uppy/aws-s3 0.30.5 @uppy/provider-views 0.30.5
@uppy/companion-client 0.28.5 @uppy/react-native 0.0.3
@uppy/companion 0.17.5 @uppy/react 0.30.5
@uppy/core 0.30.5 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 0.30.5
@uppy/dashboard 0.30.5 @uppy/robodog 0.30.5
@uppy/drag-drop 0.30.5 @uppy/status-bar 0.30.5
@uppy/dropbox 0.30.5 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 0.30.5
@uppy/file-input 0.30.5 @uppy/transloadit 0.30.5
@uppy/form 0.30.5 @uppy/tus 0.30.5
@uppy/golden-retriever 0.30.5 @uppy/url 0.30.5
@uppy/google-drive 0.30.5 @uppy/utils 0.30.5
@uppy/informer 0.30.5 @uppy/webcam 0.30.5
@uppy/instagram 0.30.5 @uppy/xhr-upload 0.30.5
@uppy/locales 0.30.5 uppy 0.30.5
  • @uppy/companion-client: ⚠️ breaking: rename serverUrl to companionUrl and serverPattern to companionAllowedHosts (#1446 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/companion-client: Issue a warning if an outdated serverUrl or serverPattern option is used (#1459 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/companion: ⚠️ breaking: send illusive upload progress when multipart downloads are on (#1454 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/companion: Fix serverless example (#1408 / @kiloreux)
  • @uppy/core: fire a restriction-failed event when restriction-failed (#1436 / @allenfantasy)
  • @uppy/core: fix logging objects (#1451 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/core: Remove console.dir (#1411 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: ⚠️ breaking: Improve drag to upload state: This uncovered a few drag-drop issues we have, it comes down to us needing something other than the drag-drop library (#1440 / @lakesare, @nqst)
  • @uppy/dashboard: ⚠️ breaking: new getDroppedFiles module that is an improvement over drag-drop we’ve been using (#1440 / @lakesare)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Design facelift — round 2: various improvements and fixes to the Dashboard UI (#1452 / @nqst)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Design facelift: various improvements and fixes to the Dashboard UI (#1442 / @nqst)
  • @uppy/locales: Default locale for all plugins (#1443 / @arturi, @kvz)
  • @uppy/react-native: Basic React Native support (#988 / @arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju, @kvz)
  • @uppy/robodog: add Dashboard API (#1450 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/transloadit: Support assembly cancellation (#1431 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/tus: ⚠️ breaking: will depend on ifedapoolarewaju’s fork for now, so it’s in sync with @uppy/companion and Lerna doesn’t have conflicts (11cb6504012655883ccfa202b5add55529152728 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/tus: fix cannot start more uploads after cancel (#1429 / @ap--)
  • @uppy/website: Remove Plugins subsection, create Contributing subsection (#1435 / @kvz)
  • examples: Added node-xhr, php-xhr, python-xhr (#1389 / @samuelayo, @arturi)
  • website: New doc menu structure (#1405 / @kvz)


Released: 2019-04-04

Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 0.30.4 @uppy/progress-bar 0.30.4
@uppy/aws-s3 0.30.4 @uppy/provider-views 0.30.4
@uppy/companion-client 0.28.4 @uppy/react 0.30.4
@uppy/companion 0.17.4 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 0.30.4
@uppy/core 0.30.4 @uppy/robodog 0.30.4
@uppy/dashboard 0.30.4 @uppy/status-bar 0.30.4
@uppy/drag-drop 0.30.4 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 0.30.4
@uppy/dropbox 0.30.4 @uppy/transloadit 0.30.4
@uppy/file-input 0.30.4 @uppy/tus 0.30.4
@uppy/form 0.30.4 @uppy/url 0.30.4
@uppy/golden-retriever 0.30.4 @uppy/utils 0.30.4
@uppy/google-drive 0.30.4 @uppy/webcam 0.30.4
@uppy/informer 0.30.4 @uppy/xhr-upload 0.30.4
@uppy/instagram 0.30.4 uppy 0.30.4
  • build: ⚠️ remove !important (postcss-safe-important) (#1344 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/core: un-hardcode concat in youCanOnlyUploadFileTypes locale: In some languages, it probably doesn't make much sense to put the list of allowed file types at the end. The list of mime types/extensions may not be desired at all, so now you can omit %{types} to not show it. (#1374 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/core: ⚠️ YMPT™: Yet More Progress Tweaks — #1093 accidentally omitted file size reporting for GDrive/Dropbox uploads, this adds it back. Unsized files (like instagram photos) now are stored with size: null instead of 0 (#1376 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/core: make allowedFileTypes extensions case insensitive (#1341 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion: ⚠️ fix instagram hanging uploads (#1274 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/companion-client: remove the use of window.location for React Native support (#1393 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • typescript: ⚠️ fix uppy package use with allowSyntheticImports: false (#1396 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/core: ⚠️ remove console.dir, since it’s probably unnessesary now and not supported in React Native (@arturi / a4f94a8d6b475657837f7c51dfb0670cc77fc3de)
  • @uppy/xhr-upload: allow customized option to set upload status (#1360 / @Mactaivsh)
  • @uppy/dashboard: fix icons jiggling on hover in safari (#1410 / @lakesare)
  • @uppy/dashboard: the list items are now even out (#1398 / @lakesare)
  • @uppy/dashboard: remove jumpiness (mobile --> desktop) when uppy loads (#1383 / @lakesare)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Protect some more styles from bleeding (#1362 / @arturi)
  • build: Refactor npm scripts, clean up unused ones (#1392 / @kvz, @arturi)
  • build: Speed up website deploys (73f89f08d9dde9e096285a952528976a69d923cf / @kvz)
  • @uppy/xhr-upload: ⚠️ load CompanionClient appropriately (c1abfea33d0c3e80809814c1048b156028c8fcf9 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/companion: ⚠️ send null when download is complete (@ifedapoolarewaju / de04c7978c6713995cbf1717f6ca7ffd292cdeb1)
  • @uppy/companion: overwrite bytestotal for only tus uploads (d9ec8d28f4c97da4c0dcb46fbf5804a0ee484eeb / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/companion: install git so we can fetch tus-js-client fork (#1404 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion-client: ⚠️ return 401 for invalid access token (#1298 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/companion-client: ⚠️ add asyn wrapper around token storage (#1369 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/companion: Updated the callback URIs to reflect their correct location (#1366 / @HughbertD)
  • @uppy/companion: do not use Uploader instance if options validation failed #1354
  • @uppy/status-bar: fix StatusBar error tooltip positioning (f83b4b06d958a1f7e78885a61b645c3371feb1ae / @arturi)
  • @uppy/google-drive Show thumbnails instead of a generic icon in Google Drive (#1363 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/dropbox: HTTP-header-safe JSON for dropbox (#1371 / @yonahforst)
  • @uppy/informer: made the tooltip not overflow the uppy container (#1382 / @lakesare)
  • @uppy/aws-s3-multipart: for remote aws-s3 uploads (#1350 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • examples: use template + demo key for transloadit-textarea example (#1375 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • website: add markdown snippets example (#1379 / @arturi)
  • website: provide simple framework for doing blog post series (#1373 / @kvz)
  • locales: Remove outdated locales for now (#1355 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/thumbnail-generator: do not export tainted canvas, fixes #1321 (#1343 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion: replace text only when text is valid (985fd62ed6017ea3786eefd2c222caeb26d7998e / @ifedapoolarewaju)


Released: 2019-03-08

Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 0.30.3 @uppy/provider-views 0.30.3
@uppy/aws-s3 0.30.3 @uppy/react 0.30.3
@uppy/companion-client 0.28.3 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 0.30.3
@uppy/companion 0.17.3 @uppy/robodog 0.30.3
@uppy/core 0.30.3 @uppy/status-bar 0.30.3
@uppy/dashboard 0.30.3 @uppy/store-default 0.28.3
@uppy/drag-drop 0.30.3 @uppy/store-redux 0.28.3
@uppy/dropbox 0.30.3 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 0.30.3
@uppy/file-input 0.30.3 @uppy/transloadit 0.30.3
@uppy/form 0.30.3 @uppy/tus 0.30.3
@uppy/golden-retriever 0.30.3 @uppy/url 0.30.3
@uppy/google-drive 0.30.3 @uppy/utils 0.30.3
@uppy/informer 0.30.3 @uppy/webcam 0.30.3
@uppy/instagram 0.30.3 @uppy/xhr-upload 0.30.3
@uppy/progress-bar 0.30.3 uppy 0.30.3
  • @uppy/dashboard: Dashboard a11y improvements: trap focus in the active panel only (#1272 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/companion: Make providers support react native (#1286 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/xhr-upload: Reject cancelled uploads (#1316 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/aws-s3: Avoid throwing error when file has been removed (#1318 / @craigjennings11)
  • @uppy/companion: Remove resources requirements for companion (#1311 / @kiloreux)
  • @uppy/webcam: Don’t show Smile! if countdown is false (#1324 / @arturi)
  • docs: update webpack homepage URLs, update Robodog readme (#1323 / @goto-bus-stop)

0.30.1 - 0.30.2

Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 0.30.2 @uppy/provider-views 0.30.2
@uppy/aws-s3 0.30.2 @uppy/react 0.30.2
@uppy/companion-client 0.28.2 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 0.30.2
@uppy/companion 0.17.2 @uppy/robodog 0.30.2
@uppy/core 0.30.2 @uppy/status-bar 0.30.2
@uppy/dashboard 0.30.2 @uppy/store-default 0.28.2
@uppy/drag-drop 0.30.2 @uppy/store-redux 0.28.2
@uppy/dropbox 0.30.2 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 0.30.2
@uppy/file-input 0.30.2 @uppy/transloadit 0.30.2
@uppy/form 0.30.2 @uppy/tus 0.30.2
@uppy/golden-retriever 0.30.2 @uppy/url 0.30.2
@uppy/google-drive 0.30.2 @uppy/utils 0.30.2
@uppy/informer 0.30.2 @uppy/webcam 0.30.2
@uppy/instagram 0.30.2 @uppy/xhr-upload 0.30.2
@uppy/progress-bar 0.30.2 uppy 0.30.2
  • @uppy/robodog: Add Robodog to CDN (#1304 / @kvz, @arturi)


  • @uppy/robodog: 📣⚠️Add Robodog — Transloadit browser SDK (#1135 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/core: Set response in Core rather than in upload plugins (#1138 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/core: Don’t emit a complete event if an upload has been canceled (#1271 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/companion: Support redis option (auth_pass, etc...) (#1215 / @tranvansang)
  • @uppy/companion: sanitize text before adding to html (f77a102 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Update pause-resume-cancel icons (#1241 / @arturi, @nqst)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Fix issues with multiple modals (#1258 / @goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Dashboard ui fixes: fix icon animation jiggling, inherit font, allow overriding outline, fix breadcrumbs, bug with x button being stuck, fix an issue with long note margin on mobile (#1279 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/provider-views: update instagram nextPagePath after every fetch (25e31e5 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/react: Allow changing instance in uppy prop (#1247 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/react: Typescript: Make prop optional (#1254 / @mattes3)
  • @uppy/aws-s3: Use user provided filename / type for uploaded object, fixes #1238 (#1257 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/tus: Update to tus-js-client@1.6.0 with React Native support (#1250 / @arturi)
  • build: Improve dev npm script: Use Parcel for bundled example, re-build lib automatically, don’t open browser and no ghosts mode, start companion when developing (but there’s optional npm run dev:no-companion) (#1280 / @arturi)


Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 0.29.1 @uppy/provider-views 0.29.1
@uppy/aws-s3 0.29.1 @uppy/react 0.29.1
@uppy/companion-client 0.27.3 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 0.29.1
@uppy/companion 0.16.1 @uppy/status-bar 0.29.1
@uppy/core 0.29.1 @uppy/store-default 0.27.1
@uppy/dashboard 0.29.1 @uppy/store-redux 0.27.1
@uppy/drag-drop 0.29.1 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 0.29.1
@uppy/dropbox 0.29.1 @uppy/transloadit 0.29.1
@uppy/file-input 0.29.1 @uppy/tus 0.29.1
@uppy/form 0.29.1 @uppy/url 0.29.1
@uppy/golden-retriever 0.29.1 @uppy/utils 0.29.1
@uppy/google-drive 0.29.1 @uppy/webcam 0.29.1
@uppy/informer 0.29.1 @uppy/xhr-upload 0.29.1
@uppy/instagram 0.29.1 uppy 0.29.1
@uppy/progress-bar 0.29.1 - -
  • @uppy/react: ⚠️ Make Uppy’s React components usable from Typescript (#1131 / @mattes3)
  • build: ⚠️ CJSify @uppy/core typings + add more typings tests (#1194 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • build: ⚠️ Added Promise and Fetch polyfills to uppy bundle (#1187 / @arturi)
  • build: ⚠️ Only rebuild changed files with npm run build:lib (#1237 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • build: ⚠️ Remove jsnext:main since it’s been deprecated (#1242 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/companion: ⚠️ Fix: return next page path for ig only when posts exist (e5a2694a2d95e1923dd2ca515e7d37132a5828ba / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/status-bar: Account for MS Edge’s missing progress updates, fixes #945. Previously, upload progress would be stuck at 0% until everything is finished. With this patch, in the affected MS Edge versions, the status bar is transformed into an “indeterminate” progress state (#1184 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Log error if trigger is not found (#1217 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/xhr-upload: Fix responseType in IE 11, fixes #1228: The same restriction applies to responseType as to withCredentials. Both must be set after the open() call in Internet Explorer. (#1231 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/xhr-upload: Postpone timeout countdown until upload has started (i.e. has left browser concurrency queue (fixes #1190) (#1195 / @davilima6)
  • website: Add polyfills to website examples that do not use prebundled uppy.js (#1229 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • docs: Add privacy policy (#1196 / @arturi)
  • docs: Update wrt S3 public access settings (#1236 / @manuelkiessling)
  • @uppy/companion: deprecate deprecate debugLogger (8f9946346904217e714e256db06b759cc3bb66b0 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/companion: Update morgan dependency, fixes #1227 (#1232 / @goto-bus-stop)


Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 0.29.0 @uppy/progress-bar 0.29.0
@uppy/aws-s3 0.29.0 @uppy/provider-views 0.29.0
@uppy/companion 0.16.0 @uppy/react 0.29.0
@uppy/core 0.29.0 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 0.29.0
@uppy/dashboard 0.29.0 @uppy/status-bar 0.29.0
@uppy/drag-drop 0.29.0 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 0.29.0
@uppy/dropbox 0.29.0 @uppy/transloadit 0.29.0
@uppy/file-input 0.29.0 @uppy/tus 0.29.0
@uppy/form 0.29.0 @uppy/url 0.29.0
@uppy/golden-retriever 0.29.0 @uppy/utils 0.29.0
@uppy/google-drive 0.29.0 @uppy/webcam 0.29.0
@uppy/informer 0.29.0 @uppy/xhr-upload 0.29.0
@uppy/instagram 0.29.0 uppy 0.29.0
  • @uppy/core: ⚠️ breaking Separate Core and Plugin styles — @uppy/core styles and plugins (@uppy/webcam, for example) now have to be included separately (#1167 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/core: Don't pass removed file IDs to next upload step, fixes (#1148 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/core: Fixed getFileType() when passed a file with an upper case extension (#1169 / @jderrough)
  • @uppy/xhr-upload: Add responseType option — allows configuring the XMLHttpRequest .responseType value (#1150 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion: Use createCipheriv instead of deprecated createCipher (#1149 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion: Store Provider instances on this.provider instead of this[] (@goto-bus-stop / #1174)
  • @uppy/companion: Pin grant to known stable version (@ifedapoolarewaju / #1165)
  • @uppy/companion: Fix — socket does not handle server.path option (#1142 / @tranvansang)
  • @uppy/status-bar: Use file sizes for progress calculations (#1153 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/webcam: Fix a bug with Webcam video overflowing its container (68730f8a1bf731898d46883e00fed937d3ab54ab / @arturi)
  • docs: Add triggerUploadOnSubmit to Form docs, add docs about options of hiding upload/pause/resume/cancel buttons; talk about bundler-less polyfill use (@goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Better center pause/resume/cancel icons (@arturi / 5112ecf1f48bec9c67309244120fce5f005241ce)
  • @uppy/react: Allow Dashboard props width and height to accept a string for 100% (#1129 / craigcbrunner)
  • Added note about uppy bundle polyfils in uppy (@goto-bus-stop)


Package Version Package Version
uppy 0.28.0 @uppy/xhr-upload 0.28.0
@uppy/core 0.28.0 @uppy/react 0.28.0
@uppy/dashboard 0.28.0 @uppy/transloadit 0.28.0
@uppy/dropbox 0.28.0 @uppy/tus 0.28.0
@uppy/form 0.28.0 @uppy/url 0.28.0
@uppy/informer 0.28.0 @uppy/webcam 0.28.0
@uppy/utils 0.28.0 @uppy/url 0.28.0
@uppy/thumbnail-generator 0.28.0 @uppy/status-bar 0.28.0
@uppy/redux-dev-tools 0.28.0 @uppy/react 0.28.0
@uppy/provider-views 0.28.0 @uppy/progress-bar 0.28.0
@uppy/instagram 0.28.0 @uppy/informer 0.28.0
@uppy/google-drive 0.28.0 @uppy/golden-retriever 0.28.0
@uppy/form 0.28.0 @uppy/file-input 0.28.0
@uppy/dropbox 0.28.0 @uppy/drag-drop 0.28.0
@uppy/dashboard 0.28.0 @uppy/companion 0.15.0
@uppy/aws-s3 0.28.0 @uppy/aws-s3-multipart 0.28.0
  • @uppy/core: bring back i18n locale packs (#1114 / @goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • @uppy/companion: option validation (can use + JSON schema)
  • @uppy/companion: Remove duplicate typescript dependency (#1119 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion: ⚠️ breaking Migrate provider adapter to Companion: saves 5KB on the frontend, all heavy lifting moved to the server side (#1093 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/core: single-use Uppy instance: adds an allowMultipleUploads option to @uppy/core. If set to false, uppy.upload() can only be called once. Afterward, no new files can be added and no new uploads can be started. This is intended to serve the <form>-like use case. (#1064 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Auto close after finish using closeAfterFinish: true (#1106 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/dashboard: call hideAllPanels after a file is added in Dashboard, instead of toggleAddFilesPanel(false) that didn’t hide some panels
  • @uppy/status-bar: ⚠️ breaking Add spinner, pause/resume as small round buttons, different color for encoding; Added separate options for hiding pause/resume and cancel button; Added more statuses to the Dashboard, like “Upload complete”, “Upload paused” and “Uploading 5 files” (#1097 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/url: add end2end test for Url plugin (#1120 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/transloadit: add end2end test for @uppy/transloadit (#1086 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/thumbnail-generator: Add thumbnail generation integration test (#970 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/thumbnail-generator: Allow to constrain thumbnail height, fixes #979 (@richartkeil / #1096)
  • @uppy/thumbnail-generator: Fix JPG previews on Edge (#1092 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/aws-s3: use RequestClient, it contains the Uppy Companion specific stuff, so we don't have to think about that when working on the S3 plugin. (#1091 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/transloadit: Add COMPANION_PATTERN constant (#1104 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/transloadit: Error tweaks (#1103 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/webcam: Fix getting data from Webcam recording if mime type includes codec metadata (#1094 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/core: remove upload-cancel event, file-removed should be enough (#1069 / @arutri)
  • meta: document events, deprecate unused (#1069 / @arturi)
  • meta: New demo video/gif and website frontpage code sample (#1099 / @arturi)
  • meta: Update (#1110 / @asmt3)
  • meta: Add missing addMoreFiles string to locale (#1111 / @FWirtz)
  • meta: Release script improvements: generate nicer releases and a nicer commit history. (#1122 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • meta: Add release documentation. eg: test on transloadit website, check examples on the website (@goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2018-09-27

Package Version Package Version
uppy 0.27.5 @uppy/instagram 0.27.5
@uppy/core 0.27.3 @uppy/react 0.27.5
@uppy/dashboard 0.27.5 @uppy/transloadit 0.27.5
@uppy/dropbox 0.27.4 @uppy/tus 0.27.5
@uppy/form 0.27.4 @uppy/url 0.27.5
@uppy/informer 0.27.4 @uppy/webcam 0.27.4
  • core: Add onMount() and this.parent to Plugin (#1062 / @arturi)
  • core: Call removeFile on each file when doing cancelAll (#1058 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: Fixing “ResizeObserver is not a constructor”, issue #1070, by doing require('resize-observer-polyfill').default || require('resize-observer-polyfill') (#1078 / @yoldar, @arturi, @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: Only show the plus button if props.totalFileCount < props.maxNumberOfFiles (#1063 / @arturi)
  • status-bar: use uppy-Root in Status Bar when it’s mounted in DOM (#1081 / @arturi)
  • docs: added info (#1077 / @dviry)
  • docs: quick start guide, add simple HTML page snippet with Uppy (#1068 / @arturi)


Released: 2018-09-18

New versions in this release:

Package Version Package Version
uppy 0.27.4 @uppy/instagram 0.27.4
@uppy/companion 0.14.4 @uppy/react 0.27.4
@uppy/core 0.27.2 @uppy/transloadit 0.27.4
@uppy/dashboard 0.27.4 @uppy/tus 0.27.4
@uppy/dropbox 0.27.3 @uppy/url 0.27.4
@uppy/form 0.27.3 @uppy/webcam 0.27.3
@uppy/informer 0.27.3 - -


  • build: Add initial version table script [skip ci] (@goto-bus-stop)
  • build: Add more checks to release script (#1050 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • build: start companion once in tests (#1052 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • buid: set companion config values when running test (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/core: Note that the <script> tag should come at the bottom of the page (#1043 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Add paddings and remove outline-offset for tab buttons so that the outline is visible (26037ac145111d3c636a63840bb4daa61304bae5 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Replace updateDashboardElWidth with ResizeObserver (using resize-observer-polyfill) (#1053 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Add showSelectedFiles option (#1055 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: Fix incorrect title (tooltip) message on file preview by refactoring (#1056 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/companion: Google Drive: Support Team Drives (#978 / @pauln)
  • @uppy/companion: Provider integration test fixes #(1013 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion: Fix bug: oauth always redirects to root path (#1030 / @tranvansang)
  • @uppy/companion: Fix certificate generation for companion (#1041 / @kiloreux)


Released: 2018-09-03.

New versions in this release:

Package Version Package Version
uppy 0.27.3 @uppy/instagram 0.27.3
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 0.27.2 @uppy/progress-bar 0.27.2
@uppy/aws-s3 0.27.2 @uppy/provider-views 0.27.2
@uppy/companion-client 0.27.2 @uppy/react 0.27.3
@uppy/companion 0.14.3 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 0.27.2
@uppy/core 0.27.1 @uppy/status-bar 0.27.2
@uppy/dashboard 0.27.3 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 0.27.2
@uppy/drag-drop 0.27.2 @uppy/transloadit 0.27.3
@uppy/dropbox 0.27.2 @uppy/tus 0.27.3
@uppy/file-input 0.27.2 @uppy/url 0.27.3
@uppy/form 0.27.2 @uppy/utils 0.27.1
@uppy/golden-retriever 0.27.2 @uppy/webcam 0.27.2
@uppy/google-drive 0.27.3 @uppy/xhr-upload 0.27.2
@uppy/informer 0.27.2 - -


  • build: Update readme contributors list before publish (#1023 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • build: Enable cssnano safe mode. Fixes z-index primarily. (@goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/status-bar: Show number of started uploads, fixes #983 (@goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/thumbnail-generator: Remove image clear code, fixes #1025. (#1028 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/aws-s3-multipart: Proper cleanup on cancellation, fixes #992 (#1021 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/utils: Add fallback to getFileType (#1022 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/transloadit: Lazy load, avoiding buffer warnings in IE10 when using the uppy CDN package. (#1019 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/webcam: Fix for Cordova mangling new File instances (#1034 / @firesharkstudios)
  • @uppy/xhr-upload: Add file name to Blob instance uploads (#1034 / @firesharkstudios)
  • @uppy/transloadit: Only use's WebSocket transport. (#1029 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion: Rename UPPYSERVER_ environment variables to COMPANION_ + more. The old names still work for now but will be dropped in a future release (#1037 / @kvz)
  • ⚠️ breaking @uppy/transloadit: Change hosted Companion URLs to, using the hosted uppy-server URLs will now throw an error (#1038 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2018-08-23.

New versions in this release:

Package Version Package Version
uppy 0.27.2 @uppy/react 0.27.2
@uppy/companion 0.14.2 @uppy/transloadit 0.27.2
@uppy/dashboard 0.27.2 @uppy/tus 0.27.2
@uppy/google-drive 0.27.2 @uppy/url 0.27.2
@uppy/instagram 0.27.2 - -


  • @uppy/companion: Auto deploy Companion. (#1008 / @kiloreux)
  • @uppy/transloadit: Refactors and add fallback if socket connection fails. (#1011 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • ci: No need to web:install if we're not deploying. (#1012 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2018-08-16.

New versions in this release:

Package Version Package Version
uppy 0.27.1 @uppy/instagram 0.27.1
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 0.27.1 @uppy/progress-bar 0.27.1
@uppy/aws-s3 0.27.1 @uppy/provider-views 0.27.1
@uppy/companion-client 0.27.1 @uppy/react 0.27.1
@uppy/companion 0.14.1 @uppy/redux-dev-tools 0.27.1
@uppy/dashboard 0.27.1 @uppy/status-bar 0.27.1
@uppy/drag-drop 0.27.1 @uppy/thumbnail-generator 0.27.1
@uppy/dropbox 0.27.1 @uppy/transloadit 0.27.1
@uppy/file-input 0.27.1 @uppy/tus 0.27.1
@uppy/form 0.27.1 @uppy/url 0.27.1
@uppy/golden-retriever 0.27.1 @uppy/webcam 0.27.1
@uppy/google-drive 0.27.1 @uppy/xhr-upload 0.27.1
@uppy/informer 0.27.1 - -


  • @uppy/companion: use explicit typescript devDependency.
  • @uppy/companion: rename Server → Companion in documentation (#1007 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • website: Load all prism languages (#1004 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/core: Fix peerDependencies of plugin packages. (#1005 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/companion-client: Send cookies with fetch requests (#1000 / @geoffappleford)
  • Add e2e test for providers (#990 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • website: attempt to fix font sizes on mobile vs desktop (@arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: show note and “powered by” when no acquire/sources plugins are used too (@arturi)
  • Update dependencies. (#995 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2018-08-11.

  • @uppy/aws-s3-multipart: Check for file existance (#981 / @bartvde)
  • @uppy/aws-s3: Abort all chunk requests when aborting the multipart upload (#967 / @pekala)
  • @uppy/aws-s3: Catch and handle errors in prepareUploadPart (#966 / @pekala)
  • @uppy/companion: ⚠️ breaking rename uppy-server to @uppy/companion (#953 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/companion: google Drive — move to v3 API (#977 / @pauln)
  • @uppy/core: allow editing plugin titles (names) so that e.g. “Camera” can be translated into different languages, fixes #920 (#942 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/core: fix setPluginState (#968 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • @uppy/core: make Uppy run in React Native (by adding window !== undefined check) (@arturi / #960)
  • @uppy/core: remove all: initial — was causing issues when multiple uppy stylesheets are used (#942 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/core: ⚠️ breaking default autoProceed to false (#961 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: downgrade drag-drop module to support folders again (#942 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: fix animation — wait for closing animation to finish before opening modal (#942 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: ⚠️ breaking Introduce .uppy-size--md and .uppy-size--lg breakpoint classes; throttle the function that checks for width (#942 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/dashboard: ⚠️ breaking UI overhaul: AddFiles panel, significantly improved mobile styles, (#942 / @arturi, @nqst)
  • @uppy/informer: ⚠️ breaking make it monochrome and round. always gray, no status colors (#942 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/provider-views: fix wrong 'no files available' msg flash (#938 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • @uppy/url: fix Url plugin reacting to wrong drop/paste events, add ignoreEvent (#942 / @arturi)
  • @uppy/webcam: add webcam permission screen i18 strings, fixes #931 (#942 / @arturi)
  • build: Add object rest spread transform (#965 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • build: Split integration tests and add one using create-react-app (#952 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • build: Upload to CDN when commit starts with “Release” (#989 / @arturi)
  • website: docs fixes and improvements @@AJvanLoon)
  • website: list bundle sizes for each package on stats page (#962 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2018-06-28.

  • ⚠️ breaking split into many packages (#906 / @goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • xhr-upload: Add withCredentials option (#874 / @tuoxiansp)
  • utils: Move single-use utils into their appropriate packages. (#926 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: Export Plugin class from @uppy/core (#924 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • Typescript typings improvements (#923 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: change focus to solid line for all elements (ade214e5aab822e1fc3ab8e0fac80c4fc04d7bc3 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: fix Dashboards tabs overflow by adding scroll; improve scroll (b974244c7f4e01adcf2478b7f651dada63d342f1 / @arturi)


Released: 2018-06-25.

  • core: ⚠️ breaking rename host option to serverUrl (#905 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • dashboard: added browser back button listening (#575 / @zcallan)
  • core: Split utils into separate files (#899 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • providers: Better provider errors (#895 / @arturi)
  • instagram: better thumbnail quality for ig (#901, #887 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • core: add types to uppy npm package (#0c2d66e8ac005d6a4200948de1bc3a44057f0393 / @arturi)


Released: 2018-06-13.

  • build: exclude and ignore node_modules from test/endtoend (@arturi, @kvz / #a60c2f0c641f7db580937ebbc0884e25c8ef8583, #355f696a74d8ec56381578f1fb5ad9c913fe8200)


Released: 2018-06-13.

  • providers: hanging URL upload (#8e13f416f74e7a453e7bdc829e9618f3b7d68804 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • url: fix input focus (#3f9aa3bb7fc7ce5814fe50268a6f88f5965d9f16 / @arturi)


Released: 2018-06-12.

  • core: fix/refactor uppy.close() and uppy.removePlugin(plugin): Remove plugins immutably when uppy.close() is called, not just uninstall; emit event plugin-remove before removing plugin; remove plugins from Dashboard when they are removed from Uppy; check if plugin exists in Uppy before re-rendering, since debounced re-render can happen after a plugin is removed, that’s been causing issues in #890 (#898 / @arturi)
  • tests: run integration tests with npm-installed uppy (#880 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • xhrupload: add withCredentials option (#874 / @tuoxiansp, @b1ncer)
  • xhrupload: Move .withCredentials assignment to after open(): IE 10 doesn't allow setting it before open() is called (#2698b599d716743bbf7ed3ac70c648fef0fd8976 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • thumbnailgenerator: Polyfill Math.log2 since IE11 doesn't support this method (#4ddc9da47b13c9dfe49155d8c3bcd76b9fa494f2. #892 / @DJWassink)
  • core: add eslint-plugin-compat (@goto-bus-stop, #894)
  • dashboard: remove Dashboard bottom margin, since “powered by” has been moved (#a561e4e7a2c18f5092ba03185e0836ffa6796d04 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: fix Dashboard open/close animation on small screen (#982d27f62693c0eb026e381d10157afffe1eeb64 / @arturi)
  • awss3: Don't set uploadURL when success_action_status was missing (#900 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • thumbnailgenerator: Add id option to ThumbnailGenerator (#8cded8160b19d3324d9e14be122c4038ed0b9403 / @arturi)
  • react: tiny improvement for Uppy React example (645e15166a6bd100351de131982df080bc71aac6 / @arturi)


Released: 2018-06-05.

  • transloadit: file.remote -->, since remote is an object (aa8247b6e2aeffc5aa237b983d88faae53819133 / @ifedapoolarewaju, @arturi)
  • dashboard: Move poweredByUppy inside the Dashboard (a5f23c7fd57a0a0a554580b5d5423f54b39c2444 / @arturi)


Released: 2018-06-05.

  • provider: fix — match origin pattern for non-static hosts, add hostPattern option — a regular expression, for Uppy Server running on and, you should set hostPattern: '$' (644da749dfb4ecc5c32c744f155fc4c1b07fce13 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • provider: fix — check for non protocol defined urls in provider requests (5af90f4fe5c10ee4f32cc4471458cea994ef519a / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • provider: fix — strip protocol before comparing urls (a22c897013e3de5b324bb31683706e8390169978 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • provider: feature: display username in provider view by @ifedapoolarewaju, this is a fix, got lost in PR merge/rebase (1f3a2bb7ddce2b6f1eaa5476be28cebb4529a3bd / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • provider: Tolerate trailing slashes in host options (having a trailing slash in a host option used to break providers) (#885 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • s3: Fix uploadURL for presigned PUT uploads — strips the query string from the URL used for a successful PUT upload to determine the uploadURL (#886 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: fix line-height in Dashboard tabs (3a7ee860340afcf7abf61be38b0e1398fbe75923 / @arturi)
  • docs: typos and polish (@AJvanLoon)
  • website: improve syntax highlighting on the website — uses prismjs for syntax highlighting instead of highlight.js; the primary motivation is that highlight.js does not support JSX, while prism does (#884 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2018-06-01.

  • core: ⚠️ breaking Removed .run() (to solve issues like #756), just .use() all the way (#793 / goto-bus-stop)
  • core: ⚠️ breaking Changed some of the strings that we were concatenating in Preact, now their interpolation is handled by the Translator instead. This is important for languages that have different word order than English. (#845 / @goto-bus-stop) Changed strings:
    • core: failedToUpload needs to contain %{file}, substituted by the name of the file that failed
    • dashboard: dropPaste and dropPasteImport need to contain %{browse}, substituted by the "browse" text button
    • dashboard: editing needs to contain %{file}, substituted by the name of the file being edited
    • dashboard: fileSource and importFrom need to contain %{name}, substituted by the name of the provider
    • dragdrop: dropHereOr needs to contain %{browse}, substituted by the "browse" text button
  • providers: ⚠️ breaking select files only after “select” is pressed, don’t add them right away when they are checked — better UI + solves issue with autoProceed uploading in background, which is weird; re-read / @goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • core: Add error if trying to setFileState() for a file that’s been removed; clear error on cancelAll (#864 / @goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • core: Debounce render calls again, fixes #669 (#796 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: add more mime-to-extension mappings from (#806 /@arturi, @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: addFile not passing restrictions shouldn’t throw when called from UI (@arturi)
  • core: set bytesUploaded = bytesTotal when upload is complete (#f51ab0f / @arturi)
  • core: use uppy.getState() instead of uppy.state (#863 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard & statusbar: allow to hide cancel, pause-resume and retry buttons: hideUploadButton: false, hideRetryButton: false, hidePauseResumeCancelButtons: false (#821, #853 / @mrbatista, @arturi)
  • dashboard: Dashboard open/close animation; move ESC and TAB event listener, improve FOCUSABLE_ELEMENTS, update docs (#852 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: Don’t use h1-h6 tags (add role=heading), might solve some styling issues for embedded Uppy; fix weird artifacts instead of ellipsis issue (#868 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: Use i18n for save/cancel in Dashboard file card (#841 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: disallow removing files if bundle: true in XHRUpload (#853 / @arturi)
  • docs: improve on React docs, add small example for each component: Dashboard, DragDrop, ProgressBar, etc; more plugin options, better group (#845 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • provider: Fix an issue where .focus() is scrolling the page, same as in UrlUI (#51df805 / @arturi)
  • provider: show message for empty provider files (#ff628b6 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • providers: Add user/account names to Uppy provider views (61bf0a7 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • providers: display username in provider view (61bf0a7 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • react: Added tests for mounting/unmounting React components (#854 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • react: Fixed plugin ID mismatch in React components, fixes #850 (#854 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • s3: implement multipart uploads (#726 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • tus: add filename and filetype, so that tusd servers knows what headers to set (#844 / @vith)
  • ui-plugins: Add try/catch to addfile() calls from UI plugins (@arturi / #867)
  • uppy-server: benchmarks / stress test, large file, uppy-server / tus / S3 (10 GB) (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy-server: document docker image setup for uppy-server (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • url: Add support for drag-dropping urls, links or images from webpages (#836 / @arturi)
  • webcam: swap record/stop button icons, fixes #859 (#fdcca95 / @arturi)
  • xhrupload: fix bytesUploaded and bytesTotal for bundled progress (#864 / @arturi)
  • xhrupload: fix retry/timer issues, add timer.done() to cancel-all events; disable progress throttling in Core; Ignore progress events in timeout tracker after upload was aborted (#864 / @goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • Server: Allow custom headers to be set for remote multipart uploads (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • Server: Add type to metadata as filetype
  • uppy/uppy-server: refactor oauth flow tonot use cookies anymore (@ifedapoolarewaju)


Released: 2018-05-14.

  • core: Pass allowedFileTypes and maxNumberOfFiles to input[type=file] in UI components: Dashboard, DragDrop, FileInput (#814 / @arturi)
  • transloadit: Update Transloadit plugin's Uppy Server handling (#804 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • tus: respect limit option for upload parameter requests (#817 / @ap--)
  • docs: Explain name metadata vs. $_FILES[]["name"] (#1c1bf2e / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: improve “powered by” icon (#0284c8e / @arturi)
  • statusbar: add default string for cancel button (#822 / @mrbatista)


Released: 2018-05-10.

  • core: add uppy.getFiles() method (@goto-bus-stop / #770)
  • core: merge meta data when add file (#810 / @mrbatista)
  • dashboard: fix duplicate plugin IDs, see #702 (@goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard/statusbar: fix some unicode characters showing up as gibberish (#787 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: Fix grid item height in remote providers with few files (#791 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: Add rel="noopener noreferrer" to links containing target="_blank" (#767 / @kvz)
  • instagram: add extensions to instagram files (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • transloadit: More robust failure handling for Transloadit, closes #708 (#805 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • docs: Document "headers" upload parameter in AwsS3 plugin (#780 / @janko-m)
  • docs: Update some uppy.state docs to align with the Stores feature (#792 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dragdrop: Add inputName option like FileInput has, set empty value="", closes #729 (#778 / @goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • docs: Google Cloud Storage setup for the AwsS3 plugin (#777 / goto-bus-stop)
  • react: Update React component PropTypes (#776 / @arturi)
  • statusbar: add some spacing between text elements (#760 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2018-04-17.

  • dashboard: Fix showLinkToFileUploadResult option (@arturi / #763)
  • docs: Consistent shape for the getResponseData (responseText, response) (@arturi / #765)


Released: 2018-04-16.

  • dashboard: ⚠️ breaking maxWidth, maxHeight --> width and height; update docs and React props too; regardless of what we call those internally, this makes more sense, I think (@arturi)
  • core: Avoid important for those styles that need to be overriden by inline-styles + microtip (@arturi)
  • tus & xhrupload: Retain uppy-server error messages, fixes #707 (@goto-bus-stop / #759)
  • dragdrop: Link <label> and <input>, fixes #749 (@goto-bus-stop / #757)


Released: 2018-04-12.

  • core: ⚠️ breaking !important styles to be immune to any environment/page, look at screenshots in #446. Use postcss-safe-important (look into or or increasing specificity with .uppy prefix) (#744 / @arturi)
  • core: ⚠️ breaking onBeforeFileAdded(), onBeforeUpload() and addFile() are now synchronous. You can no longer return a Promise from the onBefore*() functions. (#294, #746, @goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • statusbar: ⚠️ breaking Move progress details to second line and make them optional (#682 / @arturi)
  • core: Add uppy-Root to a DOM el that gets mounted in mount (#682 / @arturi)
  • core: Fix all file state was included in progress accidentally (#682 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: Options to disable showLinkToFileUploadResult and meta editing if metaFields is not provided (#682 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: Remove dashed file icon for now (#682 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: Add optional whitelabel “powered by” (@nqst, @arturi)
  • dashboard: Huge UI redesign, update provider views, StatusBar, Webcam, FileCard (@arturi, @nqst)
  • docs: Update uppy-server docs to point to Kubernetes (#706 / @kiloreux)
  • docs: Talk about success_action_status for POST uploads (#728 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • docs: Add custom provider example (#743 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • docs: Addmore useful events, i18n strings, typos, fixes and improvements following Tim’s feedback (#704 / @arturi)
  • goldenretriever: Regenerate thumbnails after restore (#723 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • goldenretriever: Warn, not error, when files cannot be saved by goldenretriever (#641 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • instagram: Use date&time as file name for instagram files (#682 / @arturi)
  • providers: Fix logging out of providers (#742 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • providers: Refactor Provider views: Filter, add showFilter and showBreadcrumbs (#682 / @arturi)
  • react: Allow overriding <DashboardModal /> target prop (#740, @goto-bus-stop)
  • s3: Support fake XHR from remote uploads (#711, @goto-bus-stop)
  • s3: Document Digital Ocean Spaces
  • s3: Fix xhr response handlers (#625, @goto-bus-stop)
  • statusbar: Cancel button for any kind of uploads (@arturi, @goto-bus-stop)
  • url: Add checks for protocols, assume http when no protocol is used (#682 / @arturi)
  • url: Refactor things into Provider, see comments in; exposing the Provider module and the ProviderView to the public API (#727 / @ifedapoolarewaju, @arturi)
  • webcam: Styles updates: adapt for mobile, better camera icon, move buttons to the bottom bar (#682 / @arturi)
  • server: Fixed security vulnerability in transient dependency #70 (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: Auto-generate tmp download file name to avoid Path traversal (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: Namespace redis key storage/lookup to avoid collisions (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: Validate callback redirect url after completing OAuth (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: Reduce the permission level required by Google Drive (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: Auto-generate Server secret if none is provided on startup (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: We implemented a more standard logger for Uppy Server (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: Added an example project to run Uppy Server on Serverless (@ifedapoolarewaju)


  • docs: add “Writing Plugins” (@goto-bus-stop)
  • docs: Update, (#692 / @bertho-zero)
  • docs: Typos, fixes and improvements (@tim-kos, @ifedapoolarewaju, @arturi / #704)
  • core: add Google Drive to S3 + uppy-server example, update docs (@goto-bus-stop / #711)
  • s3: Support fake XHR from remote uploads (@goto-bus-stop / #711)
  • dashboard: fix FileItem titles (#696 / @bertho-zero)
  • form: Fix get-form-data being undefined when built with Rollup (#698 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • transloadit: Capitalise Assembly in user facing messages (#699 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: Add yaml file type (#710 / @jessica-coursera)
  • core: Clear uploads on cancelAll (#664 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: Remove Redux state sync plugin (#667 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: merge of restrictions (#677 / @richmeij)
  • core: Check for empty URL (#681 / @arturi)
  • build: Use babel-preset-env, drop modules transform, use CommonJS in test files (#714 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: Remove semiTransparent for good (#704 / @arturi)
  • url: Prevent scrolling when focusing on input when Url tab is opened (#179bdf7 / @arturi)


  • core: ⚠️ breaking Emit full file object instead of fileID in events like uppy.on('event', file, data) (#647 / @arturi)
  • core: Fix merging locale strings in Core (#666 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • s3: Check upload parameters shape, fixes #653 (#665 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • docs: Add more Core events to docs (@arturi)
  • xhrupload: Clear timer when upload is removed in XHRUpload (#647 / @arturi)
  • xhrupload: Fix XHRUpload.js error handling (#656 / @rhymes)
  • tus: Configure uploadUrl for uppy-server uploads (#643 / @goto-bus-stop)


  • xhrupload: ⚠️ breaking Revamped XHR response handling: This adds a response key to files when the upload completed (regardless of whether it succeeded). file.response contains a status and a data property. data is the result of getResponseData. One change here is that getResponseData is also called if there was an error, not sure if that's a good idea; Also changed events to emit file objects instead of IDs here because it touches many of the same places. (#612 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • transloadit: ⚠️ breaking Embeded tus plugin: When importFromUploadURLs is not set, add the Tus plugin with the right configuration. (#614 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • transloadit: Allow easy passing of form fields (#593 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • s3: Updated XHR response handling, fixes (#624 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: Revamped addFile() rejections (#604 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: Added wrapper function for emitter.on, so you can chain uppy.on().run()... (#597 / @arturi)
  • core: Fix progress events causing errors for removed files (#638 / @arturi)
  • statusbar: Use translations for Uploading / Paused text, fixes #629 (#640 / goto-bus-stop)
  • thumbnailgenerator: Upsizing image if smaller than thumbnail size, fix infinite loop (#637 / @phitranphitranphitran)
  • website: Added Transloadit example to website (#603 / @arturi)


Released: 2018-02-11.

  • core: Allow plugins to add data to result object. Return processing results among with upload results in complete event and upload() promise (#527 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: Move limiting to different point, to fix StatusBar and other UI issues #468 (#524, #526 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: Add uploadID to complete event (#569 / @richardwillars)
  • core: Allow chanining after .on() and .off() to improve ergonomics (#597 / @arturi)
  • core: Allow user to override sass variables (#555 / @chao)
  • core: Move preview generation to separate plugin, add queuing (#431 / @richardwillars)
  • core: Third-party extension, uppy-store-ngrx (#532 / @rimlin)
  • core: Warn, not error, when file cannot be added due to restrictions? (#604, #492 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: Add more i18n strings (#565 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: Fix modal and page scroll (#564 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: Refactor provider views (#554 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: Restore focus after modal has been closed (#536 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: Use empty input value so same file can be selected multiple times (@arturi / #534)
  • dashboard: Use more accessible tip lib microtip (#536 / @arturi)
  • docs: Add PHP snippets to XHRUpload docs (#567 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • meta: Added instruction to fork the repo first (#512 / muhammadInam)
  • meta: Automatically host releases on edgly and use that as our main CDN (#558 / @kvz)
  • meta: Dependency version updates (#523 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • meta: Remove unused files from published package (#586 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • s3: Respect limit option for upload parameter requests too; fix isXml() check when no content-type is available (#545, #544, #528 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • statusbar: Fix status text still showing when statusbar is hidden (#525 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • test: Alter jest testPathPattern to current dir, add chai (#583 / @arturi)
  • thumbnail: Add thumbnail generation plugin (#461 / @richardwillars)
  • thumbnail: Fix blank preview thumbnails for images in Safari; use slightly different stap scaling (#458, #584 / @arturi)
  • transloadit: Add transloadit:assembly-executing event (#547 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • transloadit: Add assembly results to to the complete callback (#527 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • transloadit: Easily pass form fields (#593 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • tus: resume: false — don’t store url (@arturi / #507)
  • uppy-server: Detect file upload size from the server (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy-server: Fix circular json stringify error (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy-server: Load standalone server options via config path (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy-server: Pass response from uppy-server upload’s endpoint (#591 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy-server: Schedule job to delete stale upload files (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy-server: Security audit, ask @acconut
  • uppy-server: Support localhost urls as endpoints (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • url: New plugin that imports files from urls (#588 / @arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • webcam: Font styling for Webcam option (#509 / @muhammadInam)
  • webcam: Mirror image preview, add option to select which camera is used to capture, try filling the whole Dashboard with webcam preview image, remove URL.createObjectURL() (#574 / @arturi, @nqst)
  • website: Add Transloadit example to website (#603 / @arturi)
  • website: Doc fixes (#563 / @arturi)
  • website: Improve the Contributing guide (#578 / @arturi)
  • xhrupload: Add bundle option to send multiple files in one request (#442 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • xhrupload: Prevent files from being uploaded multiple times in separate uploads (#552 / @richardwillars)
  • xhrupload: Refactor response and error handling (#591 / @goto-bus-stop, @arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju)


Released: 2018-01-09.

  • core: Fix remote uploads (#474 / @arturi)
  • statusbar, progressbar: Add option to hide progress bar after upload finish (#485 / @wilkoklak)
  • s3: Allow passing on XHRUpload options, such as "limit" to AwsS3 Plugin (#471 / @ogtfaber)
  • XHRUpload: Fix progress with limited XHRUploads (#505 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: fix error when file.type === null, shouldn’t pass that to match (@arturi)
  • dashboard: input hidden="true" should not be focusable too (@arturi)
  • webcam: Font styling for Webcam option (#509 / @muhammadInam)
  • docs: fix reference to incorrect width/height options (#475 / @xhocquet)
  • docs: Documentation fixes and improvements (#463 / @janko-m)
  • docs: Fixed several typos in docs/server and docs/uppy (#484 / @martiuslim)


Released: 2017-12-21. Theme: 🎄 Christmas edition

  • ⚠️ Breaking core: rendering engine switched from Yo-Yo to Preact, and all views from html hyperx template strings to JSX (#451 / @arturi)
  • ⚠️ Breaking core: large refactor of Core and Plugins: setFileState, merge MetaData plugin into Dashboard, prefix "private" core methods with underscores (@arturi / #438)
  • ⚠️ Breaking core: renamed core to uppy in plugins and what not. So instead of this.core.state we now use this.uppy.state (#438 / @arturi)
  • ⚠️ Breaking core: renamed events to remove core: prefix, as been suggested already. So: success, error, upload-started and so on, and prefixed event names for plugins sometimes, like dashboard:file-card (#438 / @arturi)
  • ⚠️ Breaking core: CSS class names have been altered to use uppy- namespace, so .UppyDashboard-files --> .uppy-Dashboard-files and so on
  • ⚠️ Breaking dashboard: added metaFields option, pass an array of settings for UI field objects { id: 'caption', name: 'Caption', placeholder: 'describe what the image is about' } (#438 / @arturi, @goto-bus-stop)
  • ⚠️ Breaking core: deprecate getMetaFromForm in favor of new Form plugin (#407 / @arturi)
  • form: added Form, a new plugin that is used in conjunction with any acquirer, responsible for: 1. acquiring the metadata from <form> when upload starts in Uppy; 2. injecting result array of succesful and failed files back into the form (#407 / @arturi)
  • core: add more extensions for mimetype detection (#452 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • docs: more docs for plugins (#456 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: misc bugs fixes and improvements in Webcam, Dashboard, Provider and others (#451 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: improved Dashboard UI (@arturi)
  • uppy-server: remove pause/resume socket listeners when upload is done (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy/uppy-server: remote server error handler (#446 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • provider: fix dropbox thumbnail view (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy-server: link uppy-server with to aid vulnerability spotting (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy-server: use typescript to compile code for a type safe servers (@ifedapoolarewaju)


Released: 2017-12-10.

  • ⚠️ Breaking core: Set this.el in Plugin class (#425 / @arturi)
  • StatusBar, Dashboard and Provider UI improvements place upload button into StatusBar, use Alex’s suggestions for retry button; other UI tweaks (#434 / @arturi)
  • XHRUpload: fix fields in XHR remote uploader (#424 / @sadovnychyi)
  • XHRUpload: option to limit simultaneous uploads #360 (#427 / goto-bus-stop)
  • core: Add isSupported() API for providers (#421 / @goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • core: Add stores. Improve on Redux PR #216 to allow using Redux (or any other solution) for all Uppy state management, instead of proxy-only (#426 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: add ability to disable thumbnail generation (#432 / @richardwillars)
  • core: allow to select multiple files at once from remote providers (#419 / @sadovnychyi)
  • core: use setPluginState and getPluginState in Providers (#436 / @arturi)
  • docs: uppy-server docs for s3 getKey option (#444 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • goldenretriever: Fix IndexedDB store initialisation when not cleaning up (#430 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • provider: folder deselection did not remove all files (#439 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • s3: Use Translator for localised strings (420 / @goto-bus-stop )
  • transloadit: Port old tests from tape (#428 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • tus: Restore correctly from paused state (#443 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2017-11-14.

  • accessibility: add tabindex="0" to buttons and tabs, aria-labels, focus (#414 / @arturi)
  • core: allow setting custom id for plugins to allow a plugin to be used multiple times (#418 / @arturi)
  • core: do not check isPreviewSupported for unknown filetypes (#417 / @sadovnychyi)
  • core: refactor uppy-base (#382 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: remove functions from state object (#408 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: return { successful, failed } from uppy.upload() (#404 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: update state with error messages rather than error objects (#406 / @richardwillars)
  • core: use tinyify for the unpkg bundle. (#371 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: Fix pasting files, default image file name, add type to meta, file type refactor (#395 / @arturi)
  • dragdrop: Fix of the .uppy-DragDrop-inner spacing on small screens (#405 / @nqst)
  • react: fix uppy PropType, closes (#416 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • s3: automatically wrap XHRUpload. Users should remove .use(XHRUpload) when using S3. (#408 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • test: refactored end-to-end tests to not use website, switched to, added tests for Edge, Safari, Android and iOS (#410 / @arturi)
  • tus: Rename Tus10 → Tus (#285 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • uppy-serer: mask sensitive data from request logs (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy-server: add request body validators (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy-server: migrate dropbox to use v2 API (#386 / @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy-server: store tokens in user’s browser only (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • webcam: only show the webcam tab when browser support is available (media recorder API) (#421 / @arturi, @goto-bus-stop)
  • webcam: simplify and refactor webcam plugin (modern browser APIs only) (#382 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • xhrupload: set a timeout in the onprogress event handler to detect stale network (#378 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • uppy-server: allow flexible whitelist endpoint protocols (@ifedapoolarewaju)


Released: 2017-10-18.

  • Start a completely new upload when retrying. (#390 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: Show errors that occurred during processing on the file items. (#391 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • transloadit: Mark files as having errored if their assembly fails. (#392 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: Clear file upload progress when an upload starts. (#393 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • tus: Clean up tus.Upload instance and events when an upload starts, finishes, or fails. (#390 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2017-10-11.

  • docs: fix getMetaFromForm documentation (@arturi)
  • core: fix generating thumbnails for images with transparent background (#380 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • transloadit: use Translator class for localised strings (#383 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • goldenretriever: don't crash when required server-side (#384 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2017-10-05.

  • redux: add plugin for syncing uppy state with a Redux store (#376 / @richardwillars)


Released: 2017-10-03. Theme: React and Retry

  • core: retry/error when upload can’t start or fails (offline, connection lost, wrong endpoint); add error in file progress state, UI, question mark button (#307 / @arturi)
  • core: support for retry in Tus plugin (#307 / @arturi)
  • core: support for retry in XHRUpload plugin (#307 / @arturi)
  • core: Add support for Redux DevTools via a plugin (#373 / @arturi)
  • core: improve and merge the React PR (#170 / @goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • core: improve core.log method, add timestamps (#372 / @arturi)
  • dragdrop: redesign, add note, width/height options, arrow icon (#374 / @arturi)
  • uploaders: upload resolution changes, followup to #323 (#347 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • uploaders: issue warning when no uploading plugins are used (#372 / @arturi)
  • core: fix replaceTargetContent and add tests for Plugin (#354 / @gavboulton)
  • goldenretriever: Omit completed uploads from saved file state—previously, when an upload was finished and the user refreshed the page, all the finished files would still be there because we saved the entire list of files. Changed this to only store files that are part of an in-progress upload, or that have yet to be uploaded (#358, #324 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • goldenretriever: Remove files from cache when upload finished—this uses the deleteBlobs function when core:success fires (#358, #324 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • goldenretriever: add a timestamp to cached blobs, and to delete old blobs on boot (#358, #324 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • s3: have some way to configure content-disposition for uploads, see #243 (@goto-bus-stop)
  • core: move setPluginState and add getPluginState to Plugin class (#363 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2017-09-20.

  • goldenretriever: fix restorefiles with id (#351 / @arturi)
  • goldenretriever: Clean up blobs that are not related to a file in state (#349 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: set the newState before emiting core:state-update (#341 / @sunil-shrestha, @arturi)
  • docs: Document StatusBar plugin (#350 / @goto-bus-stop)


Released: 2017-09-15. Theme: Tests and better APIs

  • goldenretriever: allow passing options to IndexedDbStore (#339 / sunil-shrestha)
  • core: add Uppy instance ID option, namespace serviceWorker action types, add example using multiple Uppy instances with Goldenretriever (#333 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: fix calculateTotalProgress - NaN (#342 / @arturi)
  • core: fix and refactor restrictions (#345 / @arturi)
  • core: Better generateFileID (#330 / @arturi)
  • core: improve isOnline() (#319 / @richardwillars)
  • core: remove unused bootstrap styles (#329 / @arturi)
  • core: experiment with yo-yo --> preact and picodom (#297 / @arturi)
  • dashboard: fix FileItem source icon position and copy (@arturi)
  • dashboard: expose and document the show/hide/isOpen API (@arturi)
  • dashboard: allow multiple triggers of the same class .open-uppy (#328 / @arturi)
  • plugins: add aria-hidden to all SVG icons for accessibility (#4e808ca3d26f06499c58bb77abbf1c3c2b510b4d / @arturi)
  • core: Handle sync returns and throws in possibly-async function options (#315 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: switch to Jest tests, add more tests for Core and Utils (#310 / @richardwillars)
  • website: Minify bundle for disc (#332 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • transloadit: remove this.state getter (#331 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • server: option to define valid upload urls (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: more automated tests (@ifedapoolarewaju)


Released: 2017-09-05. Note: this version was released as a @next npm tag to unblock some users.

  • core: gradually resize image previews #275 (@goto-bus-stop)
  • informer: support “explanations”, a (?) button that shows more info on hover / click (#292 / @arturi)
  • fix webcam video recording (@goto-bus-stop)
  • bundle: add missing plugins (s3, statusbar, restoreFiles) to unpkg bundle (#301 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • xhrupload: Use error messages from the endpoint (#305 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: prevent submitting outer form when pressing enter key while editing metadata (#306 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: save metadata edits when pressing enter key (#308 / @arturi)
  • transloadit: upload to S3, then import into :tl: assembly using /add_file?s3url=${url} (#280 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • transloadit: add alwaysRunAssembly option to run assemblies when no files are uploaded (#290 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • core: use iteratePlugins inside updateAll (#312 / @richardwillars)
  • core: improve error when plugin does not have ID (#309 / @richardwillars)
  • tus: Clear stored uploadUrl on uppy.resetProgress() call (#314 / @goto-bus-stop)
  • website: simplify examples and code samples, prevent sidebar subheading links anywhere but in docs (@arturi)
  • website: group plugin docs together in the sidebar (@arturi)


Released: 2017-08-15. Theme: Dogumentation and The Golden retriever.

  • goldenretriever: use Service Woker first, then IndexedDB, add file limits for IndexedDB, figure out what restores from where, add throttling for localStorage state sync (@goto-bus-stop @arturi)
  • dashboard: flag to hide the upload button, for cases when you want to manually stat the upload (@arturi)
  • dashboard: place close btn inside the Dashboard, don’t close on click outside, place source icon near the file size (@arturi)
  • core: informer becomes a core API,'Smile! 📸', 'warning', 5000) so its more concise with uppy.log('my msg') and supports different UI implementations (@arturi, #271)
  • docs: first stage — on using plugins, all options, list of plugins, i18n, uppy-server (@arturi, @goto-bus-stop, @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • provider: file size sorting (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • provider: show loading screen when checking auth too (@arturi)
  • uploaders: add direct-to-s3 upload plugin (@goto-bus-stop)
  • core: ability to re-upload all files, even uploadComplete ones, reset progress (@arturi)
  • goldenretriever: recover selected or in progress files after a browser crash or closed tab: alpha-version, add LocalStorage, Service Worker and IndexedDB (@arturi @goto-bus-stop @nqst #268)
  • xhrupload: add XHRUpload a more flexible successor to Multipart, so that S3 plugin can depend on it (@goto-bus-stop #242)
  • core: add getFile method (@goto-bus-stop, #263)
  • provider: use informer to display errors (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • provider: flatten instagram carousels #234 (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: add uppy-server url as i-am header (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: disable socket channel from restarting an already completed file download (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: make uppy client whitelisting optional. You may use wildcard instead (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: master oauth redirect uri for multiple uppy-server instances
  • server: options support for redis session storage on standalone server (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: start uppy-server as binary uppy-server (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: store downloaded files based on uuids (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: store upload state on redis (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: use uppy informer for server errors (@ifedapoolarewaju, #272)
  • server: whitelist multiple uppy clients (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • transloadit: emit an event when an assembly is created (@goto-bus-stop / #244)
  • transloadit: function option for file-dependent params (@goto-bus-stop / #250)
  • tus: Save upload URL early on (@goto-bus-stop #261)
  • tus: return immediately if no files are selected (@goto-bus-stop #245)
  • uppy-server: add uppy-server metrics to Librato (@ifedapoolarewaju @kiloreux)
  • webcam: add 1, 2, 3, smile! to webcam, onBeforeSnapshothook (@arturi, #187, #248)
  • website: live example on the homepage, “try me” button, improve /examples (@arturi)


Released: 2017-07-02

  • core: restrictions — by file type, size, number of files (@arturi)
  • provider: improve UI: improve overall look, breadcrumbs, more responsive (@arturi)
  • core: css-in-js demos, try template-css (@arturi @goto-bus-stop #239)
  • core: add uppy.reset() as discussed in #179 (@arturi)
  • core: add nanoraf (@goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • core: file type detection: archives, markdown (possible modules: file-type, identify-filetype) example:, (@arturi)
  • dashboard: make file icons prettier: (@arturi, @nqst / #215)
  • fileinput: allow retriving fields/options from form (@arturi #153)
  • server: configurable server port (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: support for custom providers (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • statusbar: also show major errors, add “error” state (@goto-bus-stop)
  • statusbar: pre/postprocessing status updates in the StatusBar (@goto-bus-stop, #202)
  • statusbar: show status “Upload started...” when the remote upload has begun, but no progress events received yet (@arturi)
  • statusbar: work towards extracting StatusBar to a separate plugin, bundle that with Dashboard? (@goto-bus-stop, @arturi)
  • tus/uppy-server: Support metadata in remote tus uploads (@ifedapoolarewaju, @goto-bus-stop / #210)
  • uploaders: add direct-to-s3 upload plugin and test it with the flow to then upload to transloadit, stage 1, WIP (@goto-bus-stop)
  • uppy/uppy-server: Make a barely working Instagram Plugin (@ifedapoolarewaju / #21)
  • uppy/uppy-server: Make a barely working Instagram Plugin (@ifedapoolarewaju / #21)
  • uppy/uppy-server: allow google drive/dropbox non-tus (i.e multipart) remote uploads (@arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju / #205)
  • uppy/uppy-server: some file types cannot be downloaded/uploaded on google drive (e.g google docs). How to handle that? (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • uppy: fix google drive uploads on mobile (double click issue) (@arturi)


Released: 2017-05-31.

  • core: update prettier-bytes to fix the IE support issue (@arturi)
  • core: use URL.createObjectURL instead of resizing thumbnails (@arturi, @goto-bus-stop / #199)
  • dashboard: Fix ETA when multiple files are being uploaded (@goto-bus-stop, #197)
  • transloadit: Fix receiving assembly results that are not related to an input file (@arturi, @goto-bus-stop / #201)
  • transloadit: Use the tus_upload_url to reliably link assembly results with their input files (@goto-bus-stop / #207)
  • transloadit: move user-facing strings into locale option (@goto-bus-stop /
  • webcam: Mute audio in realtime playback (@goto-bus-stop / #196)


Released: 2017-05-13


Released: 2017-05-12. Theme: Transloadit integration, getting things in order. Favorite Uppy Server version: 0.5.0.

  • uploaders: make sure uploads retry/resume if started when offline or disconnected, retry when back online / failed (@arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • transloadit: add basic (beta) version of Transloadit plugin (@goto-bus-stop, @kvz, @tim-kos / #28)
  • transloadit: emit an upload event w/ tl data when a file upload is complete (#191 @goto-bus-stop)
  • webcam: implement reading audio+video from Webcam (@goto-bus-stop / #175)
  • webcam: Make the webcam video fill the available space as much as possible (@goto-bus-stop / #190)
  • tus: Merge tus-js-client options with uppy-tus. Hence, enable custom headers support (@goto-bus-stop)
  • multipart/tus: Remove Promise.all() calls with unused results (@goto-bus-stop / #121)
  • dashboard: fix Dashboard modal close button position (@goto-bus-stop / #171)
  • core: pass through errors (@goto-bus-stop / #185)
  • core: accept a DOM element in target: option (@goto-bus-stop / #169)
  • core: Remove the last few potentially buggy uses of document.querySelector (@goto-bus-stop)
  • dashboard: Fix dashboard width when multiple instances exist (@goto-bus-stop / #184)
  • dashboard: add service logo / name to the selected file in file list (@arturi)
  • server: begin adding automated tests, maybe try (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: add image preview / thumbnail for remote files, if its in the API of services ? (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: research parallelizing downloading/uploading remote files: start uploading chunks right away, while still storing the file on disk (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: delete file from local disk after upload is successful (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • website: try on a Github ribbon (@arturi / #150)
  • website: different meta description for pages and post (@arturi)
  • server: well documented README (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • react: [WIP] High-level React Components (@goto-bus-stop / #170)
  • core: add uppy.close() for tearing down an Uppy instance (@goto-bus-stop / #182)
  • core: replace babel-preset-es2015-loose by standard es2015 preset with loose option (@goto-bus-stop / #174)


Released: 2017-03-02. Theme: Speeding and cleaning. Favorite Uppy Server version: 0.4.0.

  • build: update dependencies and eslint-plugin-standard, nodemon --> onchange, because simpler and better options (@arturi)
  • build: fix Function.caller issue in lib which gets published to NPM package, add babel-plugin-yo-yoify (@arturi #158 #163)
  • provider: show error view for things like not being able to connect to uppy server should this be happening when uppy-server is unavailable (@arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • provider: loading indicator while the GoogleDrive / Dropbox files are loading (@arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • provider: logout link/button? (@arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • provider: fix breadcrumbs (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: refactor local/remote uploads in tus, allow for pause/resume with remote upload (@arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: throttle progress updates sent through websockets, sometimes it can get overwhelming when uploads are fast (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: pass file size from Google Drive / Dropbox ? (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: return uploaded file urls (from Google Drive / Dropbox) ? (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: research having less permissions, smaller auth expiration time for security (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • dashboard: basic React component (@arturi)
  • core: experiment with nanoraf and requestAnimationFrame (@arturi)
  • core: add throttling of progress updates (@arturi)
  • dashobard: fix Missing file.progress.bytesTotal property (@arturi #152)
  • dashboard: switch to prettier-bytes for more user-friendly progress updates (@arturi)
  • dashboard: fix updateDashboardElWidth() not firing in time, causing container width to be 0 (@arturi)
  • multipart: treat all 2xx responses as successful, return xhr object in core:upload-success (@arturi #156 #154)
  • dashboard: throttle StatusBar numbers, so they update only once a second (@arturi, @acconut)
  • dashboard: add titles to pause/resume/cancel in StatusBar (@arturi)
  • dashboard: precise circleLength and stroke-dasharray/stroke-dashoffset calculation for progress circles on FileItem (@arturi)
  • dashboard: don’t show per-file detailed progress by default — too much noise (@arturi)
  • website: blog post and images cleanup (@arturi)


Released: January 27, 2017. Theme: The new 13: Responsive Dashboard, Standalone & Pluggable Server, Dropbox. Uppy Server version: 0.3.0.

  • dashboard: use isWide prop/class instead of media queries, so that compact/mobile version can be used in bigger screens too (@arturi)
  • dashboard: basic “list” view in addition to current “grid” view (@arturi)
  • dashboard: more icons for file types (@arturi)
  • dashboard: add totalSize and totalUploadedSize to StatusBar (@arturi)
  • dashboard: figure out where to place Informer, accounting for StatusBar — over the StatusBar for now (@arturi)
  • dashboard: add <progress> element for progressbar, like here Added hidden for now, for semantics/accessibility (@arturi)
  • dragdrop: show number of selected files, remove upload btn (@arturi)
  • build: exclude locales from build (@arturi)
  • core: i18n for each plugin in options — local instead of global (@arturi)
  • core: add default pluralization (can be overrinden in plugin options) to Translator (@arturi)
  • core: use yo-yoify to solve Function.caller / strict mode issue and make our app faster/smaller by transforming template strings into pure and fast document calls (@arturi)
  • server: a pluggable uppy-server (express / koa for now) (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: standalone uppy-server (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: Integrate dropbox plugin (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: smooth authentication: after auth you are back in your app where you left, no page reloads (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • tus: fix upload progress from uppy-server (@arturi, @ifedapoolarewaju)
  • core: basic React component — DnD (@arturi)
  • core: fix support for both ES6 module import and CommonJS requires with add-module-exports babel plugin (@arturi)


To be released: December 23, 2016. Theme: The release that wasn't 🎄.


Released: November 25, 2016. Theme: Responsive. Cancel. Feedback. ES6 Server. Uppy Server version: 0.2.0.

  • meta: write 0.12 release blog post (@arturi)
  • core: figure out import/require for core and plugins — just don’t use spread for plugins (@arturi)
  • meta: create a demo video, showcasing Uppy Dashboard for the main page, like (@arturi)
  • meta: update Readme, update screenshot (@arturi)
  • server: add pre-commit and lint-staged (@arturi)
  • server: re-do build setup: building at deploy and prepublish when typing npm run release:patch 0.0.1 -> 0.0.2 (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: re-do build setup: es6 src -> es5 lib (use plugin packs from Uppy)
  • server: re-do build setup: eslint --fix ./src via (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: re-do build setup: babel-node or babel-require could do realtime transpiling for development (how does that hook in with e.g. nodemon?) (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: refacor: remove/reduce file redundancy (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: error handling: 404 and 401 error handler (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • server: bug fix: failing google drive (@ifedapoolarewaju)
  • webcam: stop using the webcam (green light off) after the picture is taken / tab is hidden (@arturi)
  • core: allow usage without new, start renaming Core() to Uppy() in examples (@arturi)
  • core: api — consider Yosh’s feedback and proposals, come up with follow up questions (@arturi)
  • dashboard: local mode — no acquire plugins / external services, just DnD — ActionBrowseTagline (@arturi)
  • dashboard: only show pause/resume when tus is used (@arturi)
  • dashboard: cancel uploads button for multipart (@arturi)
  • dashboard: responsive design — stage 1 (@arturi)
  • meta: write 0.11 release blog post (@arturi)


Released: November 1, 2016. Releasemaster: Artur. Theme: StatusBar and API docs.

  • core: log method should have an option to throw error in addition to just logging (@arturi)
  • experimental: PersistentState plugin that saves state to localStorage — useful for development (@arturi)
  • dashboard: implement new StatusBar with progress and pause/resume buttons (@arturi)
  • dashboard: attempt to throttle StatusBar, so it doesn’t re-render too often (@arturi)
  • dashboard: refactor — only load one acquire panel at a time (activeAcquirer or empty), change focus behavior, utilize onload/onunload
  • experimental: create a Dashboard UI for Redux refactor (@hedgerh)
  • dashboard: make trigger optional — not needed when rendering inline (@arturi)
  • fileinput: pretty input element #93 (@arturi)
  • meta: document current Uppy architecture and question about the future (@arturi, @hedgerh)
  • test: see about adding tests for autoProceed: true (@arturi)
  • website: and ability to toggle options in Dashboard example: inline/modal, autoProceed, which plugins are enabled #89 (@arturi)
  • website: finish https upgrade for, uppy-server and tus, set up pingdom notifications (@arturi, @kvz, @hedgerh)
  • website: update guide, API docs and main page example to match current actual API (@arturi)
  • uppy-server: Make uppy server have dynamic controllers (@hedgerh)


Released: Septermber 23, 2016. Releasemaster: Artur. Theme: Getting together.

  • core: expose some events/APIs/callbacks to the user: onFileUploaded, onFileSelected, onAllUploaded, addFile (or parseFile), open modal... (@arturi, @hedgerh)
  • core: how would Uppy work without the UI, if one wants to Uppy to just add files and upload, while rendering preview and UI by themselves #116 — discussion Part 1 (@arturi, @hedgerh)
  • core: refactor towards react compatibility as discussed in (@hedgerh)
  • core: CSS modules? allow bundling of CSS in JS for simple use in NPM? See #120#issuecomment-242455042, try — verdict: not yet, try again later (@arturi, @hedgerh)
  • core: try Web Workers and FileReaderSync for image resizing again — still slow, probably message payload between webworker and regular thread is huge (@arturi)
  • core: i18n strings should extend default en_US dictionary — if a certain string in not available in German, English should be displayed (@arturi)
  • dashboard: refactor to smaller components, pass props down (@arturi)
  • dashboard: option to render Dashboard inline instead of a modal dialog (@arturi)
  • dashboard: global circular progress bar, try out different designs for total upload speed and ETA (@arturi)
  • dashboard: show total upload speed and ETA, for all files (@arturi)
  • dashboard: copy link to uploaded file button, cross-browser (@arturi) ( (@arturi)
  • dashobard: refreshed design and grand refactor (@arturi)
  • dashboard: improve file paste the best we can (@arturi)
  • provider: abstract google drive into provider plugin for reuse (@hedgerh)
  • google drive: improve UI (@hedgerh)
  • tus: add resumable capability flag (@arturi)
  • tus: start fixing pause/resume issues and race conditions (@arturi)
  • test: working Uppy example on Require Bin — latest version straight from NPM (@arturi @acconut)
  • meta: update readme docs, add unpkg CDN links ( (@arturi)
  • meta: write 0.10 release blog post (@arturi)


Released: August 26, 2016. Releasemaster: Harry.

Theme: Making Progress, Then Pause & Resume.

  • dashboard: informer interface: message when all uploads are "done" (@arturi)
  • meta: write 0.9 release blog post (@hedgerh)
  • webcam: a barely working webcam record & upload (@hedgerh)
  • metadata: Uppy + tus empty metadata value issue in Safari --> tus issue — nailed down, passed to @acconut (@arturi, @acconut)
  • core: experiment with switching to virtual-dom in a separate branch; experiment with rollup again (@arturi)
  • core: figure out race conditions (animations not completing because file div gets re-added to the dom each time) with yo-yo/morphdom (@arturi)
  • core: switch to — smaller, allows for on('*') (@arturi)
  • dashboard: add aria-labels and titles everywhere to improve accessibility #114 (@arturi)
  • dashboard: file name + extension should fit on two lines, truncate in the middle (maybe (@arturi)
  • dashboard: implement a circular progress indicator on top of the fileItem with play/pause (@arturi)
  • dashboard: refactor to smaller components, as discussed in #110 (@arturi)
  • dashboard: show upload remaining time and speed, option to disable (@arturi)
  • google drive: refactor to smaller components, as discussed in #110 (@hedgerh)
  • meta: reach out to choo author (@arturi)
  • meta: write 0.8 release blog post (@arturi)
  • metadata: add labels to fields in fileCard (@arturi)
  • metadata: the aftermath — better UI (@arturi)
  • test: Get IE6 on Win XP to run Uppy and see it fall back to regular form upload #108 (@arturi)
  • test: refactor tests, add DragDrop back (@arturi)
  • tus: update uppy to tus-js-client@1.2.1, test on requirebin (@arturi)
  • tus: add ability to pause/resume all uploads at once (@arturi)
  • tus: add ability to pause/resume upload (@arturi)


Released: July 29, 2016. Releasemaster: Artur. Theme: The Webcam Edition.

  • core: fix bug: no meta information from uppy-server files (@hedgerh)
  • core: fix bug: uppy-server file is treated as local and directly uploaded (@hedgerh)
  • uppy-server: hammering out websockets/oauth (@hedgerh, @acconut)
  • debugger: introduce MagicLog as a way to debug state changes in Uppy (@arturi)
  • modifier: A MetaData plugin to supply meta data (like width, tag, filename, user_id) (@arturi)
  • modifier: pass custom metadata with non-tus-upload. Maybe mimic meta behavior of tus here, too (@arturi)
  • modifier: pass custom metadata with tus-upload with tus-js-client (@arturi)
  • webcam: initial version: webcam light goes on (@hedgerh)
  • progress: better icons, styles (@arturi)
  • core: better mime/type detection (via mime + extension) (@arturi)
  • core: add deep-freeze to getState so that we are sure we are not mutating state accidentally (@arturi)
  • meta: release “Uppy Begins” post (@arturi @kvz)
  • meta: better readme on GitHub and NPM (@arturi)
  • test: add pre-commit & lint-staged (@arturi)
  • test: add next-update to check if packages we use can be safely updated (@arturi)
  • website: blog polish — add post authors and their gravatars (@arturi)
  • dashboard: UI revamp, more prototypes, background image, make dashboard nicer (@arturi)
  • dashboard: try a workflow where import from external service slides over and takes up the whole dashboard screen (@arturi)
  • modal: merge modal and dashboard (@arturi)


Released: July 11, 2016. Theme: Remote Uploads, UI Redesign.

  • core: Investigate if there is a way to manage an oauth dialog and not navigate away from Uppy; Put entire(?) state into oauth redirect urls / LocalStorage with an identifier ? (@hedgerh)
  • core: Rethink UI: Part I (interface research for better file selection / progress representation) (@arturi)
  • core: let user cancel uploads in progress (@arturi)
  • core: resize image file previews (to 100x100px) for performance (@arturi)
  • server: add tus-js-client when it's node-ready (@hedgerh)
  • server: make uppy-server talk to uppy-client in the browser, use websockets. (@hedgerh)
  • dashboard: new “workspace” plugin, main area that allows for drag & drop and shows progress/actions on files, inspired by ProgressDrawer
  • website: add new logos and blog (@arturi)
  • drive: Return cb after writing all files (@hedgerh)
  • server: Make Google Drive files to actually upload to the endpoint (@hedgerh)
  • build: browsersync does 3 refreshes, can that be one? should be doable via cooldown/debounce? -> get rid of require shortcuts (@arturi)
  • build: regular + min + gzipped versions of the bundle (@arturi)
  • build: set up a simple and quick dev workflow — watch:example (@arturi)


Released: June 03, 2016. Theme: The aim low release.

  • build: minification of the bundle (@arturi)
  • build: revisit sourcemaps for production. can we have them without a mandatory extra request?
  • build: supply Uppy es5 and es6 entry points in npm package (@arturi)
  • build: switch to instead of parallelshell (@arturi)
  • drive: Make sure uppy-server does not explode on special file types: (@hedgerh)
  • modal: accessibility. focus on the first input field / button in tab panel (@arturi)
  • progressdrawer: figure out crazy rerendering of previews by yoyo/bel:, (@arturi)
  • core: substantial refactor of mount & rendering (@arturi)
  • core: better state change logs for better debugging (@arturi)
  • progressdrawer: improve styles, add preview icons for all (@arturi)
  • server: Start implementing the, remote files should be added to state.files and marked as remote (@hedgerh)
  • test: Add pass/fail Saucelabs flag to acceptance tests (@arturi)
  • website: Polish Saucelabs stats (social badge + stats layout) (@arturi)
  • meta: Create Uppy logos (@markstory)
  • website: fix examples and cleanup (@arturi)
  • website: Add Saucelabs badges to (@kvz)
  • website: fix disappearing icons issue, postcss-inline-svg (@arturi)


Released: May 07, 2016. Theme: Acceptance tests and Google Drive Polish.

  • test: Wire saucelabs and travis togeteher, make saucelabs fail fatal to travis builds
  • test: Add addFile-hack so we can have acceptance tests on Safari as well as Edge (@arturi)
  • drive: possible UI polish (@hedgerh)
  • drive: write files to filesystem correctly (@hedgerh)
  • test: Fix 15s timeout image.jpg (@arturi)
  • test: Sign up for Live account so we can check ourselves what gives and verify saucelabs isn't to blame (@arturi) <-- Turns out, Saucelabs already does that for us
  • test: Get tests to pass Latest version of Internet Explorer (Windows 10), Safari (OSX), Firefox (Linux), Opera (Windows 10) (@arturi) <-- IE 10, Chrome, Firefox on Windows and Linux, but not Safari and Microsoft Edge — Selenium issues
  • test: Get saucelabs to show what gives (errors, screenshots, anything) (@arturi)
  • build: sourcemaps for local development (@arturi) <-- Not adding it in production to save the extra request. For local dev, this was added already via Browserify
  • core: Add polyfill for fetch (@hedgerh)
  • core: Apply plugins when DOM elements aren't static (#25)
  • core: figure out the shelf thing (@arturi, @hedgerh)
  • core: reduce the monstrous 157.74Kb prebuilt bundle footprint <-- we see no way to optimize at this stage
  • drive: add breadcrumb navigation (@hedgerh)
  • drive: convert google docs to office format (@hedgerh)
  • modal: Avoid duplicating event listeners <-- deprecated by yoyo
  • progressbar: make it great again (@arturi)
  • progressdrawer: figure out why the whole list is replaced with every update (dom diff problems) (@arturi)
  • test: Let Travis use the Remote WebDriver instead of the Firefox WebDriver (, so Saucelabs can run our acceptance tests against a bunch of real browsers. Local acceptance tests keep using Firefox <-- need to add command to Travis (@arturi)
  • test: Move failing multipart test back from v0.0.5 dir, make it pass (@arturi)
  • tus: Add support tus 1.0 uploading capabilities (#3) <-- works!
  • website: Make cycling through taglines pretty (in terms of code and a nice animation or sth) (@arturi)
  • website: Move the activity feed from to the Uppy homepage (@arturi)
  • website: Polish and undo its CSS crimes (@arturi)


Released: April 13, 2016.

  • server: Upgrade to 0.0.4 (@kvz)
  • drive: Add Google Drive plugin unit test (@hedgerh)
  • drive: Add a barely working Google Drive example (without Modal, via e.g. target: "div#on-my-page") (@hedgerh)
  • drive: Make sure is targeted on; and localhost is targeted elsewhere (also see (@kvz)
  • test: Setup one modal/dragdrop acceptance test (@arturi)
  • drive: Make sure is targeted on; and localhost is targeted elsewhere (also see (@kvz)
  • website: Add a page that inlines disc.html as well as displays the different bundle sizes, and an activity feed (@kvz)
  • dragdrop: refactor & improve (@arturi)
  • website: fix i18n & DragDrop examples (@arturi)
  • website: Provide simple roadmap in examples (#68, @kvz)
  • website: Upgrade Hexo (@kvz)
  • test: Make failing acceptance tests fatal (@kvz)
  • allow for continuous acquiring, even after all plugins have “run” (@arturi, @hedgerh)
  • build: clean up package.json. We've accumulated duplication and weirdness by hacking just for our current problem without keeping a wider view of what was already there (@arturi)
  • build: fix browsersync & browserify double reloading issue (@arturi)
  • build: sourcemaps for examples (@arturi)
  • complete: Complete Plugin of type/stage: presenter. "You have successfully uploaded 3 files". Button: Close modal. (@arturi)
  • core: allow for continuous acquiring, even after all plugins have “run” (@arturi, @hedgerh)
  • core: come up with a draft standard file format for internal file handling (@arturi)
  • core: Pluralize collections (locales, just l like plugins) (@kvz)
  • core: re-think running architecture: allow for acquiring while uploading (@arturi)
  • core: Rename progress to progressindicator (@kvz)
  • core: Rename selecter to acquirer (@kvz)
  • core: Rename view to orchestrator (@kvz)
  • core: start on component & event-based state management with yo-yo (@arturi)
  • core: Upgrade from babel5 -> babel6 (@kvz)
  • dragdrop: Fix 405 Not Allowed, (error) handling when you press Upload with no files (#60, @arturi, thx @hpvd)
  • modal: UppyModal [type=submit] { display: none }, use Modal's own Proceed button to progress to next stage (@arturi)
  • modal: covert to component & event-based state management (@arturi)
  • modal: Make sure modal renders under one dom node — should everything else too? (@arturi, @hedgerh)
  • modal: refactor and improve (@arturi)
  • progressdrawer: show link to the uploaded file (@arturi)
  • progressdrawer: show file type names/icons for non-image files (@arturi)
  • progressdrawer: show uploaded files, display uploaded/selected count, disable btn when nothing selected (@arturi)
  • progressdrawer: implement basic version, show upload progress for individual files (@arturi)
  • progressdrawer: show previews for images (@arturi)
  • server: Add a deploy target for uppy-server so we can use it in demos (#39, @kvz)
  • test: Add a passing dummy i18n acceptance test, move failing multipart test to v0.5.0 dir (@kvz)
  • test: Add acceptance tests to Travis so they are run on every change (@kvz)
  • test: Get Firefox acceptance tests up and running both local and on Travis CI. Currently both failing on StaleElementReferenceError: Element not found in the cache - perhaps the page has changed since it was looked up
  • test: Get saucelabs account (@hedgerh)
  • test: Install chromedriver ()
  • test: Switch to using Firefox for acceptable tests as Travis CI supports that ( (@kvz)
  • test: Write one actual test (e.g. Multipart) (#2, #23, @hedgerh)
  • tus: Resolve promise when all uploads are done or failed, not earlier (currently you get to see '1 file uploaded' and can close the modal while the upload is in progress) (@arturi)
  • website: Filter taglines (@kvz)
  • website: utilize browserify index exposers to rid ourselves of ../../../.. in examples (@kvz)


Released: March 01, 2016.

  • core: push out v0.0.3 (@kvz)
  • build: release-(major|minor|patch): git tag && npm publish (@kvz)
  • core: Allow users to set DOM elements or other plugins as targets (@arturi)
  • core: Create a progressbar/spinner/etc plugin (#18, @arturi)
  • core: Decide on how we ship default styles: separate css file, inline (@kvz, @hedgerh, @arturi, @tim-kos)
  • core: Decide on single-noun terminology (npm, umd, dist, package, cdn, module -> bundler -> bundle), and call it that through-out (@kvz)
  • core: throw an error when one Plugin is .used twice. We don't support that now, and will result in very confusing behavior (@kvz)
  • dragdrop: Convert DragDrop to adhere to Dummy's format, so it's compatible with the new Modal (@arturi)
  • drive: Convert GoogleDrive to adhere to Dummy's format, so it's compatible with the new Modal (@hedgerh)
  • modal: Add barely working Modal plugin that can be used as a target (#53, #50, @arturi)
  • modal: Improve Modal API (@arturi, @kvz)
  • modal: Make ProgressBar work with the new Modal (@kvz, @arturi)
  • modal: Make Modal prettier and accessible using Artur's research (@arturi)
  • modal: Make the Modal look like Harry's sketchup (@arturi)
  • modal: Rename FakeModal to Modal, deprecating our old one (@kvz)
  • modal: use classes instead of IDs and buttons instead of links (@arturi)
  • server: package.json (@hedgerh)
  • test: Fix and enable commented out use plugins & other core unit test (@arturi)


Released: February 11, 2016.

  • build: Use parallelshell and tweak browserify to work with templates (@arturi)
  • core: Add basic i18n support via core.translate() and locale loading (#47, @arturi)
  • core: implement a non-blocking install method (for Progressbar, for example) (@arturi, @kvz)
  • core: Implement ejs or es6 templating (@arturi, @hedgerh)
  • core: Improve on _i18n support, add tests (#47, @arturi)
  • core: Integrate eslint in our build procedure and make Travis fail on errors found in our examples, Core and Plugins, such as > 100 char lines (@kvz)
  • docs: Fix build-documentation.js crashes, add more docs to Utils and Translator (@arturi, @kvz)
  • dragdrop: Use templates, autoProceed setting, show progress (#50, #18, @arturi)
  • meta: Implement playground to test things in, templates in this case
  • server: Create a (barely) working uppy-server (#39, @hedgerh)
  • website: Fix Uppy deploys (postcss-svg problem) (@arturi, @kvz)


Released: December 20, 2015.

  • core: Individual progress (#24)
  • core: Setup basic Plugin system (#1, #4, #20)
  • core: Setup build System (#30, #13, @hedgerh)
  • dragdrop: Add basic DragDrop plugin example (#7)
  • dropbox: Add basic Dropbox plugin example (#31)
  • website: Add CSS Framework (#14)
  • website: Create Hexo site that also contains our playground (#5, #34, #12 #22, #44, #35, #15, #37, #40, #43)
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