Transmission 2.76

@mikedld mikedld released this Jan 9, 2013 · 1104 commits to master since this release

All Platforms

  • Better error logging when user-provided scripts can't be executed
  • The "Time Remaining" property wasn't set for torrents with webseeds but no peers
  • Fix rare error that created a directory name "$HOME"

GTK+ Client

  • Fix sort-by-age regression introduced in 2.74
  • The "Edit Trackers" window didn't resize properly due to a 2.70 regression
  • Raise the main window when presenting it from an App Indicator

Qt Client

  • Add magnet link support to transmission-qt.desktop
  • Fix notification area bug that inhibited logouts & desktop hibernation
  • Use the "video" icon when the torrent is an mkv or mp4 file
  • Toggling the "Append '.part' to incomplete files' names" had no effect
  • Fix display of the torrent name in the Torrent Options dialog
  • Fix cursor point bug in the filterbar's entry field
  • Fix crash when adding a magnet link when Transmission was only visible in the system tray
  • Fix free-memory-read error on shutdown


  • Better watchdir support
  • Documentation fixes in transmission-remote's manpage

Web Client

  • Fix indentation of the torrent list and toolbar buttons on mobile devices


  • If the Download directory doesn't exist, try to create it instead of exiting