@mikedld mikedld released this Apr 9, 2016 · 987 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

All Platforms

  • Support renaming a transfer's files and folders
  • Remove the most frequent thread locks in libtransmission (ie, fewer beachballs)
  • Show the free disk space available when adding torrent
  • Faster reading and parsing of local data files
  • Better use of the OS's filesystem cache
  • Lengthen the prefetch cache for data sent to peers
  • Other small speedups
  • Replace the previous JSON parser with jsonsl to resolve DFSG licensing issue
  • Fix fails-to-build when compiling with -Werror=format-security
  • Improved unit tests in libtransmission
  • Tarballs are now released only in .xz format

Mac Client

  • Use VDKQueue for watching for torrent files

GTK+ Client

  • Simplify the tracker filter pulldown's interface (now matches the Qt client)
  • Synced preferences text & shortcuts
  • Remove deprecated calls to gdk_threads_enter()
  • Silence a handful of console warnings

Qt Client

  • More efficient updates when receiving information from the server
  • Add an option to play a sound when a torrent finishes downloading
  • Add an option to start up iconified into the notification area
  • Fix an issue with the tray icon preventing hibernation/logout
  • Other CPU speedups
  • Open the correct folder when clicking on single-file torrents
  • Synced preferences text & shortcuts
  • Fix non Latin-1 unit strings


  • Add support for specifying recently-active torrents in transmission-remote

Web Client

  • Extend the cookie lifespan so that settings like sort order don't get lost


  • Support user-defined piece sizes in transmission-create