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The universeOS

The universeOS is a Project which tries to give users the possibility to "share a desktop" with friends, co-workers or like-minded person.

Website: Twitter:

The universeOS is a PHP based Webappliction.


Minimum 10 MB disk space

MySQL 5 or later

PHP 5.4 or later

We ask you to get involved in the project to create a safe and free webspace. The universe shall become an uncomplicated and user friendly Web-Desktop for users who don´t want to get tracked by providers and companies during their online activities. It is an space where the own datas and documents can be safed, managed and shared. It is possible to use the chat with buddies and colleagues also within the connected Instant Messenger for all portable devices. The universe connects the functions of a web-desktop and a social network.


Do not install the universe, if you don't know what you are doing. Right now, we do not recommend to handle sensitive data. Because everyone can read the source code which has just recently been published we think that it´s just a matter of time until mistakes will be found. But every reported mistake is a mistake we learn from and if you help us to find them we can avoid bad people of abusing them.

Run the Installer

  • Download and extract the file on the Webspace of your choice.

  • Open /install/

  • Run the installer


We try to get the script as secure as possible. It is important to point out the most important things we need to take care of:

1. Javascript Cryptography
2. A good Cryptoprotocoll which allows
    - A Public Key Infrastructure
    - Instant Messaging (with Groups)
    - An easy exchange of algorithms
3. Well written and well documented code

Developing UniverseOS:

  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone

  2. Run the installer

Some basic informations: We don't use any PHP Framework so far. We think about using one, so we don't have to write an own routing enginge to upgrade our current api (/api) to a REST api. In Javascript we use a lot of plugins, libraries and/or frameworks. For a complete list, check this Link:

Files & Folders

How to report bugs

Please write a description of the bug:


Please see the file called LICENSE. ..will follow.. plugins need to be checked for their license first.


email to

...more docu will follow. See /docu/