Share My Health is a Consumer-Directed Health Information Exchange
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A consumer-directed health information exchange.

This application is built using Python 3.7 and Django 2.1.x.

The default port for this application is 8001. This avoids conflicts when running the OIDC Server on the same machine.

It will also configure a postgreSQL docker instance on port 5432.

Deploy with Docker

Docker is supported. Run docker with:

 docker-compose -f .development/docker-compose.yml up

If you make changes to requirements.txt to add libraries re-run docker-compose with the --build option.

If you're working with a fresh db image the migrations have to be run.

Associated Projects

ShareMyHealth is designed as a consumer-mediated health information exchange.
ShareMyHealth acts as a relying party to vmi.

VerifyMyIdentity - VMI, a standards-focused OpenID Connect Identity Provider.

Supporting Resources

vmi uses css resources from Bootstrap (v.3.3.x) and Font-Awesome (v4.4.x).