Verify My Identity - An OpenID Connect Provider
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Verify My Identity

OpenID Certified

Verify My Identity is a certified OpenID Connect Provider supporting identity assurance escelation and FIDO.

This project is based on Python 3.6 and Django 2.1.x.

Install supporting libraries with

pip install -r requirements.txt

Alternatively, a Docker configuration is available in:


By default the docker instance will be attached to port 8000 on localhost

It will also configure a postgreSQL instance on port 5432.

If you're working with a fresh db image the migrations have to be run.

If you make changes to requirements.txt to add libraries re-run docker-compose with the --build option.

Associated Projects

ShareMyHealth is designed as a consumer-mediated health information exchange.
ShareMyHealth acts as a relying party to vmi.

Supporting Resources

vmi uses css resources from Bootstrap (v.3.3.x) and Font-Awesome (v4.4.x).