Transparent Statistics in HCI guidelines, FAQs, and exemplar analyses
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Transparent Statistics in HCI Guidelines

license: CC-BY 4.0 / MIT Build Status

This is the source repostory for the Transparent Statistics in HCI Guidelines. You can read the current in-development version of the guidelines here.

The master branch contains the source for the current in-development version of the guidelines. After our first release, the source for the most recent released version of the guidelines will be on the release branch.

How to contribute

We welcome contributions in all forms: comments, suggestions, edits, and proposed topics. To learn how to contribute, read Contributing to the Guidelines on the wiki. We also have a Style Guide and a contributor Code of Conduct.

How to build the guidelines

  1. Open guidelines.Rproj. Rstudio won't show necessary tools unless you open the project.

  2. Install/update package dependencies:

    remotes::install_deps(dependencies = TRUE)
  3. A Build tab should appear in RStudio. If not, restart RStudio after installing dependencies (the Build tab requires the bookdown package), then go to Menu -> View -> Show Build.

  4. Click the Build Book button.

  5. The output will be in the _book directory.