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Transparent statistics in HCI website

This repo contains the website for the transparent statistics in HCI group at

The website is created and served using blogdown. I recommend using RStudio to create and edit content. You can then use blogdown::serve_site() in R to preview the website locally. See the blogdown documentation for more information.

The directories of interest are probably:

  • content/: The directory containing most of the dynamic content. I recommend writing content as .Rmd files, which will be compiled into HTML when the website is built. Do not edit HTML files directly in this folder.

  • content/_index.Rmd: The source file for the home page.

  • content/blog/*.Rmd: The source files for blog posts.

  • static/: The directory containing static content.

  • public/: The directory output directory, into which the contents of content/ (after being compiled) and the contents of static/ are copited when the website is built. Do not edit directly.


The deployed version of the website is built automatically by Netlify based on the master branch of this repository on Github. Therefore, please do not push things to master that you haven't tested :).


Transparent statistics in HCI website



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