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The Open Source Framework for Converting and Checking Data


  1. docx2hub Public

    Converts Microsoft docx to flat hub XML

    XSLT 24 14

  2. idml2xml Public

    Library to convert IDML to Hub XML or to extract tagging from an IDML file

    XSLT 14 3

  3. epubtools Public

    Library to convert and check EPUB 2 and 3

    XSLT 7

  4. cascade Public

    Libraries to implement a transpect cascade configuration

    XProc 2 1

  5. htmlreports Public

    XProc steps for RelaxNG and Schematron validation and HTML reports

    XSLT 4

  6. xproc-util Public

    XProc utilities for transpect

    XProc 8 9


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