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Converts Microsoft Word's DOCX to LaTeX. Developed by le-tex and based on the transpect framework.

get docx2tex

download the latest release

Download the latest docx2tex release

…or get source via Git. Please note that you have to add the --recursive option in order to clone docx2hub with submodules.

git clone --recursive


  • Java 1.7 up to 1.14 (more recent versions not yet tested)
  • works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

run docx2tex

You can run docx2tex with a bash script (Linux, Mac OSX, Cygwin) or the calabash shell (Windows) script


./d2t [options ...] myfile.docx
Option Description
-o path to custom output directory
-c path to custom docx2tex configuration file
-m choose MathType source (ole|wmf|ole+wmf)
-f path to custom fontmaps directory
-p generate PDF with pdflatex
-t draw table grid lines
-x custom XSLT stylesheet for Hub processing
-d debug mode


d2t.bat myfile.docx

via XML Calabash

Linux/Mac OSX

calabash/ -o result=myfile.tex -o hub=myfile.xml xpl/docx2tex.xpl docx=myfile.docx conf=conf/conf.xml


calabash\calabash.bat -o result=myfile.tex -o hub=myfile.xml xpl/docx2tex.xpl docx=myfile.docx conf=conf/conf.xml


You can specify a custom configuration file for docx2tex. There are two different formats to write a configuration.

  • The CSV-based configuration format permits a simple way to map from MS Word styles to LaTeX commands.
  • The xml2tex configuration format is recommended for a deeper level of configuration but requires basic knowledge of XML and XPath.


For each MS Word style name, create a line with three semicolon separated values.

  • MS Word style name
  • LaTeX start statement
  • LaTeX end statement

Just follow this example:

Heading 1   ; \chapter{     ; }
Heading 2   ; \section{     ; }
Heading 3   ; \subsection{  ; }
Quote       ; \begin{quote} ; end{quote}

You can edit CSV files either with a simple text editor or with a spreadsheet application.


docx2tex can also be configured by means of an xml2tex configuration file. docx2tex will apply the configuration to the intermediate Hub XML file and generates the LaTeX output.

The configuration in conf/conf.xml is used by default and works with the styles defined in Microsoft Word's If you want to configure docx2tex for other styles, you can edit this file or pass a custom configuration file with the conf option.

Learn how to edit this file here.


The docx conversion supports individual fontmaps for mapping non-unicode characters to unicode. Please note that this is just needed for fonts that are not unicode-compatible. If you want to map characters from Unicode to LaTeX, please use the character map in the xml2tex configuration instead.

Please find further documentation on how to create a fontmap here.

After you created your fontmap, store it in a directory and pass the path of the directory to docx2tex with the -f option.

If you invoke the docx2tex XProc pipeline (xpl/docx2tex.xpl), you can specify the fontmap directory with the option custom-font-maps-dir.