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Implements the idml2xml library to transform IDML to XML.


Considering this hello world example, idml2xml will generate flat Hub XML with CSSa XML attributes.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml-model href="" type="application/xml" schematypens=""?>
<?xml-model href="" type="application/xml" schematypens=""?>
<hub xmlns="" xmlns:css="" xml:lang="de-DE-2006" version="5.1-variant le-tex_Hub-1.2"
  css:version="3.0-variant le-tex_Hub-1.2" css:rule-selection-attribute="role">
    <keywordset role="hub">
      <!-- Hub format properties -->
      <css:rule name="myStyle" native-name="myStyle" layout-type="para" 
        css:color="device-cmyk(0,0,0,1)" css:font-weight="normal"
        css:font-style="normal" css:font-size="12pt" css:text-transform="none" 
        css:margin-left="0pt" css:margin-right="0pt" css:text-indent="0pt"
        xml:lang="de-DE-2006" css:hyphens="auto" css:margin-top="0pt" 
        css:margin-bottom="0pt" css:text-decoration-line="none"
        css:page-break-before="auto" css:text-align="left" css:direction="ltr" 
        css:font-family="Minion Pro"/>
  <para role="myStyle">hello world</para>


At least Java 1.7 is required.

Clone this project

This project depends on Git submodules. Therefore you have to clone it with the --recursive option to get the submodules, too:

git clone --recursive



For convenient use on command line, we provide a simple Bash script. You can run it in this way:

./ sample/hello-world.idml


We provide also Bash and Windows Batch scripts to invoke the XProc pipeline directly:

./ -o result=sample/hello-world.xml xpl/idml2xml-frontend.xpl idml=sample/hello-world.idml

Include idml2xml in your XProc project

Please refer to this tutorial for a more extensive documentation.