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Nix package for Debian and Ubuntu
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wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
echo 'deb [arch=amd64] buster main' \
  | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nix.list

sudo apt update
sudo apt install nix

See README.Debian for usage.


If you want to set up your own instance of this CI, you will need to set APT_KEY protected variable to Base64-encoded secret GPG key.

To generate a new key, run:

  export GNUPGHOME=$(mktemp -d)
  gpg1 --batch --gen-key keygen
  gpg1 --export-secret-keys | (base64 -w0; echo)

If you plan to serve the repo to Debian users, I'd recommend to disable "Settings -> Pages -> Force HTTPS" GitLab option, otherwise it will require apt-transport-https package to be manually installed first.


All of the packaging work has been done by Thomas Koch.

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