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A simple workout timer web application
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Workout Timer

My cardio kickboxing workout class is gone, but I still want to continue doing it. Here's my attempt at a replacement.

The workout is made up of a number of rounds that include an alternating interval of activity and a rest periods. The application uses the Web Speech API to perform text-to-speech so that the user doesn't have to watch the screen during their workout.


Start the application and REPL by executing the script. Figwheel will automatically push changes to the browser and the server will be available at http://localhost:3449.

Alternatively, you can run the server outside of figwheel by executing the script. The server will be available at http://localhost:3000

Building for Deployment

To create a deployable jar file, execute the script. This will output the workout.jar file under the target directory, which can be started using java -jar target/workout.jar.

The server will be available at http://localhost:3000

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