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Shabble's Irssi Scripts

This repository contains a collection of scripts I have written or adapted from others to improve my (and your!) irssi using experience.

What's In Here

I never thought I'd end up writing so many scripts, so rather than give them each their own repository as might be sensible, they're all stuffed in here.

The following is a brief list of the interesting scripts, and why you might want to use them.

  • auto_server/ -- provides a /join+ command which allows you to join channels on servers to which you're not currently connected, as long as you've got everything set up correctly in your /channels and /networks config.

  • history_search/ -- an improved version of coekie's original history_search, it behaves a lot more like the standard Readline incremental search over your recent command history.

  • ido_mode/ -- A window switching mode best described as "The bastard lovechild of emacs ido-mode and". It supports flexible matching of channel names, filtering by active windows, servers, and more. See the script comments for details.

  • feature_tests/ has a bunch of different little scripts written to test certain aspects of Irssi behaviour. None of them are likely to be particularly useful unless you're looking for simple examples of various things on which to build. The exception is '', which is good for figuring out what keycodes Irssi sees when you give it input. might also be interesting as a barebones template for a script which uses forking and pipes to handle async tasks in the background without hanging Irssi.

  • modules/ contains a few half-baked attempts at loadable modules for Irssi, none of which do very much at the moment. They might be useful as templates for your own modules, however.

  • no_key_modes/ provides an additional expando $M_nopass which you can add to your theme to provide channel modes, but without showing the channel key. This is probably less useful since someone pointed me at /set chanmode_expando_strip which has much the same effect.

  • patches/ contains a few patches for the irssi source, probably out of date by now, which do various things. The easiest way to figure out what is to read them, unless I get bored and document them sometime.

  • prompt_info/ was the original "How can I put dynamic status crap into my prompt string" script. This has since been superceded by the far nicer which also lives in that dir. Many of my other scripts require uberprompt as a way to provide part of their user interface.

  • sb_position/ gives you an additional status bar item which indicates approximately how far you are scrolled in a given window buffer, in terms of pages and percentage. It is configurable as the comments in the script explain.

  • scrolled_reminder/ is a script that tries to prevent one of the more common accidental IRC screwups -- replying to a conversation that happened hours ago because you didn't notice you were scrolled up in the history buffer. If you try to send a message whilst scrolled, it'll warn you and check you really want to first.

  • quit-notify/ is based on a script by vague@#irssi/Freenode. It is most useful when you are ignoring joins/parts/quits from a channel, and hence don't realise when the person you are responding to has left. If they have (or if you prefix your message with a nonexistent nick), the script will ask you to confirm that you want to send the message, much like scrolled_reminder.

  • testing/ is a Perl framework external to Irssi (ie: not a script) that will ultimately allow you to write unit tests for your scripts, and run them in a real irssi instance, and check that they behave correctly. Still undergoing heavy development, and not really ready for public usage.

  • throttled_autojoin/ doesn't work. It's meant to allow people with huuuuuuge numbers of autojoin channels and servers to connect slowly, so as not to time themselves out when reconnecting. Mostly dead.

  • tinyurl_tabcomplete/ is a script which lets you hit tab following anything that looks like a URL to replace it with a tinyurl'd version. Handy if you regularly paste Google-maps links or other massive horrible links.

  • url_hilight/ I can't remember what this one does. Suggestions welcome.

  • vim_mode/ The most exciting (and by far the largest) script here. Gives vim-addicted users a way to use most of their finger-memory in Irssi. Still under active development, features and bug-requests welcome. Also supported in #irssi_vim on Freenode.


If you are here looking for my Irssi scripting documentation, please note that it has been moved to

Other Things

Many of my scripts require uberprompt as a dependency. Those that do will say so in the comments at the top of the file, and will probably refuse to load without it.